Campfire, Part 1, Beneath The Blankets

Campfire, Part 1
“Beneath the Blankets”

By: Nycteris

The cool afternoon air seeps through my hair and over my skin. . .washing me in waves of pleasure. Elated, I take a deep breath and inhaled the pine scented air. Long and deep, feeling it rush new life and oxygen into my lungs. I continue walking, meditating in these moments. “Hey sexy, wait up!”, my husband teases, smiling as he catches up behind me. “Nah, come on, you only stopped for a few moments to rife through your pack, it’s not like I jogged a mile ahead!”, I teased back, playfully ducking behind him. I squeeze his shoulders, mischievously then slip my arms down around his waist, in a playful hug. I laugh. He turned, biting his lip playfully. His alluring eyes gaze into mine, as he smiles for a few moments. A moment of an aching gaze lingers before suddenly he leans in for a breathless, passion fueled kiss.

Mmmm, that look in his eyes, that look I crave and ached for, just as I crave his lips…his tongue…his hands…his love. Our kissing becomes heavier, our breathing more intense. “Mmm, you’re making me crazy…” he whispers, flicking his sexy tongue over mine, lingering with open mouths, as he holds his hands behind my head. With feverish strokes fueled by desire, his kiss continues as he moans. My knees buckle, going weak. He was the only man I had ever met who can make me cum, from a kiss alone, if done just the right way.

But now that we’ve started, it was so very hard to stop. “Hey guys!” Bella called from behind us, “You coming or not? Everyone is gathered around the campfire, and the tents are all up. Come join us!”

Not wanting to be interrupted, my husband continues kissing me heavily. He is trying to ignore….whoever…..that….was….he is lost in the moment, and I eagerly returned the passion, hoping whoever was yelling would turn around. But persistently she yelled, lowering her voice as she jogged up to us. “Figures…” she mumbles, rolling her eyes.”Seriously you guys, stop before you spark the woods on fire. Come meet up with us, everything is set up and the fire is going.” She then ran off.

“Well, then, we’ll just resume this later, hmmm?” I said coyly with a smirk. He took my hand in his, interlocking fingers. “You have no idea, how”, he whispered deliciously into my ear, smiling sexy. We picked up our packs and walked hand in hand back to the campsite.

We catch up to the group, which is about 8 or 10 persons altogether. Our tents are pitched roughly 30 feet away, and out tent is about 20 feet further away from the others. Illuminated only by the lanterns, one hanging within the tent, and another at the top of the door, casting their comforting glow.

Being September, the fall leaves swirl in heavy refreshing gusts of warm post summer winds. The twilight colours and dancing light cast shadows of the trees against the ground, as the wind dances through them playfully, in loud breathy whispers. The sun is about to set, and the smell of a late night dinner deliciously flows through the air. He quickly finds our spot around the campfire on the blanket.  Snuggling down, he sits casually down and I nestle into his side with my head on his chest, pulling the blanket up to our shoulders.

Wrapping his strong but lithe arms around me, and lays another large blanket on top of us. We eat our meal, as it is being pass around, which is a savory BBQ which has been roasted from over the fire pit. Almost everyone knows everyone else, but not entirely. We all sit back, just enjoying the warmth of the fire with everyone. The forest ambiance and conversation hums after a good meal. The scent of wind and wood smoke and sandalwood permeates the fresh air, and the fire is growing brighter against the darkening shadows as the sun dips further beyond the horizon.

Gradually, the hum of conversation dies down and quiets, as one of the camp members stands up and gaining everyone’s attention, he then proceeds to share about an experience he had personally last year hunting, or something to this effect.

After a few minutes of the speech, however, I begin to feel restless, but my attention is shifted and my wandering mind is snapped back to excitement, as I begin to feel my husband’s hand, stroking my arm seductively under the blanket. This was more like it, I thought. I lean deeper into his chest, in response, my ear against his heart. It pounds beautifully in my ear, like a steady drum, as the rise and fall of his chest both comforts and excites me. I feel my hair raise on my skin in response to his touch.

His hand continues to trace by arm underneath the blanket, for a minute or two, his lithe hands and fingers sliding up, over my skin; such a wonderful touch; so soft, yet so strong. So….deliciously distracting. I can’t even hear what the man was sharing about at this point, and not to be rude, but I don’t care.

Then, his touch shifts, and his palm, his fingers are beneath my shirt, sliding up over my ribs and down over my stomach. A warmth floods over me. I looked up to see him, looking into my eyes as he gives me a sly smile; but nothing otherwise that indicates to anyone else what is happening beneath the blanket. I feel the silky warmth of his hand slipped over my breast, in the most seductive way, as his thumb circles and rubs back and forth over my very erect, hard nipple.

