Campfire, Part 2, Within the Tent

Campfire, (Part 2)
“Within the Tent”
By: Nycteris

….We grope for the tent zipper simultaneously, hands fumbling over each other, as our panting gasps intermittently between deep kissing. His tongue flickering with precise sexy thrusting around my lips and into my mouth.

He stops with a sexy smirk on his face, only to say, panting, “I can’t believe you, you sexy freak, making me crazy… stroking my hard cock like that in front of everyone. I felt I was going to explode. We haven’t had sex in two weeks and I am aching for release. So you’re going to get your just dues for that.”

“Not if I get you first for teasing me, like that.” I reply, “Now, babe, you’re going to listen to me…and do exactly as I command”. He smirked, amused at my commanding tone, but obviously very turned on. He feverishly necked me, his hot breath washing over my neck hungrily, “Only half way…then it’s my turn to take over, and you’re gonna get it….so, bid what you will, my queen,” he growled.

Our tongues dancing, my pussy is throbbing and hot and swollen. My tits engorged and nipples hard as I scramble to yet again undo his belt, the leather and metal clanging, unzipping him, aching to feel his hard dick, so hard for me. (I can’t describe how awesome that feels, that first moment I slip my hands down his pants and over his cock.)

My soft hands again feel his penis, skin so soft yet as hard as a rock, throbbing with his heartbeat, oozing pre-cum over the head. Holding it in my hand softly but firmly. I lean over and whispered breathily in his ear, “Hey, my gorgeous man, you sure you’re ready for this? I want you so bad, I want you to grind me hard and fill me with your cream till I am gushing, do you understand? But, before you get to pleasure me…. I want to watch you jack off hard and sensual while staring into my eyes–but you are not allowed to cum until I finish you off the first round.”  “It is my pleasure, my love,” he says, panting and growling, as his mouth trails sensuously over my throat.

“Moan loud for me,” I say, “don’t hold it in, I want them to hear it,”I said with a sly smile, pausing I reach down into my lacy black panties, immersing two fingers within my engorged, hot lips, withdrawing them slowly and raise them to his just in front of his lips. He smells my sweet, musky scent, growling and takes my liquid covered fingers into his mouth, sucking ravenously and almost shaking. “That’s a taste of what’s to come,” I say.

He leans back on the blankets, his swollen cock stiff like a rod outside of his open pants and belt. He whips off his shirt, revealing his defined lean and slender yet muscular torso, staring me in the eyes with love and desire. I lean back to watch the show, my pussy aching and swollen, and gushing wet. My heart is pounding. My breath is eager.

Gazing into his eyes with intense love, he begins stroking his balls, his shaft, slow at first, fingering the head, using his pre-cum as a lube to slide his lovely hands over his masculine member. “Hmmm, oh yeeeeaah keep going,” I say seductively, his eyes locked with mine. He bites his lip, his hands and fingers wrapped around his sex that I crave, pumping it and swirling it, as he tilts back his beautiful throat and Adam’s apple. He swallows and gasps. I admire the view of his slight beard and masculine throat, aching to devour his neck with love.

He strokes his cock with intense caressing, as groans escape from his lips. He locks eyes with mine again, a look of almost begging, combined with love, eagerness and desire. His beautiful hands continue to work their purpose, watching them slide over his mast, I start to shake harder, my flower growing wet, aching to receive him. His lithe beautiful forearms tense with his movements, his lean muscle rippling with every stroke.

I reach down to my wet slit, dipping in my fingers for the juices as he watches in turn, his mouth open, panting. I continue to lock gazes with him. I slip my fingers back out and to my lips, covered in white nectar from my flower and as I whimper, sucking them off as I moan. “Baby, I taste so sweet, my juices so smooth like honey.  It’s so good, but…hmmmm, I really need some milk with this,” I say teasingly.

“Youuuu….you tease,” he growls, smiling, groaning loudly as he passionately strokes and pumps his delicious hard sex. I see it glisten in the light of the lantern that sways above us. “You like this baby? You wish this was you, don’t you? You know I do.”

