More Fun in the Tub!

“Goodbye. Love you.  Be safe.  Remember we’ll have tub time tomorrow evening,” my loving wife said, ending our phone conversation as we both went to bed, miles apart from each other. Needless to say, she always gets me hard and horny, and super excited with that kind of sexy talk. I started thinking about my hot naked wife in the tub, those beautiful big breasts floating in the water, her perfectly pointy round nipples and her pretty tight neatly shaven pussy. Suddenly a thought jumped into my head……remember the story “Fun in the Tub,” she wrote on MH last year. Let me go back and read it.  I know how much she loves spraying the shower head on her hard clit until she cums! While reading and recounting the story I was overtaken by a sudden urge to eat my wife’s pussy lips and lick her long hard clit. The result was that I drifted off to sleep with a cock as hard as steel, desperate for a release!

Well 24 hours later, she didn’t disappoint.  It was showtime and we had both of our phones set up and on camera mode.  She was in our tub at home in a nice steamy hot bath, my cock was already excited and hard waiting in anticipation the entire day for this moment. She immediately flashed her huge tits to tease me and make me even hornier as she knows the inevitably drive me wild. Her perky nipples looked beautiful as she soaped up her heavy breasts, massaging them sexy and slowly.  My throbbing cock jumped and twitched at the sight of my hot and horny lover. After more than two decades, I still cannot get enough of her hot voluptuous body when she’s naked.  It’s so awesomely beautiful, erotic and perfect for me and I adore every inch of it! Needless to say, I was rock hard and ready to play.  With my cock jumping and twitching with pleasure, she scooted up to the camera to enable me to see her entire naked body. I positioned myself that she could have a close-up shot of my big, long and hard cock as we both got comfortable and started talking about the happenings of the day. Precum leaked freely out of my slit as I watched her spread her legs wide open, she opened her favorite shower hose, pulled her pussy lips back and directed the hot water stream directly onto her clit. I couldn’t resist my own cock and started slowly stroking up and down the full length of my thick shaft.

Before too long our conversation changed from work and family stuff to dirty and intimate talking as we were working each other up towards orgasms. “You make my cock so hard baby,” I said. “You look so good.  Cum for me, cum for me,” she replied. I stroked and circled my now pulsating mushroom head, with vigor, as I started moaning and groaning with pleasure. I noticed that she lifted the hose higher so that the solid stream of water could hit her erect clit even harder and more forcefully.  With her head tilted back and her mouth opened wide, her face started showing signs of an approaching orgasm. All of a sudden there was no more talking as we were both going at it full tilt.  I stroked my hard cock as fast as I could and the hard running stream of water was hitting her engorged clit at a perfect angle! Then, almost simultaneously, we both screamed out to announce our orgasms, as we came hard together! Streams of hot cum kept on flying out of my cockhead, covering my tummy as well as my hand that firmly gripped my cock with a sticky white mess.  The cum just kept on coming.  It was a long hard orgasm that emptied every last drop of cum from my tight and full ballsac. My wife bucked up and down in the tub, her big tits looked full and hard as they bounced around with her nipples fully erect as her legs stiffened and her entire body rocked with a powerful orgasm. She kept the hose on her pussy to milk every bit of orgasm out of her vagina.  It took a long time for her to slowly come down from a thunderous orgasm.

For a while there we both lay still, catching our breaths and staring at each other’s naked, cum covered bodies and enjoying and appreciating the powerful sexual release we just shared with each other on camera! Praise the good Lord for technology!  It will never be nearly as good as being together and I long desperately to be with the love of my life, to be able to ram my cock into her tight hole or her hot mouth, but we do the very best we can, given our situation and I often wonder if there is more of our other MH family that find themselves in similar positions and how they deal with it?

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5 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Thank you OneCouple! This was really something! I think I might ask if my hubby would like to join me in the bath tomorrow! 😉 God bless you both

  2. Wife lover says:

    Hot story! Can’t wait to share some tub time with my wife. We love our technology too. I work over seas on a 4 week on 4 week off rotation, so when I’m away working we connect with technology. We use, texting, texting pics/videos and face time. It’s all amazing and keeps that fire burning while apart.

  3. BradMona13 says:

    We both love this story. Our jobs keep us apart for long periods of time and have for many years. Years ago, we only had phone sex to rely on. Technology has expanded our options greatly. We try to set up Skype masturbation sessions at least 3 times a week when apart. We still thrill at the sight of watching each other achieve our own orgasms. I love the fact that my wife of 45 years loves masturbation as much as I do.

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