Play Time

Monday.  Regular day.  My wife and I got home at the same time.  We were doing the same routine, changing into regular comfortable clothes.  Then she said, Ouch my nipples are very tender.

I love tits!  My rod swelled up hard.  I can’t explain it, but one of the most things that turn me on is when my wife’s nipples are sore/tingly.  It drives me crazy.  Oh, my god, my wife shouted as she saw my grin.   She immediately laughed.  We couldn’t do anything because our son was in the living room.

Fast forward to about 9:00 pm.   It was bedtime for our son.  I told her that I would go upstairs and lay with our son until he fell asleep.

I came downstairs about 15 minutes later already with a raging boner.  My wife was working on her laptop.   When I walked in, I closed her laptop and took it from her.   It’s playtime, I said.

I have a lot of work she replied.  Me too I told her.  I proceeded to get on top of her.  I immediately pulled her shirt down from her neck.  What a view!! Her tits just flung out.

Just massage them slowly she whispered in a sexy voice.  I began licking them slowly all around the nipples.   She immediately let out moans.  My head was burning with a tingling sensation.   But it still wasn’t time to poke her hole.   I love to take my time on her tits when they are sore.  I began giving her pecks on her tits.   I continued to lick them up and down and all around.   I sucked on them as I have never sucked on them before.  I touched them as I have never touched them before.    I’m getting hard just remembering it again.

I pulled her underwear off and started finger fucking her. She wet and ready.  I had enough.

I pulled my wiener out.   It was already juiced up with precum, and the head was red and swollen.  I was extremely horny.  I was ready to meet her pussy.

I slowly poked through her slit and continued to plow her until part of my ball sack was practically in.   I started to pound that pussy at a fast speed.  I was growling and nipping her all over like a wild fucking beast.   She was begging me to keep going.

I love having sex with my wife.  It’s therapeutic for us.  Especially after a hard day at work.   I’m also kind of a hot head kind of guy but don’t judge me I am better at controlling my temper (work can make me a grouch sometimes).   My wife’s suggestion…to take it out on her when we fuck.  She confessed that she LOVES it.

No problem there.  We kept continued to fuck hard.    By this point, the headboard was banging hard against the wall.  The bed began squeaking.  Ooooh fuck!!! My wife shouted.  She came, and I felt all her juices all over my cock.

My turn!  I responded.  I trusted five more times and let out a loud groan with a growl.   I felt the cum explode out of my dick and into her pussy.   We made out passionately.  After a minute my dick kept on pumping cum out.   Her words were   ” o my god your dick is still throbbing.”   And it was.

I’m ready for round 2 I responded.




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