Call Me Peg (A)

My first experiences with anal sex were neither godly nor pleasurable. So it might surprise you that I've enjoyed being fucked in the ass by my husband for most of our 27 year marriage. It's only in the past year or two, though, that I've been willing to explore anal sexuality for my husband's enjoyment.

I guess, probably like most women, I was afraid I'd turn him gay. It took years of patience on his part to negate the thought and then allow me to process it at my own pace. As far as he knew, I may never be comfortable with that kind of activity between us. And he made up his mind to put it in God's hands. If the Lord wanted him to enjoy that source of fulfillment, He would have to bring me to a place of acceptance.

And He did. It was weird, really. Nothing “happened" to make me change my mind. One day, while blowing him, I just had an idea that it would be fun to slide my finger into his asshole.

I knew he stimulated himself there. He told me that he used an Aneros to massage his prostate and that it was very enjoyable, to say the least. He never did it in front of me, knowing it would freak me out. But when he had to travel for work, his Helix went along.

I guess I just decided to trust that, as my husband surmised, God put those pleasure sensors there for a reason. So I slicked my middle digit up with saliva and slipped it in, following his directions to his prostate.

I figured that he would be pleased and aroused by my sudden change of behavior. But I was not prepared for the intensity of his response nor for my visceral reaction to that response. His wild writhing and moaning stirred up in me feelings of love and a power to please that fed something deep inside me.

When he had come down from what he called a prostate orgasm, we cuddled and talked about what had happened. He reassured me that he wanted no one but me, and that if I never wanted to do that again, it was fine by him.

That did it for me. My irrational fears fled. I decided that if I could trust him to stay faithful when I wasn't doing everything within my power to meet his desires, then I could sure trust him when I was!

That day was a real turning point in our sexual relationship. My finger and his butt became best friends.

Then one day he surprised me by using his prostate massager while he waited for me to come in from my bath. That led to a fun exploration which I wrote about here.

Next we introduced my tongue.

Oh, my! Everything I thought about ass-eating was flipped on its ear. I was so turned on by the smell and taste of his freshly irrigated anus that my pussy literally dripped. I was a wild woman, licking and tonguing his sphincter with abandon. He had to ask me to stop. Twice. (He wanted his turn to please me.)

The next step was fantasizing aloud during sex - especially when he was slipping in and out of my well-lubed rosebud - that it was me fucking him instead. This went on for a few weeks, time which he also used to send me articles about ‘pegging', a term I had never heard before. We researched size recommendations for starter dildos and who made the best harnesses for the money. There was more information out there than I expected.

That was followed up with watching videos together to get some pointers on proper technique. Quick caveat: I don't recommend porn in general. It bothers me that most couples are (or seem to be) unmarried to each other. Before you decide whether to follow the route we did, pray, know your weaknesses and avoid stumbling blocks.

When we decided there was little more to research, it was time to practice. We made our first trip together to our local sex shop. It is very tastefully run and the employees made it very comfortable for us to ask questions. They encouraged us to feel the differing weights, girths, and textures of various options. Not knowing very much, we felt shopping locally was better than shopping online anonymously. We needed the hands-on experience.

That day, we came home with a Spare Parts Tomboi harness-and-dildo combo pack. The harness is like a pair of spandex briefs with a pouch and ring to hold the base of the smooth black 6.5” dildo against my lower abdomen. It was nice and tight, not all loosey-goosey like some of the harnesses we had seen in use. We thought it would help with stability later.

But first, I needed to learn the ‘ins and outs' of loving my baby's rear. That meant holding the dildo at first rather than wearing it.

He lay on his back and pulled his knees up so that I could see what I was doing. (In retrospect, this was not the best starting position.)

I used lots of coconut oil on him, internally and externally. Hubby has a medicine syringe from the baby care section of the drugstore. Cutting away the squirting end created an open tube with a plunger. With the the plunger removed we could easily press the tube into the firm oil to fill it. Then we popped it in the freezer for about 30 minutes, after which we used the plunger to push the plug out of the syringe. This we popped into a ziptop baggie that we could keep in the freezer until needed. 