I am thoroughly enjoying this, my juice oozing from my aching pussy as I suck in air through my teeth, watching my beautiful husband pleasure himself, hearing his words. It’s more than I can bear. Then his body starts to tense, his balls lifting into his body slightly, and he gasps…”Uhhh……aughhhhhhhh!”

“Nuh uh, what did I say?” I interrupt, “You don’t cum till I have my way with you. That was an order– not a request”, I say with a loving smirk, eyebrow raised.  He moans loud, gasping and growling, his eyes drilling mine with a mixture of both pleading and loving dominance. “I need you, I beg you, to devour me. Blow me, taste me, I need to fill you with love, to penetrate you, to blow your mind and make you scream.”

Deciding I have tortured him enough, I crawl over to him like a cat, he reaches for me, ripping my shirt off, aching for me. I surrender, leaning forward as he kisses and licks each one, taking in my hard erect nipple hungrily, in his mouth to feed feverishly as I feel his tongue swirling around it.

He flicks the nub, sucking and French kissing my lithe but perfect breast as his hands passionately grasping my sides, my head, my ass. He moans, the sound reverberating through my chest and into my very being. My legs start to shake, and I grow even wetter.  I start to moan loud, gasping, his hands stroke my sides and my back lovingly with such strength and tenderness at the same time.

I long and ache for him to continue caressing my breasts, but remind myself there’s more to come of this later, and proceed with the mission. Staring into his eyes, I kiss his chest, making a trail down to beautiful sex, nibbling slightly as I go.  “Are you ready for this? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Fasten your seat belt. There might be a bit of turbulence.” His eyes dance with anticipation and excitement.

His hands on my head lovingly but firmly, I begin kissing passionately around the base of his cock teasingly, flicking my tongue in alternating strokes, then slow hot wet licking.  Gently and expertly take each of his boys into my mouth, while flicking his clean back door with my fingers, he catches his breath, toes curl again and his cock pulses more pre-cum. A long aching moan slips from his lips.  “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God…..uuuuhhhnnnnnn…..Uhhh uhh uhh uhhh,” he gasps, panting, as his eyes roll back in his head.

I continue this for a few minutes, torturing him, then decide to amp it up. I start stroking his hard wet shaft while I continue sucking gently on his sack and licking, letting my hot breath wash over his skin each time, as I whimper and groan.

I switch to full oral and looking into his eyes as my hand slides over his penis and cock head, licking his beautiful tip in several different ways with my very agile tongue; vertically, back and forth slowly at first, circular and slipping my piercing just under his frenulum rapidly. {Hmmm, I think to myself, it’s the perfect size for that groove.}

I continue to swirl my tongue beneath on the tender underside, now rapidly flicking back and forth, then up and down, with the tip and then down the length of the entire shaft. Then I alternate by relaxing my tongue to wrap around like a hug, in wide, hot, wet silken strokes.

I adore my husband’s beautiful cock, as it was part of him who I loved, and for all the love and nurturing and protection he has shown me in our brief marriage so far, I just longed to bless and blow his socks off in return, giving him love, pleasure, and appreciation in return like he’s never known.

As I stare into his eyes, moaning with pleasure seductively, my lips form a tight ring slipping over the head of his penis like a wet, tight glove, sliding over with my hand an extension of my mouth. Pumping vertically, sometimes twisting my hands in circles, as I begin to stroke him to ecstasy. He grips my hair firmly in reflex, his knuckles almost going white, and he begins to shake….hard.

He is breathless and gasping between shaking, trembling groans. The sound of my voice vibrates through his throbbing, hot cock, my tongue and saliva are gushing hot and wet, mixed with his hot silky pre-cum cream; both lubricating the motions of my hand and mouth.

His juice from pre-cum and my saliva are drenching his jeans. I keep stroking him lovingly with my mouth and hands, slowly at first but gaining momentum while continuing to gaze into his eyes.

His toes curl, again and again, his body tense, and his moans, again and again, loud and llloooonnngg, when he isn’t gasping and breathless. “…..uh uh uh uh uhhhhhh,  yeeeaahhh baby, ohmifucc…..”  He sounds like he is being tortured by pleasure, his trembling voice almost crying.

It is wonderful to my ears to hear, knowing I am giving him this much ecstasy and insane pleasure. God, I loved this man.

