Condensation Part 2

IMPORTANT: Read part one first! I hope you all enjoy!

The bright sun is still glaring in the clear blue sky. My wife sits next to me on the park bench. Her breasts are exposed and her eyes focused on the ground in front of us.

She leans forward and picks up our bottle of water. Its smooth, glass surface is covered with cool condensation from the heat. She pops the lid and takes a drink. A single drop of water escapes her mouth and runs down her chin. I lose sight of it when it dips between her breasts. She sets the bottle next to her and hooks her thumbs into her panties, all the while smiling. I watch as she slides them off. She hands them to me. Now, her face becomes serious. She leans back and lifts her knees up, propping her feet up on the wood planks of the bench.

She spreads her legs, once again letting the warm sun bathe her wet pussy. I run my hand across her forearm while she caresses it. She brings her fingers up to her mouth and licks her sweet juice from them. I kiss her again on the forehead and watch as a car drives by on the main road. The driver is oblivious to us, but my heartbeat quickens anyway.

My girl now grabs the bottle again, and slowly brings it close to her warmth. I watch in awe as she presses it to her moist lips. When it touches her clit her breath catches but she leaves it pressed there. She smiles again, enjoying the cool glass. Then she begins to slide the bottle up and down on her slit. The condensation from the bottle mixes quickly with her cream. Soon her whole crotch is covered in the liquid. Still rubbing herself with the bottle, she runs a hand over my tented shorts.

My cock has been hard the whole time, but now it feels like it might explode! She begins fiddling with the zipper on my shorts, but I take over when she gets frustrated. I undo my shorts, and pull down my boxers, watching her eyes lock on to me. She rubs her clit with the bottle faster as my cock is released.

It stands tall now. Thick pre-cum covers my uncut head and drips slowly down like honey.

Quickly, she grabs my cock and rubs her thumb up the shaft, collecting the warm cum. We lock eyes as she sticks her cream-covered thumb into my mouth, letting me suck it off. I like the way I taste. I stroke my cock a few times till a few more drops of pre-cum drip from my thick head. She watches the whole time.

She continues fucking her clit with the bottle, squeezing her tits with the other hand. I stand up and move until I’m in front of her. My aching cock is sticking straight out and I’ve got my balls in my left hand. She nods in approval when I begin stroking myself again. She lifts herself up off the bench. I watch as a drop of her cum drips slowly to the wood beneath her.

I rub my cock harder. My balls are bouncing in my other hand. She pinches her nipples, making them hard and perky. I am so close to cumming! My head feels like it is buzzing. Then, she drops the bottle.

Now her hand is working on her pussy. I can hear the slick sound of her beautiful pastel fingertips sliding up and down her slit. They flick her clit and dip into her cunt every so often. Her thighs tremble and she starts whimpering, her orgasm obviously taking over. A low moan escapes my mouth as I watch her continue rubbing her pink clit. My balls tighten and my cock spasms in my hand.

I’m cumming. We are cumming.

I kneel quickly, feeling the first shot of hot cum squirt into my hand. I slide into her, and replace her hand with mine. I rub my cum-covered fingers over her sensitive bud, and thrust into her tight cunt. I squirt three more times into her. Each one feels like hot syrup covering my cockhead and shaft. She exhales hard as I bury myself to the hilt in her one last time and kiss her naked breasts.

I suck each warm nipple into my mouth as I slowly pull out. I kiss down her chest and stomach until I am kissing her clit. I can faintly taste my cum. I release her button and watch her pussy. She flexes and my cum rushes to her opening. Like a thick avalanche of white, creamy milk, my cum pours out of her and begins to drip down her ass cheeks. I immediately stop the flow with my tongue and drink it in. I feel the warm, salty cum coat my tongue. I am truly blessed!


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  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Oh, my! If had been wearing panties they would be soaked right now! Especially loved the ending. Even if this is partially fictionalized, it's still super hot to read and imagine living out.

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