Inserting the plug was something he was already used to, but I had to learn to point it up toward his belly button for a quick, comfortable entry. There was also a sharp edge to my freshly-trimmed fingernail that I should have buried in the coconut oil plug; it proved to be a bit uncomfortable.

We petted and necked for a few minutes to give the oil time to melt. Then I lubed up the toy and tried to insert it. What a fiasco.

“Higher. No, that's too high. Try tilting it down. No, the other way. Ouch! Next time slower, please. Let it sit there a minute so I can get used to it.”

All the communication was great! The results were less so. After only a few minutes, he was ready to call it quits for this session.

I was pretty sad that it hadn't gone very well. I hurt my darlin’! But we had gone into it knowing that we had a lot to learn. Nobody expected me to be an expert on my first exploratory mission, least of all me.

So, reassured that neither of us wanted to give up, we went back to our research. I found out that it was best to start with him on all fours. He bought a bottle of water-based lube specifically labeled for anal sex. And we decided next time would be with the harness.

All told, the results were much better on the second go. We put pillows down on the edge of the bed and he lay on his stomach over them. He helped with the visuals by pulling his ass cheeks apart for me. That and keeping my glasses on did the trick.

My aim was much better, and I think my technique was pretty good, too. I felt that the lube dried out too quickly; I was constantly adding more or hitting it with a spray bottle of water we kept nearby. And Rez was ready to stop after only 15 or 20 minutes. We decided there were still improvements we could make, like going back to coconut oil. But all in all, we met with success. 

It seemed to us, though, that the biggest culprit in the lack of comfort for him was the extreme stiffness of the dildo from the combo pack. We felt another trip to the sex store was in order. This time we purchased a dual density, realistically shaped and textured dildo of the same length and minimally increased girth over the smooth one.

*This may be a sticking point for some couples. The idea of using something that looks like the real thing on your man may bother one or both of you. There are probably comfortable options out there that will work for you. I just can't personally recommend any.

Best purchase ever! The third time was the charm for us because with the softer, more flexible dildo I was able to penetrate him easily and comfortably. And the tight fit of the Tomboi harness meant I could control it well. I gave it to him for well over an hour.

I was working my ass off, though. It was hard, but so worth it. Watching him writhe in pleasure, hearing his guttural groans and cries, was so arousing that I squirted! That usually requires a more direct form of stimulation for me.

We have experimented with a few other positions since then, transitioning between them during hours of extended play (with short breaks as needed): Him on his back with knees up or legs on my shoulders. Him flat on his tummy with me straddling him. Once or twice with him on his side and me straddling his lower leg while holding the other. Him on all fours on the bed, down as low as he could go, and me squatting, straddling his rear end (which I call bulldogging.) And reverse cowboy with me lying at the edge of the bed, knees up and him standing between my feet to lower himself onto and off of "my cock", as we call it. Those all worked great, though the tummy and side-lying ones really need a longer dildo to stay inserted well.

But my absolute favorite position (and his, too, I think) is when he rides me cowboy-style. I love to hold his gaze and listen to him gasp and moan in pleasure. And the way he leans back with his hands on my legs while his eyes roll back in his head and tremors shake his whole body - almost heaven.

We now own a slightly bigger but  softer, poseable dildo. It has its pros and cons. The smaller one has a slight upward curve, so I can put it on upside down when coming from behind and really reach his prostate well. While the bigger one offers deeper stimulation and more of a stretch now that we’ve worked up to it, its bendiness means I can't always get it right where we want it. There can be such a thing as too much flexibility.

I've now graduated to a harness with adjustable straps. There are different styles, but we chose one with two leg straps rather than a single strap between the legs. That way he has easy access for 'turning the tables', so to speak. It also has a wide, lace-up-corset style back pad that helps with stability. So far, I haven't had to use my hands to keep it steady or tight against my body. I also like that this brand (Adam & Eve) has little pockets that will hold the folded-up straps so they aren't dangling. But I have a leather Jaguar with a Minx corset back panel by ASLAN on my birthday wishlist. And Rez is ready to upsize, too!

So that's how we got into pegging, and we haven't looked back. If this encouraged or helped you in any way, then it was worth sharing. May God bless your marriage bed.

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  1. TexasCouple says:

    I love your writing and the way you go from the timidity of something new to diving in full force. On the fantasy side of things too, it gives you options to play in ways that don't cross commitment breaking boundaries.