I can’t get enough. I wanted him to cry out. I wanted everyone in the camp to hear him get off, to hear him moan my name in pleasure. He would have his chance later to serve me well; but for now, I am drenching him in pleasure and love that I poured into him, body soul and spirit. His hands shaking, his rod in my tight wet, mouth.

I stare into his eyes and drive on, my hand and mouth bobbing and pumping, acting as one, our juices thick, slick and wet. I pump harder, tighter, with piston-like momentum of a metronome, with delight and passion. I want him so bad. So bad. I get a little carried away and gag slightly, which turns him on even more.

Our combined moaning fills the night air, not holding it back, with abandon, not caring who heard us. My whimpering moans mix with his, vibrating through his cock, and he continues to lock eyes with mine. His breaths in gasps, moaning even louder, “God, yes, I……I….uhhhhhh……I…..yeah… Fuuuccc….” He’s in so much pleasure, unable to even speak now, swallowing hard between gasps and now whimpers. His brow and his whole body tenses, staring into me with intense longing.

Then he cries out long and loud, entire body straining and tensing into me. “Uuuuggghghhhhhh!!…. Ooooohhh God….Uuuuuuhhhh, I’m cu….” Then a brief pause and his mouth falls open, as he releases thick, long streams of white silk. A first surging load…and another…and another….still another. It hits my tongue and throat hard with force. His moans surge through me, almost spiritual as pleasure weaves and ripples through him, his breath trembling and shaking hard.

I crave and drink in his white creamy silk, swallowing eagerly, but it continues to cum spilling out down my chin, over my tits, and over his jeans and boxers.

Shaking, his breath still trembling as he holds me tight, his moans slowly subsiding. I lean in with a deep, lingering passionate french kiss and his lingering moans continue to echo into my mouth and throat.

His shaking arms lovingly hold me close and tight and we breathe each other in….our souls merging for the first time tonight.

(to be continued….)

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  1. PatientPassion
    PatientPassion says:

    Very hot, as usual, Nycteris! In this story, your husband said something that confused me a little bit. With the way you write about sex, I find it hard to believe that there's anything that could keep you from having sex for two weeks! Haha! (I mean this as a compliment, not in any negative way at all!)

    I've never thought about it in much detail, but I think if set up correctly, a tent could be quite a nice place to be intimate. No one will see you, you're sheltered from the elements, but you still get all the sounds and atmosphere of creation as you make love. The more I think about it, the more it's becoming a fantasy of my own!

    Keep up the awesome writing, and I hope and pray this comes true for you! Whichever man God chooses for you will be deeply blessed indeed!

  2. CrazyHappyLoved
    CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Nyc, you are an amazing writer. I can feel your passion as my own. And your husband's, too, for that matter! You use your God given talent with words so beautifully and realistically, until its me and my husband in that tent!

    Related question: Piercing? As in tongue? I so want to do that, but the artist who re-did my belly button said my tongue would swell and it could take a week to go down. Can you share your experience with that?

  3. says:

    Hi Nycteris,

    As a single girl in my twenties, I am so sexually frustrated saving myself for the man of my dreams. Your stories are so amazing and really gets my juices flowing.

    PS: When I read your first story, i think you were single then. But now, looks like you're married and enjoying HOT MONOGAMY with your hubby!

    Hope I find the man of my dreams soon.

  4. Rcthom55
    Rcthom55 says:


    Wow what a hot story!, Loved that you wanted and encouraged him to stroke his cock for your pleasure!

    My cock got hard anticipating his cumming in your mouth and remembering the few times my wife let me release in her mouth. What an experience for him! What a way to pleasure your husband, very hot. Can't wait for more.

  5. Old Lover
    Old Lover says:

    Very seductively and erotically written, Nycteris ! A lot of stroking without cumming – great control and nothing beats (pun intended) a long period of edging to build-up a cum load. My Anne loves to watch me stroke my experienced cock as she sexily urges me on! I’ll have to treat her later this afternoon when she returns from serving at church this morning.

  6. Snakedoc
    Snakedoc says:

    I think Nycteris is still single and this is a fantasy story. She just has a gift and passion that what she writes is as close to real thing as possible. Nycteris, I have enjoyed your stories and hope I find someone that is sexually awake as you.

