A Silky, Sexy Sunday Night

Our days usually follow a routine. We like it that way. On Sundays after breakfast, we have some Bible study before we go to church. Then, after church, we have lunch at the church community hall. Then we go to the market and have dinner at a buffet restaurant before coming home to have sex.

But on this particular Sunday, I made it a little more… silky. When I got dressed, I wore some silky lingerie under my clothes. My husband was sure in for something special!

After church, we went home to have a rest. But before we left for the restaurant, I prepared another surprise. I changed the bed sheets, covers, and even pillowcases to white silk coverings.

We had a nice evening, visiting a restaurant with live music and great food. Then, all of a sudden, the musician performing invited my husband up on stage! He welcomed him, and they sang together. Afterward, my husband sang a solo acoustic version of a popular 80s song.

My gosh! His performance was beautiful! I held my granddaughter in my lap as we watched, and we were both moved by it. My granddaughter even cried! I gave her a kiss as the performance ended, and we and other patrons applauded him. I must confess, I was also a little turned on.

Anyway, we then ordered our food and had a wonderful evening before returning home. Once we had our granddaughter in bed, it was finally just us two in the living room. I started to walk in a sexy manner up to our bedroom, asking if my husband fancied an early night. My husband smiled immediately and let out an excited laugh as we walked to our bedroom together.

We didn’t hesitate to start kissing once our bedroom door closed. Our kisses gradually got hotter and more passionate. We were heating up and our clothes started coming off! When my husband saw my body decorated with the white silk lingerie – a corset and panties – his reaction was priceless!

He felt my body through the silk before he gently unwrapped the lingerie. Freeing my breasts, he took a few moments to feel them. Then he slowly pulled down my panties and explored my turned-on wetness. I got on our bed in a sexy manner while I watched him strip. Ready to play, I spread my legs as he got on our bed.

I took my sweet, precious husband in my arms as we kissed. He kissed me everywhere, especially my breasts. We spent more time in foreplay before he entered me. I caressed his sexy body as he caressed mine.

“Still as sexy as ever, my sweet darling,” My husband told me.

“Same to you, darling sexy man, still hot after all these years!”

My husband kissed me as his penis played around in my ladyplace. He moved side to side, massaging the walls of my vagina before doing his figure 8s. While I held him close, I massaged his sexy body and enjoyed listening to his erotic moans. He wasn’t shy about playing with my breasts, gently touching my hard nipples.

Not long after my husband increased the speed of this thrusts, I had a beautiful orgasm. My hips convulsed a little while I clutched him and felt his body shudder and his penis jerk inside me while he came.

We felt so blissful afterwards. We embraced, kissing each other goodnight.

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  1. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    Wow, that was a HOT one, Mrs. Harper! Got me so aroused, imagining a similar scenario with my sexy wife. Glad I caught another one of your erotic stories! It sounds like the figure 8s are very stimulating for the walls of a woman's vagina? Maybe something that I will try next time around! Thank you for sharing Are there more stories cumming soon? I hope you all are doing better, God bless you!

  2. WeldersWife
    WeldersWife says:

    Beautiful story Mrs Harper! I always love reading your stories as they remind me so much of my own marriage. Hubby and I have always been told we are old fashioned but I say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  3. possibility
    possibility says:

    Hot, romantic and sexy story Harper. I imagine those kisses were very French once the door was closed. Can I ask please – when you said your husband kissed you everywhere, did that mean including your aroused ladyplace? This is something I love giving my wife in a nice prolonged way. I love your routine on Sunday's – a good way of using the day as our Lord intended- to connect with him and family to recharge our batteries. It is beautiful when you say "I spread my legs" always so grateful when my wife does this for me to reveal her most secret and sacred of places for our mutual sexual God given pleasures. Keep loving you two!

  4. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    Sexy and funny story Harper! I say funny because of your husband being called on to the stage to sing and sexy cause well….ya know!

    Love reading your stories Harper! Got a fantasy story coming out soon that will hopefully be received well.

    Stay sexy and nude!

    God bless,

    • CrazyHappyLoved
      CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Dean316, I've gathered that Harper's husband is a well-known singer (and she as well, if I'm not mistaken.) It was actually pretty natural that he was invited to the stage when his presence was discovered.

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Dean316 Hi there! I'm not sure I understand what you mean by the "funny" part. Also, we don't have sexy any way other than nude! 😀 We love it! God bless you too, son!

  6. awakening
    awakening says:

    As my username suggests, I’m really trying to awaken my sexuality. I have a rather low libido. I’m new to this site and the stories have been assisting me with my sex drive. In fact, this story helped me get aroused yesterday and seduce my husband before he went to work. We had such a wonderful time in bed….so, thank you!

  7. Happy Man
    Happy Man says:

    Sunday’s are sometimes the best day for my wife and I to make love. We tend to be more relaxed. Often times it is easier for her to reach orgasm and to give her pleasure thru oral sex makes me very happy!

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