    You bring up a point that I've read on a number of sites...using realistic toys. For the life of me, I can't understand why people have such an aversion. It's weirder, to me, that someone wants to use an unrealistic appearing device to have an orgasm with. Male and female bodies were made for each other to experience sexual pleaseure. Therefore creating something lifelike makes the most sense. To each their own, but I would rather fantasize to something human like as opposed to alien like. Once again, just an opinion.

    The way you describe him riding your strapon is highly arousing. I'd love to see my wife, laying on the bed, caressing one of those strapless ejaculating dildos. Crawl up to her and sit down on that cock and ride it while getting to fondle her breasts. And then the two of us cum simultaneously, her inside me and me on her breasts. How much fun would that be?

    Technology has literally made it where we can experience every kind of sexual pleasure possible without violating our marital commitment. Take the gloves off and go for it!

    CHL, I love your stories. Keep enjoying your wonderful sex life and keep having fun!

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      That is so encouraging! Thank you for your kind words. Also, I've never heard of a strapless ejaculating dildo! Strapless, yes. Ejaculating dildo, yes. (What do they use for the ejaculate?) But 'never the twain shall meet,' it seems. Now I'll have to go looking...

    • TexasCouple says:

      @CHL I've never read as to what they use for the ejaculate. I assume it's like any lube...can probably buy it in 100 different flavors. I've always wanted to find a lube that tasted like lime sherbert. If we bought one of those and loaded it up with that flavor, my mouth would have a second home. 🙂

      Regarding that, there seems to a concensus among many of the commenters (or their partners) that male anal play is feminine and thus takes away from the normal dynamic. I get it and used to feel the same. I'd say the easiest way to get over that is to consider it research. My wife has told me numerous times over the years that she struggles with her jaw cramping up during blowjobs when she tries to take me in. I never could empathize and hardly sympathize, so I did some research. Found a dildo about my size and tried to perform oral on it. Much more difficult than it seems.

      I am not a gay man, nor bisexual, but there must be something great about the feeling of a sexual encounter between the two, or they wouldn't keep doing it. Being able to replicate the stimulation with your wife doesn't mandate performing fellatio on a coworker. It doesn't mean you're going to start gazing at the same sex with desire. Nor does it mean you are going to want to change genders or turn into a submissive sissy. In summary, consider it research. It's a silicone phallus your wife is going to put inside your anus in order to stimulate the prostate and bring about an orgasm.

    • Mark says:

      I too am turned on by a dildo in my ass. Wish my wife was as into it as I am. To have sex with her with a strap-on would be hot. I would love to have her use an ejaculating dildo on me then finger play in my ass with the fake cum. She has used a life like dildo on me before and I love it even more if I see she gets turned on. She likes when I use her cyberskin life-like dildo on her and I suck it while it's on her pussy. She will feel my mouth as I suck the head of her dildo from her pussy, tasting her wet pussy juice... mmmm.

  2. Man With a Plan says:

    Wow. I found that to be highly erotic despite not having any desire to try anal play on myself, save for Katie’s occasional finger in there.

    Very well written. The communication was hot. And once again, it just goes to show that the most powerful sex organ is the brain. Desire, communication, and uncharted territory for the win 👍🏻

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Thank you, Rich. I found your (Katie's) story incedibly inspiring and stimulating, too.

  3. Marriagebedrocks says:

    Love this story! I wish more wives would understand and appreciate the intimacy and vulnerability pegging can have on a man. And ladies, if you've never given your husband a prostate orgasm, you need to try it sometime! It feels totally different from a regular male orgasm, and if your husband can let go and let it happen, it will literally take over his whole body, giving him more pleasure than he has ever felt! I highly recommend it (not to mention, it's very good for his prostate)!!

  4. Victor0884 says:

    My wife has always wanted to try pegging, we have been married seventeen years. I am hesitant due to the concern of being viewed as feminine if I ended up enjoying it. I don’t necessarily think it is against the Bible if between a married husband and wife. I think most men would like to try it but are afraid of their wives seeing them as feminine for liking it. The man is vulnerable and may end up orgasming or crying out loudly from the activity and that is scary. I think the wives may like it and get turned on. Thank you, for sharing your experience.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Well, as in all of marriage, communication is key. It's true that many women want a manly man. But who gets to define manly? Shouldn't it be the man and woman themselves?