  7. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    My my my…. I am humbled by such wonderful hot responses. Keep them cumming, guys. 😉

    Allow me to reply to a few.
    Hmm, tongue piercing. Yes. I have one. I love it. I got it two symbolize two things,10 years ago:
    It symbolized a reminder as scripture states to watch my words and my tongue and what I say, like a bridle, a rudder on a ship.
    2nd, I got it as a future gift for my husband to be, cause I thought how hot it would be during kissing and oral.

    Yes, it swelled for a week. I lived off ice, ice cream, and anything cold. I couldn't talk for a week properly either. But it was SO worth it. Make sure you get a solid professional who knows what he's doing like I did. The initial piercing itself didn't hurt. It was the making sure I didn't bite my tongue while it healed that was more of a concern.

    Tip? Once it is healed, get a post that is ONLY as long as the height of your tongue and not longer to avoid injury, and wear only acrylic beads, (not steel) to protect your teeth.Gargle lots of sea salt water while healing and ice, and follow the direction by your piercer to get a proper placement and you will be fine, no permanent lisp. Evidence?

    I can sing EVERY single word to "I want you" By Savage Garden. Point made.
    If you have heard the song. You KNOW how hot that is.
    If not, what are you waiting for?
    Go listen to it now and you will know what I am talking about.

  8. CrazyHappyLoved
    CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Nyc, thank you so much for the pointers and I'm impressed by you mastery of those lyrics! Also, love the symbolism of the bridled tongue since the bar does sort of resemble a vertical bit. Have to talk to Rez about whether he'd want to put up with my mouth being out of commission for so long, though. *smiles slyly*

  9. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    Yes, tents are hot for that very reason. Sight proof, but not sound proof. Cozy and intimate. Sexy silhouettes. *sly grin*

    The "two weeks" without sex would never be by choice, in my world. More like if he went on a trip for a week or something, hence the massive, immense long white streams of silk and the wonderful milky buildup.

    Freak, now everyone can see my girls blush. XO

  10. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    Hmmm, Am I married? Am I not? ……Good question.

    Well…..let's put it this way. I am VERY passionate, mysterious, deep, spiritual, sexual, erotic, musical and sensual being. Shall I say a Christian Mystic. Biblical, not occult. Others have teased me saying I am a monogamous nymphomaniac…due to my drive. Sex is VERY loving, spiritual and sacred for me on both sides. It HAS to be.

    I have a sixth sense and deeply spiritually sensitive. I can sense what many do not. I have premonitions, a vivid dreamer.

    Thus, I have….shall we say….a way of channeling my spirit, drive, connection and passion, like a sniper, into that which I am passionate about…Yahweh, dancing, making music, making love to MY man in the near future (who loves and adores both Yeshua, and me, as his wife). And when it hits the mark, it will hit with full force.

    Thus, my stories ARE real, in this regard, and God willing for what is soon to come.
    I ache and long for it so deeply I can taste it, breathe it, feel it in my blood. Like a huntress needing to feed.

  11. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    Every one is given an allotted amount of themselves sexually. By Yahweh.
    Rather than sleep around, dishonor God and cheat on my future mate by being promiscuous and spreading myself thin with less to give, because I've given myself to others, I want everything with my mate, MY man. MY territory.

    My sexuality is a door, to my box, my garden of paradise. I told the Lord I only wanted THE one man who he selected who proved himself worthy to have the key to my lock. To my box and my garden of ecstasy and euphoria.

    Thus every desire, every naughty sexy thought, every wet dream, every urge, I have ever had…thousands of them….instead of handing them out for cheap thrills which mean nothing, I have instead placed into this box, which lies in my garden paradise. Protected by lock and key.

    And the pressure of everything within has been building…and building….the pressure intense.
    Like the pressures between two fault lines, that when it finally releases…..we're talking a massive earth shaking quake.

    Only the one God selects, will be given the key. Will be given access to a lush garden of flowing honey, untouched, unspoiled, and I will be given access to his in return. Unspoiled clear, running water to drink instead of a tainted, spoiled, dirty well that many have dirtied and spoiled. And I will have the same in return.

