Oral Sex Episode 2

One of a sequence of oral sex episodes:

My wife and I got more used to performing oral on each other. So to give ourselves an opportunity to improve our skills, we made licking and sucking part of our foreplay every time we made love.

We decided to try different ways of stimulating one another, mostly with lips and tongue. This always gets us both ready for penetration. But over the years, I never failed to ejaculate into her pussy. She made sure of that by always reminding me that ‘No way!’ did she ever want me to cum in her mouth. There were a few times when my cock nearly exploded while she was sucking, but she always stopped and straddled me to have me cum inside her. I found that just as exciting and always obliged.

But recently, the inevitable happened. We were on a vacation with the children. The first night, we were stuck without accommodations and had to make do at her family’s place. We shared a room with her little sister. She gave us her bed, while she made herself comfortable with a mattress on the floor.

After we all retired to bed and her sister’s breathing became slow and shallow, my wife grabbed my cock and whispered to me, “Let me suck it a bit.”

I nodded, and she ducked under the covers. Gripping my shaft, she bobbed her head up and down and just about fit my whole cock in her mouth. She was driving me crazy. We both knew we could not have intercourse, so I wondered how she planned to deal with my impending explosion.

I leaned forward to whisper, “Are you going to swallow?”

All I heard was, “Yes, shoot.”

I eased my torso back down to the bed and pushed my hips toward her face, shooting with all my force. She gripped my cockhead with her lips and sucked hard. I felt my cum flowing out of my penis as she cleaned me off completely.

Since it was her first time ever swallowing, I asked her what she felt and tasted.

“Nothing, just your beautiful slime down my throat. Rest assured that you’ve found another place to ejaculate.”

I smiled. How well I know that if my wife likes something, she’s going to stick with it. I look forward to some fantastic blowjobs.

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5 replies
  1. Larry1052 says:

    Oral has always been a pleasurable part to my wife’s and my love life. She doesn’t swallow but if I want to cum in her mouth she always lets me. I also enjoy giving her oral till she cums several times.

  2. snagd says:

    When my wife told me that I have another place to ejaculate, I asked her the next day about the previous incident. My curiosity was aroused when a woman who never (according to her) had swallowed semen, could so well take a load without making a sound and swallowing it whole. Her answer about another place to ejaculate, made me question her and finally, she admitted she'd had oral sex with many men as she did not want to become pregnant. I actually felt good that I had married a woman who would satisfy me in all respects. I accept her kinkiness and she never ever gave me a reason to think that our marriage bond would break.

  3. Bill Anthony says:

    I’m pretty sure that she felt good sharing her previous secret with you. It’s WONDERFUL sharing everything with each other and having no secrets. It’s also erotically exciting sharing intimate memories with each other within the safety of your loving monogamous relationship.

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