Ship’s Cabin

They say when you’re on holiday it is ‘fun time.’ I would have to say they are correct! This story relates to an evening when we were on a sea cruise in the Mediterranean.
After having settled into our cabin in the late afternoon, we both got into the shower. Instantly a feeling of sexual excitement overwhelmed us. Whether it was the privacy of being far away from home or the coolness of the sea, we still don’t know. But the sensation blew us away. We started making out, exploring one another with an intensity hard to describe.
Then we tried something most fascinating! We turned off the shower and started licking one another just about all over. It began with us lapping at one another’s necks, shoulders, and breasts. And it culminated in the exploration of each other’s sex organs with our mouths.
Each of us moved our lips up and down between the other’s thighs, taking turns. Then we let go of the taboo and, one at a time, we tongued each other’s asses. After all, we were both clean. No taste or smell caused a problem, and the feeling was quite intense.
Can you believe it? Throughout this entire fiery episode, neither of us indicated that we needed or even desired penetration. We settled down after a while and retired to our berth, but soon I felt my cock begin to rise again.
My wife got the message and suggested we get into a 69 position. I lowered my whole member into her mouth and began to devour her pussy with mine. Then we rolled to our sides, still in the 69 position, and that’s when we really started fucking each other’s mouths. I moved my member in and out as I burrowed my lips and tongue deeper into her pussy.
She began to quiver and beg me not to stop. So I moved my face faster, into and away from her swollen vagina. My cock was now reaching the exploding point. With my final hard thrust, her pouting lips grasped my shaft, and I shot load after load into her mouth.
Her quivering stopped as we lay exhausted. She released my limp penis from her mouth, sucking off what ejaculate was left.
I embraced her and assured her that this cruise was sure to provide us with stories to share with our Marriage Heat friends over the next few days.

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7 replies
  1. sensualcouple says:

    Bending my wife over and tonguing her asshole…easily one of my favorite things. That’s why 69’ing is so much fun-easy access to both holes! Seeing her 2” from my face, smelling her pussy and then just devouring it. Mmmmm… good!

  2. PatientPassion says:

    You've described one of my fantasies almost perfectly! I eagerly look forward to the day when we clean each other up, then I can uninhibitedly explore every delicious inch of my future wife's body–every crack and crevice–slowly and sensuously with my tongue. It seems like such an erotic, beautiful and intimate experience to be so up-close and personal with every part of your spouse!

    Thank you for sharing! You've given me yet another thing to look forward to in marriage!

  3. John Thompson says:

    A shower together with your loved one is always a delicious experience. With me and my wife a shower together often ends with me pleasing myself. [Edited: Hopefully, she gets to watch and enjoy?]

  4. snagd says:

    From that night on my wife wanted a bonus. And that was to dress in very short dresses and g-strings or no panties. Bras were out of the question. I agreed and at times in secluded spots I would just go about and fondle her.

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