    Because, the difference between good girls and bad girls is that "good girls" are VERY selective who they get naughty with.

  12. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    Hmm, to answer your question, however…. indeed, I am in love with someone.
    Very, very Deeply. He's like no other man I have ever known. That is all I will say.
    Just thinking of him makes me wet, moaning to myself.

    He is just as passionate by nature, as I, and he and I have been very intimate.
    But as Christians, we have not gone the whole way….
    thus, it stands I am not married….yet.

    But I hope to be…..soon. God willing….and I can't wait. I really believe and hope he is the one, and I dont say that lightly.

    My legs are shaking so bad right now.

  13. possibility
    possibility says:

    Nycteris, Oh my, the passion with which you write and the wonderful detail given with such sexual abandonment truly captured me throughout the story. I sat down in private with my second mug of tea and very soon had my 66 year old penis out which was totally rigid as I edged pleasurably with precum lubricating me. I was so into your story that I could not tare myself away for a sip of tea. I was so sexually aroused my throat went dry. I am very pleased you are in love and being intimate (within limits). I wonder if this man will be the one to have the key to your "lush garden of flowing honey untouched and unspoiled within your garden of ectasy and euphoria" I take this as meaning your beautiful sacred ladyplace. You two have a lot to look forward to. What a lucky man your husband will be when he finally gets the "key" and the lovely feelings you will have knowing you have been patient for that wonderful time when you intimately "become as one" I applause you for being so restrained especially as you are so VERY passionate. He will be an extremely lucky man!

  14. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    To Possibility, you response was so kind and a great compliment also, appreciated. Awesome to hear from elders who still have fire.

    Same to you, Gina Morgan.
    God bless you all.

  15. Rcthom55
    Rcthom55 says:

    Thanks for your explanation of not yet being married. As you indicated by your story, don’t hesitate to pleasure him by sucking his cock all the way through his orgasm. It is an awesome experience every time. You will grow to crave him. It part of hot monagmous married Christian sex.

    Love your writing.. gets me hard and ready for her when I read it.

  16. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    Rcthom55, indeed, far from hesitation, I crave it so intently, I get wet, shaking, moaning to myself even just thinking about pleasuring my future husband's sexy key. I get off imagining him crying, shaking, and groaning from the ecstasy.

    In fact just an hour ago, I was listening to music and just imagining it, and I orgasmed from that alone.
    It felt spiritual and so deep.

    (To my future husband, if you ever read this, yes, you made me orgasm just from thinking about you.
    So, now that you know this . . .what are you going to do about it? 😉

  17. PatientPassion
    PatientPassion says:

    That ability to think yourself into an orgasm is super hot, Nycteris! When you get married, you should have your husband make himself sit and watch as you do that for him. It would be an incredible sight to behold, I'm sure! I know women's sexuality is often much more mental than men's, but it sounds like you have a special gift! I would love to know what that experience was like and how you pulled it off.

    On another note, this reminds me of something. I recommended it in another post recently, but it sounds like you have the personality and spiritual attitude toward sex that makes me think you might enjoy some Tantric sex practices. If you don't know what it is, Tantric sex uses various breathing techniques and other methods to help people learn to control and manipulate their sexual energy to have longer lovemaking sessions and extended, full-body orgasms. It sounds like you naturally have some of those abilities, and I'm curious if you could take it to another level if you put some conscious effort into it! Psalm Isadora is a good name to look up if you're interested.

  18. Rcthom55
    Rcthom55 says:


    Wow, loved how you were able to O just thinking about sucking his cock and giving him pleasure as his future wife. It can be an erotic pleasurable experience for both of you.

    Like you, I hope he knows what a hot sexy Christian wife you will be for him.

    You will both be blessed. Hope for you to become a wife soon. Keep us all informed.

  19. HV450
    HV450 says:

    I have never had an orgasm just thinking about licking pussy!
    But I have had one just licking her clitoris and vagina and I squirted a lot of creamy cum.
    Tasting and smelling her cunt seems to enable her hormones to have that effect on my arousal.

  20. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    It happened unexpectedly actually. I was listening to music, and for me, music and sex are connected.
    (I am training in erotic/sensual dancing as well and have been for years on my own).
    My senses are naturally heightened, more so than average, and this includes the sixth sense, or spiritual sense.

