Another Hotel Encounter

This is the first time I am writing a story, though my hubby has posted two stories earlier.

We read MH stories and got inspired by one which was about a woman who was naked in the seating area on their floor of the hotel they were visiting. I told Eric that I wanted to do this. That got him hard just thinking about it! He had one condition, though: he wanted me to be covered, not fully exposed. That seemed a bit odd to me. I mean, where is the risk in that?

But then he said, “I want you covered with lingerie and little jewelry.” He wanted my full breasts to be tightly squeezed into a lacy bra and my rear end framed by sexy panties. What a beautiful idea! It really got my juices flowing!

So as per plan, we booked a room at a four-star hotel. After we checked in, my heart started to beat faster. What if someone caught me? What if they tried to touch me? I told Eric that I was afraid I’d back out. He said he’d like me to carry out our plan even at the risk of someone catching me. To my comfort, Eric came with me out into the lobby, but at a distance.

I wore yellow lingerie with yellow stockings and black heels along with a necklace.

I left the room walking slowly, and Eric was filming me. It was 2 a.m., the middle of the night. My ass was moving up and down as I strutted for him. Then I sat on the chair in the foyer, opened my legs, and started to rub my pussy while imagining Eric’s stiff cock.

The sofa on which I was sitting dampened. I brought myself to orgasm, as we had planned. Then, as I was striding back to my room, playing to the camera, I heard two guys talking. They were the night guards, approaching from behind. I got scared and ran towards my room.

Eric stayed behind and explained to them that we were just having a little fun. Later we cracked a joke about it, wondering how much they had seen and enjoyed. But from the timing of their appearance, I don’t think they really did. We seem to have gotten away with our risky escapade! Thank the Lord!

We got in our bed and I finally got Eric’s big member inside me. I loved it! He tried two or three positions, after which we collapsed in the bed. We hugged each other and slept.

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  1. wfewtchr819 says:

    Very sexy story and love that you wanted to do this naked, there is something very special about a confident sensual woman and living out those desires. Look forward to reading what happens the next time

    • bighead says:

      Thank you… my hubby says that i look great in lingerie everytime so thats why i put the clothes on. 😂😂

      I would love if we can get more ideas from people here for the next time so that you can get another sizzling story😀😀

    • bighead says:

      It was not safe, after coming to our room i was sweating with excitement both from my body and my panties😄

  2. ClimaXX says:

    Hot! Hot! HOT!!!!!
    I am planning a scene on the beach with my wife sitting in such a way that other people on the beach cannot see what she is doing, but I will be able to make a video clip of her masturbating for my pleasure.
    There is always great excitement when there is the risk of getting caught, but you must always make that risk as small as possible.

    • bighead says:

      to be honest i wanted to enjoy the freedom outside that is why i requested my hubby to do so.

      For a moment i got really scared when guards were behind me but again it was the moment which got juices flowing

    • bighead says:

      To the MH moderator how can we provide you our picture if we want to? Is it a rule that MH moderators will put random pic?

    • Marriage Heat says:

      Yes, bighead, it is a rule at this time that images accompanying the stories have to be sourced from accounts we own. We bear the legal responsibility for ensuring we have the rights to the images we use online. We may figure out a way to allow user-owned images at a later date with an appropriate legal release and a strict policy on anonymity.

      *UPDATE: If you would like, you can suggest a photo on Shutterstock for a story you have submitted. If you'd like to provide a photo that meets our guidelines and to which you own the rights, you'd first have to submit it to Shutterstock (or Adobe Stock, with which we also have a license agreement), then add the link at the top of your post before submitting or email it to us if you've already submitted.

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