      I can assure you that even if I'm being a bit bossy or he's tied up, Rez is still the man and still in charge. That doesn't change when I'm using a strapon toy on him. Yes, he's vulnerable. That's what makes it so special to me. I'm the only person on earth he's ever been that vulnerable with. His freedom to cry out or lose control is beautiful to me and proves how much he trusts me. (Not to mention how incredibly hot it is!)

      But I admit I grew into this attitude. When I was younger, I had the typical worldly view of what of means to be a man.

      Thing is, God didn't put those nerve endings in only one of the sexes, but both. So it seems to us that receiving pleasure there shouldn't be defined as feminine or masculine. Rather it's simply another act of human sexuality created by our Lord and reserved for the marriage bed.

    • GoForItWifey says:

      "may end up orgasming or crying out loudly from the activity and that is scary. "

      Oh PLEEEEEAAASSSSEEEE Do! I want & love for my man to let go and get loud. When we lived in apartments our lady neighbors said they always loved hearing my husband let go.

      “What is good for the goose is good for the gander,” I say. I am all for whatever my man desires of me and my body; I'll do anything for him so the same must be true of him. He wants me to get loud and vocal, or go all oral on him, so he should show his appreciation with all the noisy moans and groans he has in him & he certainly will be going downtown on me – 69 is the BEST! If he wants me to play or use a toy anally, take a machine, or wants to take me anally himself then by goodness he better be ready to reciprocate. If he wants me to gulp down cum, then ditto goes for him. 🙂 Fair is fair in my book.

      Oh and BTW, my sisters, girlfriends, and coworkers all agree, the more a man is willing to experiment in a specific area, the more willing we are to go there as well. So if you have something in mind, show us how it’s done and sure we will give it a twirl.

      As for anything being feminine, the only thing I can think of would be if a guy dresses up like a female. There is nothing remotely feminine about taking something backdoor; it takes a lot of work, preparation, and patience, and it’s not always the easiest thing to do. As it has been explained, its science, anatomy, nerve endings, prostate. It simply, flat out is a sex act that feels absolutely amazing when done well. I enjoy it on me after learning how to do it right and I enjoy doing it even more on my man because it blows his mind and brings him to massive multiorgasms. What else can you do that can bring your man to orgasms back to back to back? The refractory period in penal orgasms is way too long for this.

      We are still exploring the best ways for both of us to multi at the same time. We love to orgasm together. Imagine this together! :0

      So get anything about it being feminine out of your head. Simply put, it is incredible sex blessing one another. I love pleasing my man and he likewise.

  5. Old Lover says:

    Very hot, CHL! There is nothing to compare to a prostate orgasm. Interesting that you experimented a lot with size. What is best for me is perfecting the right amount of pressure and massage on the prostate with a probe that is not too hard or too soft. Even though the anus is a nerve center, the comfort afforded by a smaller device allows for maximum pleasure on the prostate nerve bundles. Question: When he rides cowboy on “your cock” and cums, where does his cum go?

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Thanks, Old Lover! The one time he started to cum in that position, I asked him to pull off at the last second and fill my mouth. I swallowed every drop!

      Interestingly, he often doesn't ejaculate during anal. Sometimes he doesn't even stay hard, though it isn't difficult to "raise the flag" if I (or he) want to. But that doesn't diminish the intensity of his pleasure from it!

      Most often, now that he's had a vasectomy, he finishes deep inside me. That's the main reason we went to the double-strap model. So arousing, the sight of "my cock" splayed against my belly or dangling below me, dancing to his rhythm while he pounds me!