    It is also all about the CONNECTION I feel with one person. Combine that with music, imagination, and a VERY high libido…and I am laying there, hearing the music thumb and weave through me sensually, electrifying my nerves, and I start swaying, like I am thrusting, and moaning aloud like I am having sex, but no genital contact.

    I hear this, slip into this sensual stream, and imagined the passion, imagined making out, and unexpectedly, without him expecting me to do so,(as a surprise) whispering in his ear "I cant take it anymore, I need to hear you scream from pleasure", and kissing down to his chest to his belt, slowly and sensuously undoing his belt, unzipping him……*whew getting tingles*….feeling his delicious sex, imagining stroking him with my hands, and giving him the kind of oral I describe in my stories, having him moan, making him moan….imagining him shaking, the eye contact, almost whimpering, almost crying from the pleasure…….and the thought of this, with ALL this combined: The connection with him specifically, the music, the visuals, my moans, thrusts, the FEELING and THOUGHT of his reaction and the sounds of his pleasure—and how much I wanted to hear this from him….ALL of this together, concentrating spiritually and focused….

    ……and suddenly shaking orgasmic waves like electricity, spiritual ecstasy, just wave through me like surges, my legs shaking, moaning LOUD. AMAZING. I think I can do it again. Spiritual orgasms like these are so much more intense In some ways than physical ones, I feel.

    This has only happened to me once or twice before this. I have to have these elements to spiritual/mentally jack off like this. I am going to practice it and refine it, and see how many times I can repeat it. Will keep everyone posted….. 😉

  21. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    P.S. Patient passion, awesome, idea.
    I am going to definitely do that. God willing, I am going to sit my husband down, and ask him to jack off in front of me imagining it is me and he stares into my eyes with begging desire, as I play the music and repeat this "experience" for him……as par your hot suggestion.

    P.S. The music washes over my nerves and spirit and mind synapses like an erogenous touch.
    That is the best way to describe it.
    Every sensual note….the guy I told you about I am in love with? Well last time we made out heavy I had music on. Hot hot hot. Silence is also awesome to hear all the sensual juicy noises and moans.
    Freak, gotta change my panties again. Drenched.

    God help me. -_-
    God, Lord my God, I put you first.
    I love you and worship you with all my heart.
    ….But I can't take much more of this.
    I need marriage, and I want him.


  22. PatientPassion
    PatientPassion says:

    It's a good thing I'm not the jealous type, because I would be highly envious of both you and your future husband! I'd be envious of you, because of your amazing gift of being so deeply connected with your sexuality. I'd be envious of your future husband, because for him, it will be one of the greatest gifts imaginable this side of heaven to be the sole focus of that deep, passionate, spiritual sexuality, and to be the only one to ever experience what you had to offer.

    Although sex is a physical act, I think it's beautiful to be so spiritually connected with it. The Bible describes sex as a man and woman becoming one flesh, which is amazing enough on it's own. But it also says our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, which means our bodies, and therefore our sexuality, are directly integrated with our spirituality. It makes me curious about whether maybe the level of sexual-spiritual connection you have, Nycteris, could have been commonplace before the Fall. I suspect the new difficulties of life and the curse of our fallen natures may have made that a rare thing instead of the normal. I don't have biblical evidence for that, but it's a theory.

    Thank you for sharing, Nycteris! It shows what amazing sexual things our bodies and souls are capable of experiencing, and displays more of just how amazing God's creation is!

  23. Rcthom55
    Rcthom55 says:


    I think it would be beautiful, hot, and sexy to have him jack off for you. His desire should be to please you in what ever way you agree. My wife has not requested this which I would love to do for her, but is used to seeing me “help” while she is stroking me.

    Keep up the great writing.

  24. HV450
    HV450 says:

    Nycteris, I believe that you will be able to repeat the experience when you are in the mood.
    I think I understand something of what you are explaining to us about sexuality.
    And spiritual orgasms being in some ways more intense.

  25. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    My word, I just had the hottest thought, added to this scenario sex fantasy we have been discussing here (among many).
    Say he jacks off, like described, and his cum spills and streams all over his hands….and then I seductively walk over, again, not breaking eye contact, and start licking and sucking the creamy cum off his beautiful hands, his fingers, kissing, sucking, moaning…..imagine how that would feel on his hands?