I close my eyes, not daring to move. How could something so simple feel so good? I slide my hand to his chest, his abs, smoothing and caressing him in the same sexy way, from his chest and slowly moving downward under his shirt. Slow, sexual strokes, seductive and smooth, back and forth, we are stroking and petting each other. He alternates his hand between my chest and back, beneath my shirt, without so much of a ripple of the blanket to give anything away.

His fingers, just then, slip beneath belt to just above my pussy, slipping seductively between my legs, stroking my inner thighs where I am most sensitive. His deep breathing is in sync with his movements. Pleasure rushes through me, like electricity. Responding, I nuzzle my face into his chest and shirt, a gasp in my throat, hiding my face momentarily so no one can see my expression. My legs begin to shake slightly, and a warmth and tingling spread within my pussy as I feel myself grow wet. The thought that we are being so deliciously naughty, surrounded by these people, makes me even wetter.

Outwardly, it looks uneventful as he leans in his head to mine, looking to everyone else as though he is just casually mentioning something to me. My body throbs as his hot breath washes over my ear as he whispers, “I ache to slip my tongue into you…I love it when you shake, getting wet for me…”. His words send a rush of euphoria through me. I continue to feel his fingers, over my inner thigh…I momentarily lose control. Being so turned on, I whimper, biting his shirt, barely loud enough for anyone to hear. No one seems to notice what is happening. Most have their eyes on the speaker, others momentarily glance in our direction a few times, but don’t seem to suspect anything.

I ache to grind him right then and there, I am going to lose it and betray what is happening….if….I….don’t do….something. I take control, slipping my hand stealthily over his bulge and pants, feeling his hard sex through the cloth, and very quietly, I undo his belt, taking extra care not to let the buckle make any noise, and unzip him, sliding my soft sexy hand under his boxers and over his bare penis.

My head still laying upon his chest, ear pressed to his torso, I hear his heart start to pound triple speed, and his breath quicken. His dick feels so unbelievably good, so warm and masculine, and I squeeze his already hard cock slightly, stroking sensuously with my soft hand firmly over and along his shaft. The rest of his body tenses and shifts its position as a knee jerk reaction to the pleasure, as he gasps aloud, quickly turning the loud breath he has taken into a cough to mask his reaction. I see him bite his lip, hard, closing his eyes, his heart hammering like a drum as I stroke his balls, then back up and taking the tip of his raging hard cock within my palm, rubbing and sensuously stroking the fraenulum deliciously with my thumb, just under the head of his cock.

His whole body is tense, still trying to mask his reaction and keep it under control…but he is losing the battle quickly. The fact that neither of us could make a sound, so that no one would know, makes the sensations so absolutely unbearably hot and sexy. I can’t bear it, and looking at his face, he looks as if he is going to faint or implode or scream. His eyes roll back into head— another reaction that would have been noticed if he hadn’t have shut his eyes….

The speaker continues his speech, and I continue caressing his raging hard, throbbing cock…which now is oozing pre cum over my fingers— Inconspicuously, as I continue watching his expression, as he is looking down at me, looking absolutely desperate yet trying to hide it. Knowing he is watching me, I pretended to look back at the speaker, as I VERY casually raised my fingers up to my lips, outside the blanket, as though nursing a paper cut, casually sucking the side of my fingers, licking off his pre cum…

Seeing me do this, he is so turned on, his body and hands began to shake beneath the blanket and he is now practically panting. I lean in, my lips next to his ear, allowing my hot breath to wash over his skin, I whisper quietly, “You like it when I do this to you babe? Making you scream inside from pleasure? In front of everyone? I ache to blow you so hard right now, I NEED you”.

He nearly chokes from the thrill as I say the words, blushing beet red, shaking slightly. He coughs, abruptly interrupting the speaker, asking for us to be excused, to retire early for bed. But he is barely able to speak, almost slipping up and saying we have to “hit the sex” instead of sack, which makes me giggle inwardly.

Shifting to a standing position, still holding the blanket around us to hide the “evidence”, we act as casual as possible, retreating from the group, heading toward our tent as my body races with urgency. I turn around briefly to see a few sly smiles on a couple of faces. Almost as if they knew, but I was thankful they remain silent as the speaker continues sharing his story behind us. We hurriedly but stealthily open the tent door, and crawl inside, hearts hammering and our breaths coming in ragged gasps as we fumble to zip the tent closed; kissing so passionately, devouring each other from desire. . .

~ To be Continued…

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  1. PatientPassion
    PatientPassion says:

    I'm pretty cautious when it comes to public sex, but I've got to admit, I love the idea of being able to feel each other up in complete stealth like this! I hope you find someone who can make this dream come true, because it sounds like a really hot one!

    Definitely enjoyed the story, and I can't wait to hear what happens in the tent! Keep it up with the beautiful and stimulating writing!

  2. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    Incredibly HOT story Nycteris !! Loved how you described your love and passion for your beloved's cock, I get that very same treatment from the love of my life, please write more, God bless !

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