Happy Birthday!

When I asked you what you wanted for your birthday, I never expected you to say, “blowjob!” You know It’s not my favorite thing to do. But I do understand you like me to spend time down there. So, for your birthday I am going to wait ‘till you get out of the shower. Before you switch on the game and while you are still in your towel, I am going to get you to sit on the bed.

I’ll strip the towel away like a banana skin to reveal one leg then the other. Looking down, I see your early arousal. My fingers trace down the top of your penis from your tummy to your tip. Your sweet manhood grows gently under them.

Positioning myself between your legs, I kiss the tip. I continue to run my fingernails along the top of your penis. Then, after running my fingers along your pelvis and down the top of your thigh, I let my fingers touch your balls. I cup them gently in one hand, receiving a moan of pleasure in return. They are heavy in my hand as I stroke and tickle them.

Parting my lips, I take only your smooth helmet into my mouth. I run my tongue over the tip, tasting your saltiness. The warmth of my mouth around you makes you roll your eyes back in your head. You arch a little to try and get me to take more of you into my mouth.

“Not yet,” I tell you.

Holding your penis in my hand, I run my flat tongue along your length in both directions. I can see the veins in your shaft start to show. Using the tip of my tongue, I trace them gently: up, then down, and up again. Returning to the head, I engulf your cock in my mouth. But this time I lower myself further to take in another inch of you. I circle my tongue around your sensitive head again before sliding you out of my mouth.

Grasping your erect cock at its base, I wet my lips with my tongue. Wrapping them around your penis, I move slowly up and down, my hand following my mouth. I’m giving you a slow blowjob and handjob at the same time!

You arch back again, signaling you want it faster. So I move my mouth up and down your shaft, my hand giving you quick, firm tugs right behind it. Your girth pulls my lips forward and back as I ascend and descend upon you. Taking more and more of you in with every plunge, I finally lower myself all the way down you.

Then I pull up and slide my hands down off your cock. They find your balls, and I rub the skin behind them. You raise your legs a little, groaning with pleasure. I’m excited to see how much you’re enjoying your birthday present!.

As my hand moves back to gently pulling your penis, I take your foot and place it on my shoulders. Your balls hang below, and I take one tenderly into my mouth. My warm mouth sucks, and my hands trace down your elevated leg before rounding your bum cheek. The back of my finger traces up your crack over your arsehole, then back up over your balls. It joins with the fingers running up and down your shaft.

I move lower and run my tongue down over your balls, down the perineum and rim the hole of your arse. Gasping, you push back against me, raising your hips as I stick the tip of my tongue into you. I look up and give you a wry smile as my hands move up and down your shaft.

I raise myself up and take you deep into my mouth. Your hands run through my hair as I move faster up and down your cock. My hand follows my mouth and jerks you firmly. My other hand’s fingers circle your bum hole, teasing you with a gentle press.

The action makes you even harder, and I can tell you’re close to cumming. My hand moves up to cup your balls. As you start to drive my head down on to you, I gently squeeze. I feel them contract as your warm seed fills my mouth. Parting my lips, I let your warm cum run down your cock as my hand keeps moving up and down. The fresh warm lubrication helps my hand glide up and down your shaft as you pulsate slowly in my hand.

“Happy Birthday,” I say, before kissing your tip again with a wink.

NB: Written in the first person for my husband.

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12 replies
  1. ClimaXX says:

    I must say that you have the moves, Girl. A handjob / Blowjob is NOT about your husband having an orgasm. The orgasm is just the cherry on the cake. It is all about the attention given by your wife that makes it great. May I use the word, "worship" but NOT in a Godly way. But that is really what it is about. We want our wives to give total attention to the job-at-hand or, might I also say, to put your money where your mouth is!? There are very few pleasures greater for a man than when his wife gives complete focus on his cock and forgets about the dishes, and the TV, and the kids; just gives total attention to the pleasure that she can give her husband.

  2. Ben G. says:

    Great story! I love a good blowjob and I must say that this story had me hard as a rock and stroking.
    My Gina gives excellent blowjobs and knows how to push and tease me to a powerful orgasmic explosion.
    I absolutely love having my balls fondled, tickled, licked and sucked. I derive such pleasure from it.
    Thank you so very much for sharing this and God bless you.

  3. snagd says:

    Well I must say that giving oral sex to your hubby is the best birthday gift. My wife gave me a few, and only a male can know how pleasurable the sensation is of ejaculating into his woman's mouth. Well done.

  4. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Very hot. I got a birthday blowjob over the weekend. She is pretty generous with BJs but there's something special about your wife asking you on your birthday, "How would you like for me to suck your cock for your birthday?" I couldn't resist saying yes, even as I was dead tired and kind of ready for bed. She ended up giving me a stellar blowjob and inhaled every drop of cum I shot into her mouth.

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