    (I seriously don't get it but every time I post/read something here, someone turned up the thermostat)

  26. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    Hmmm, delicious questions and comments. Yes, seductively licking his silk off his hands would be effing hot, as hands are usually sensitive too, but NOTHING "beats" going hands on personally!
    Automatic is great but given a choice, go manual, I say.

    Both are delicious, but agreed, it is so much better to stroke him personally, and believe me not one white hot drop should go to waste. God, yes.

    The feel on my soft yet warm, firm hands passionately stroking his member making him weep and shake with pleasure is one thing, of many, I long for. I pray you will find a God chosen wife to have that too with a special God fearing woman.

    Hmmm, a facial. Definitely beautiful, VERY hot, if done lovingly, respectfully and seductively and not sloppily, if you get me. Wet and wild, YES!, but not sloppy if that makes sense. Licking it off with seduction and finesse and love, not just like a drooling dog haha). 😛

    I despise porn, (which among many problems and dishonoring God, women and marriage), give facials a bad name because in porn they are always done disrespectfully and in a demeaning way, if you get me. I am referring to the opposite of that). But I guess this goes without saying cause we're talking marriage here, and not "Horn Dog XXX part 3".

    What I think would be EVEN hotter is streaming cum over her neck, lips, tits and ears, and sensuously kissing, sucking and licking off every creamy white drop, moaning intently as he does. WOW. Hot hot hot!!!

    Better believe that's the cream pie I'll be ordering too, with extra whipped cream. ;P
    Hmmm, yes, a pool flooding with combined love juices and taking turns drinking one's fill of the rivers and deep drenching sweet wetness…..Let it flow, baby. My God, so hot and sensuously wet and delicious, I need a mop now. Legs shaking. Pussy throbbing.

  27. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    Nycteris, I just read your dripping wet hot comment – that left you with a throbbing pussy.

    My reaction to your comment was indeed a strong reaction. From the first comment I've made here on MH – I've always been "Lovinghusband" – and I'm not changing it.

    But if I did – something else that would be descriptive of me would be "JuiceLover"

    Your comment made me think of that thought. As a fellow juice lover – your comments were very arousing. My wife is going to get some. 😀

    I so appreciate your sexy thoughts are thoroughly wrapped in a mind that loves God and His Word. Never move from that place. God bless you! LH

  28. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    LovingHusband is one of the best, sexiest names. I hope you never change it!
    Juicing is very good for the health after all.

    Hope you and your wife enjoy a good smoothie together!
    I know I intend to with my future man.

    Sex is like fire. HOT HOT HOT!!! BUT It needs to be directed and channeling beneath and within God in a committed relationship to be what God designed it and to avoid wanton destruction, which is what happens if fire (sex) isn't channeled.

  29. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    Nycteris – not changing my name! "

    Juicing" – very good! We will grind together – and her garden will produce a wonderful smoothie. I add the whipped cream at the end.

    Amen to your final two sentences. LH

  30. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    I too have made a list of all my sex fantasies. Unlike many however, I intend to fulfill mine 😛
    Whats the point of writing them without doing them? (And by "doing them" I mean completing the list AND jumping my guy, of course).

    Interesting I was thinking of that also yesterday and today, how hot it would be to make an audio and/or video recording our hot, steamy sex…..pending he agrees, however. Then if he is ever having a hard day at work or something, I will send him a racy photo of my wet doors and an audio recording wav file of me moaning and panting.

    A photo album, wow, I agree, smoking hot. I would keep mine protected by lock and key however.

  31. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    O_o !! Wow, crotchless yoga pants! I have heard of crotchless panties!

    Yes, delicious, the concept and that kind of idea/theme is so very hot. I immensely agree.
    I have personal reasons why I don't wear yoga pants, but the concept, oh my word, yes.
    For me I would wear knee high boots, a short skirt and crotchless panties.

  32. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    Hmmm yes, absolutely, with a slightly longer skirt. <3
    That way my husband could have access (without my ass being exposed to the rest of the world).
    Only him. Total turn on.

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