Emergency Sex Part One: Hiking injury.

We like to hike on mountain trails. But one evening, Will was very lucky to survive when a rock slide pushed him over a cliff near the camp we were staying at that night. He happened to straddle a sapling tree which broke his fall, but he was brought into the camp in considerable pain. A doctor who had just graduated (she was only twenty-four years old) happened to be there on holiday and agreed to assist.

We were in a remote area and it was getting dark. It would have been very difficult and risky to evacuate him, so she decided to give him quite a lot of morphine and do an examination before calling for assistance. With his shorts off the bruising to his groin was obvious and the medic examined the area to see if he had ruptured anything. She felt his testes and said, “They are larger than I have seen.”

Then to me, she said, “Perhaps you can tell me if they seem any different. Is this their normal resting size?” She had me hold one while she examined the other.

“Feel it like this, but be especially careful not to squeeze it. I don’t think there is any damage?” I think she could see that I was anxious. I felt it all around the way she showed me. Will was interested but very sleepy. I then took one between the fingers and thumb of each hand and carefully compared them.

Looking at Will, she said, “You have had a severe blow. The good news is there seems to be no major damage, but you should do a sperm test in about six weeks to be sure.”

Then to me, “Now, if you would hold both of them up so I can look at the base of the penis?”

I cradled them in my hands.

“There is substantial bruising of the perineum.” She gently felt his groin area. “He will find ejaculating very painful for several weeks.” His penis seemed very floppy as she felt along it, being very careful where there was bruising.  He was very limp and flaccid, and I was getting a little worried.

“I know he is very relaxed from the morphine, but I need to be sure there is no serious damage. The penile artery is susceptible to trauma and the impact to his groin could have damaged it. If that happens it can result in erectile dysfunction. And I would consider that to be an emergency situation because he would need surgical intervention.”

She paused, considering the options. “If he were to have an erection, it would be a good sign. But it would probably be very painful for him, even with the drug. I will leave you two for half an hour and then we will decide whether we need to try and medevac him.”

When she went, I said to Will, “I think she wants to know if you can get stiff,” and I started to gently masturbate him.

He murmured, “You are making it hurt.”

“How would you like me to do it.”

“Maybe best not to touch it. Perhaps if you get astride me it might happen.”

I had been hiking all day, so I went to the bathroom and washed myself. My labia don’t protrude much from my cleft, but I like to wipe along the folds and be sure I am clean there. I am still a bit shy about cunnilingus and don’t quite understand why it is such a turn on for Will. But I know it makes him get hard, so I got on top of him and lowered my pussy into his face. I was able to open up nicely for him by lifting one knee and putting one foot on the bed to steady myself.

A muffled murmur rose from between my legs, “That’s very nice.” I reached around and held his penis in one hand; it seemed to be a little bit firmer already.

He was feeling around my vagina opening with his tongue, penetrating me, and then sliding it up and teasing around my clitoris.

“Your love button is quite firm, and you do taste nice.”

I know my juices make him stiff and having him lick me seemed to be having the desired effect; I noticed he was getting bigger.

“It is making my penis hurt now. I want to stop.”

But I was about to come. “You can’t stop now. Don’t be mean.”

“What will you do for me if I keep going?”

“Anything you say. I promise. But just get on with it, please.”

He continued working on me with his tongue, his hands under my shirt manipulating my tits, stroking and pressing on my nipples. I could feel him getting firmer and I was ecstatic. A massive orgasm started to shake my whole body. Will cocked his head sideways and held my labia in his lips, so he could enjoy my spasms.

As I started to cum he grabbed my bum cheeks firmly in his hands. His fingers were in my butt crack as he forced my pudenda into his face. He spread my cleft all the way from my mons to my anus. It felt wonderful, and I wanted more, but we didn’t have time.

I was holding his penis as I came and felt that it had become quite firm. It was such a relief, I was on a total high. As I climbed off him he said, “You are nice, but it is making me really ache.”

My vulva was still throbbing as I quickly pulled my shorts on, threw a sheet over Will and got the doctor. I was so flushed that she looked at me as if I might not be well.

I told her, “He seems to be okay, just very sore.”

She said to Will, “I am sure you are, but do you mind if I look?” He shook his head, and the doctor lifted the sheet.

“It’s looking good, and it is a strong indication that you are unlikely to have any serious nerve damage.”

That was good news. We were both feeling very reassured, but I was embarrassed to feel my vaginal juices starting to seep down my leg and I could see my slippery stuff on his face, too. Fortunately, the doctor was concentrating on diagnosing Will and didn’t notice.

“I just need to be sure that you are getting a good blood supply there.” She felt his shaft.

“You are really quite firm, I don’t think the trauma will cause any long-term problems, even though the bruising is severe.”

Will’s penis was relaxing, to his enormous relief. A couple of drops of clear fluid appeared. The doctor examined them, then gently used two fingers and a thumb under his frenulum area to squeeze out more. There was no sign of bleeding. She was thoughtful for a moment.

“I am confident we don’t have an emergency here tonight.” Then she turned to me. “But if you hadn’t helped like that I would have had to play it safe and would be trying to get him to hospital by now. It was worth the effort; you did well. We are okay for now, and I will give you a report to take to your doctor.”

We thanked her for her professionalism and also for her understanding in giving us the opportunity to assist in the diagnosis. She admitted that it was a fairly unique and challenging set of circumstances but was glad she had been able to help.

The next day we were able to get home and took her report to our doctor. He read the notes we gave him, examined Will, and said that he should make a full recovery. He made an appointment to have the sperm test in six weeks.

All that first week after the accident I knew Will was feeling very horny. He gave me several good lickings and his enthusiasm meant I had powerful orgasms. But after just a couple of days he couldn’t wait any longer and we made love. It was very painful for him as he ejaculated, and for some time afterwards, but we decided that he would get better more quickly if he kept doing me occasionally. We were back to normal within six weeks.

The doctor girl phoned him a week after the accident to be sure she had called it right. She asked Will if he was confident that he was still able to function alright. He said that he was recovering okay and that she had made the right decision to not evacuate him that night. And that she was also right about how painful sex would be.

“But at least you know it still works,” she reassured him, “and the pain should go in a few weeks.”



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  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Ouchie! So sorry this happened to your Will. I'm amazed that, even under the influence of the pain reliever, he had the skill to bring you to orgasm! Did he ever make you pay up for your promised "anything?"

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