Longing for More

Last night was one of those nights that my beautiful wife and I will think about for a long time. After 20 years of marriage, new and exciting things are a rarity in our bed. My wife is usually quite tame. I wouldn't go so far as to say she's conservative, but definitely not wild or kinky by most standards. However, from time to time she will surprise me.

We hadn't had sex in about 10 days, which is unusual for us. We usually try to please each other at least every 4 days. I knew she would be hornier than usual.

We laid down in bed knowing we were going to have sex, which made foreplay very brief. We lay facing one another,  embracing. My cock was already like flint and I was grinding on her pussy while my hand massaged her ass over her tight satin panties.

As our passion increased, we began tonguing each other's mouths while she gyrated against my hardness. My hand slid down her ass until it was touching the edge of her tight hole. She thrust her pussy forward and ground into me as my fingers in her panties caressed her anal hotspot. She sighed. We continued to grind on each other as my fingers worked around her ass.

Suddenly, she pushed me to my back and removed my boxers. Without hesitation, she wrapped her mouth around my cock dripping with precum. She hungrily worked up and down on my shaft, using her tongue to hit every nerve.

I reached down and squeezed all of the precum into her warm mouth. I moaned and she lifted her head and planted her lips on mine. Our tongues intertwined as my fluids mixed with our saliva.

We repeated this process several more times before she reached down to her wet pussy and started rubbing. Knowing she likes for us to masturbate together, I started stroking my hard cock as well. But it wasn't enough. I had to be inside her.

Spreading her legs  I entered her soaking pussy. So worked up was I at this point, I could only thrust into her for a minute before pulling out to prevent cumming. I flopped over onto my back.

She followed in hot pursuit and went down on me like a hungry animal. Licking her juices from every inch of me, she also siphoned more precum into her mouth. Once again she gave me a wet, erotic kiss.

By this time, I was ready to explode. I started stroking my cock and she followed suit by rubbing her pussy. I got up on my knees next to her so we could both enjoy the impending shower. Her body started to writhe and her breaths shortened. My hand moved faster on my shaft as precum dripped onto her nipple.

As if that was the trigger, her body started convulsing and she let out short whimpers as her pussy flooded with an amazing orgasm. I exploded, too, sending string after string of cum onto her breasts, neck, and chin while she moaned.

Her fingers rubbed a string of cum into her breast as if it was lotion. I squeezed the last drop of cum onto her chest and collapsed onto her. We shared a final kiss, then she asked, "Why doesn't that happen more often?!"




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  1. CMLove says:

    Beautiful post, thanks for sharing! I loved the question at the end "Why don't we do this more often?" 😂 I totally asked my husband this exact question some time ago. It's truly a gift from God!

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