Multi, multi, multi orgasmic

I’m definitely the most Blessed man on planet Earth because I’m married to my wife for many reasons. One of the reasons is because of how absolutely sexual she is.

When my wife and I make love, it usually involves her having one or two orgasms from me giving her oral sex, two or three orgasms from intercourse and then 5 to 10 orgasms from her masterbating while I fondle and talk dirty to her. So in a normal love making session, she will cum as many as 15 times. But not this night.

This night she was VERY turned on and worked up. So after just 5 five minutes of me giving her oral sex, she wanted me inside of her. After she came a few times with me inside of her and then me cuming, I really sucked on her rock hard nipples while she played with herself. And wow, did she play with herself! She was SO turned on that I decided to count how many times she came. She did not have ten orgasms, and not twenty, and not even thirty. She had a total of thirty four orgasms!!

It’s a little hard not to know when she cums because she screams loud, her nipples get hard, she gets goose bumps, she arches her back accentuating her breasts and her breathing is VERY heavy. Let’s say that she slept VERY well that night!

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    i love this! so erotic, i'm so gonna show this to my husband after our grandbaby goes to bed! Such a turn on 🙂 so what happened next?

    • Ilovemywifeforever says:

      Thank you! Well, we slept VERY well that night. But about two weeks ago, we had a similar night. After I came inside of her, she went at it for an hour and a half and having between 30 and 40 orgasms again!

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