Hot Morning Love (L)

I dropped our kid off at school this morning, leaving my darling in bed to snooze a little longer. When I returned home, my wify was under the blanket with a mischievous smile on her face. I realized that she was waiting for me. Snatching off all clothing except my underwear, I joined her on the bed.

I pulled back the blanket and saw her dressed in her sexy black lingerie, one of my favorite sets. The bra barely restrained her bountiful breasts. I caught a glimpse of her dark nipples through the sheer fabric. The matching panties clung to her pussy in such an erotic fashion that my cock was now standing erect.

I jumped on top of her and ravaged her mouth, my tongue dancing with hers. Meanwhile, my hands caressed her breasts. I freed her left breast from its prison and sucked her delicious nipple. Soon I released the other breast as well, sucking and licking both boobs.

While I was thus occupied, she slipped her hand into my underwear and drew forth my hard cock. She rubbed it firmly with her palm, eliciting a moan from me.

I returned the favor by reaching a hand down to squeeze her soft butt cheek. Then I ran it around to her clean shaven pussy, inserting a finger into her damp honey pot. Next, I removed her panties.

She pulled me to my knees so she could help me remove my underwear. Then, holding my cock, she worked to rub in the fluid now oozing from its tip. I moved over her, straddling her torso, and she positioned my cock between her pillowy breasts. She squeezed them around my cock.

I slowly tit-fucked her. With each stroke, my glans touched her chin. It felt so arousing: my cock between her boobs and her looking into my eyes with a sexy smile on her face. I watched her kiss, then lick, the sensitive tip of my penis. At that, I moved forward on her body.

Now she released her breasts and took my throbbing member in her right hand. Pulling me deep into her warm, wet mouth, she began to suck. As always, she gave me an incredible blowjob, swirling her tongue around my cock head. My addiction!

I pumped into her fist and face, giving her a pause now and then to swallow the pre-cum coating her tongue. It wasn’t long before I sensed a pending explosion as she squeezed my cock and sucked harder.

I didn’t want to cum before tasting her honey pot. Taking my manhood from her hungry mouth, I replaced it with my tongue. Then I trailed kisses down her neck until I reached her boobs, licking and sucking them some more.

After rolling her on her belly, I caressed, kissed, and nibbled down her back from the nape of her neck to her butt cheeks. I surprised her with quick spanks on both ass cheeks, followed by biting each one with passion. As I kissed further down her crack, she spread her legs and bent her right leg giving me a full view of her now wet pussy lips.

With her now half on her side, I kissed and licked my wife’s outer labia and inserted my tongue into her wet slit. Then I slid it all the way down to her clit. Spreading her pussy lips and lifting her hips to my mouth, I attacked that pleasure button. The licks and circles I made with my tongue drew forth wild moans of pleasure. I was making her crazy!

I climbed over her on all fours. With one hand I grasped her waist and with the fingers of my other I rubbed her clit and pussy. She rolled further onto her side, bringing one breast to my full view. Releasing her waist, I brought it to my lips, kissing and sucking the nipple.

She turned to face me. My rod came to rest between her pussy lips. Using my hand to guide me, I infiltrated her love passage; she was so wet that I slipped right in. I was balls deep in her pussy and pounding.

Then she asked me to get up on my knees and she did the same. I entered her from behind and started fucking her again. We watched ourselves in the full-size bedroom mirror opposite our bed. One of our favorite positions!

I reached around to finger her clit and play with her nipple. She was panting and moaning. When she asked me to massage her boobs hard, I did so with gusto. Within moments, she came hard. Her juices dripped out and she fell over in pleasure as she orgasmed.

I moved on top of her and she took my erection in hand. She pumped it and licked and kissed the head. I couldn’t stand such pleasuring much longer. So she asked me to lie down and knelt between my legs. She rubbed my cock between her soft boobs while taking me back into her mouth. As her tongue swirled around my mushroom head, she started sliding up and down my shaft.

My hands dove into her hair, caressing her and guiding her movements. After every few strokes, she licked and kissed the tip of my cock. She let go of her breasts and used one hand to stroke up and down while the other fondled my balls.

Soon I could feel the pressure building in my balls and my juice started erupting out of my cock. She stroked and sucked my cock harder and squeezed every drop of cum out of my nuts. Then, as my orgasm subsided, she kissed and licked the tip of my cock again. The sensation was incredible.

I am so blessed!

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hot stuff, I love it! Breast play always turns me on! Did your wife get to finish her orgasm? Great story, son and welcome to MH! God bless 🙂

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