    • Old Lover says:

      Thanks for your clarifying reply, CHL. Since you didn’t mention his cumming and cum load, it made me wonder. Here’s my experience with internal prostate massage. I self-pleasure with internal massage although Anne is extremely skilled with external prostate massage through my perineum and the heel of her hand on my prostate above my pubic area. (Someday, perhaps she’ll venture forth with internal massage! 😃 ) I’ve used DIY devices and an Aneros Prostate device - the Aneros gives me the best control to massage my prostate with just the right pressure and on the right spot(s). Like your hubby, sometimes I do not cum, instead I edge as the massaging of my prostate brings on incredible waves of non-orgasmic ecstasy. Eventually I do cum because I can’t hold off, and when I do, my cum load and the duration of cumming is indescribable. Interestingly, during internal prostate massage my cock is swollen, but not hard in the least. Keep perfecting your technique CHL and encourage your hubby to tell you when you hit the right spot and to relax when those waves of edging ecstasy wash over him. I’ll bet he’ll cum good and long!

  6. ArtRutherford says:

    Great story. I'd love to try anal, but wife has had one too many courses in micro-biology to overcome. Sometimes I can put a finger in her ass, but then I'm not to put it back in her vagina.

    I know the prostate massage is well worth it. I use a vibrating butt plug myself for extra stimulation; love it.

    Thanks for your detailed description of events. May God Bless your marriage and I should just leave it to Him.

    Thanks again!

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      She's right about cross-contamination with her veejay. Bad bugs can really go wild in there. Keeping some wet wipes beside the bed can handle that situation, though.

      Oh, Rez has one of those, too. A Hugo, I think it's called. It has a remote control and one of the settings lets me (or him) change the intensity by just turning it or shaking it. FUN!

      Yes, leave it to Him. That doesn't necessarily mean never mention it again, though. A calm conversation or two may do wonders, with enough time to process.

  7. hornyGG says:

    Very Hot story CHL! Ben and I plan to experiment with "pegging" soon. We have purchased a strap on , just haven't gotten around to it yet. I have tried it on ,and while I couldn't help but laugh at first, found it to be very erotic to have " my own cock ". Ben hasn't seen me wear it yet, anxious to see his reaction.

    • Mark says:

      I like your willingness to explore. I love my butthole being dominated by my wife. She rarely does so, but she will at times finger or use a butt plug in me and a dildo if I ask her to.
      To read your comments is an extreme turn on and I can't help but play solo and fantasize such play.
      It's so hot when a woman plays with a man's ass; and also sharing that her pussy is wet after reading these stories.
      Bless y'all and keep it cumming... Lol

  8. Mercury7 says:

    CHL, I truly appreciate the quality and style of your writing in this piece. First, you make it clear that in your activities, and in your written description of them, your relationship with God is very central to both of you. That is so important.
    Second, your style is so much more than just "here's a step by step description of the physical things we did to each other." Instead, what really shines through is how deeply the two of you love each other, and that you are so careful to honor, value and respect each other. No matter what physical activities a couple is doing, that should always be the context. God bless you for modeling that. Third, you did something that is very valuable, but quite difficult to do: you gave very detailed factual and background information (which I as the reader want to know!) while still maintaining a very sensual and erotic mood throughout. Thank you for pouring such time and effort into your writing.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      I seriously cried when I read this. Thank you for letting me know that sharing my experiences brought glory to God and blessing to his people. That's all that matters to me.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Give it time. Who knows, right? Does she like to read MarriageHeat stories? Do you ever talk about what she thinks of a particular one? If you go slow, you may be surprised what will intrigue and excite her!

  9. Engelbert Humperdink says:

    Very very hot. I loved it and love using a toy on my husband. Ladies who engage in this type of play, what do you think of this? Whatever your husband puts in your ass, size wise, he must take in his...

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      You know, I was surprised that Rez seemed to handle both length and girth better right off the bat than I do! And the more we play, the better we both get!

    • Mark says:

      I love when my wife uses her dildo in my ass. I like bigger dildos so it can stretch my ass. I would love to use a double-ended dildo with one end in me while the other is in her ass or vagina. That would be so hot.
      I reccommend the cyberskin dildos. They feel like a real dick and feel so good on females and in the ass of your husband (that is if he likes dick-shaped things in his ass). I know I sure do. I used to be bi until I got saved. Now my wife pleasures me in similar ways at times.
      What is it you like or dislike about using dick-like toys on your husband?

  10. AlwaysHorny says:

    I desire to have this happen in the future for sure. I really enjoyed having my hole rubbed & fingered before when getting a HJ/BJ. So will be interested to use a prostate massager & to be pegged as well 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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