Making Her Squirt

Life after divorce isn’t easy. On one hand I am free from the source of my pain, anger, and hopelessness that enveloped me. You see, I discovered that my wife of eight years was having multiple affairs behind my back. On the other hand, I really miss being married. I miss the camaraderie with other couples, date nights, sharing travel and adventures. And also, the hot sex…

My then wife was a very petite blonde. We got married in a very religious setting but gradually grew out of that as we pursued spirituality. We were both virgins when we married and we fumbled around a lot while exploring sexuality. Initially, I could not bring her to orgasm. Terrified by the thought of being a lousy lover, I bought books on “what women want.” A lot of the problem was directly related to religious hangups about sex. But we learned together. The first time I brought her to orgasm by manual stimulation was the most amazing feeling ever! I got more pleasure from feeling and seeing her orgasm course through her than I did from cumming myself.

I remember the the heady and addictive taste of her pussy. Oral sex very soon became a favorite for both of us! Tonguing her clit and lovely labia lips while caressing her sculpted thighs, soft tummy and perky tits. That was heaven on earth. I loved feeling her pleasure build as her body stiffened and convulsed. She would grind her soaking cunt into my face, covering me with her delectable love juices!

I remember reading about female ejaculate and being enamored with the idea of doing that to my wife. I found an instructional DVD on Amazon called “The Art of Female Ejaculation”. I purchased it and we watched it together.

It took several long lovemaking sessions, but we discovered her g spot. With plenty of manual stimulation in just the right spot, she orgasmed. Then it happened. She squirted a gush of hot liquid up my arm! It was the hottest and most satisfying feeling ever for me! The more we practiced the more she squirted. We would soak several towels in a session.

I’d stimulate her g spot with several fingers while pleasuring her clit orally. Her eyes would roll back. Her legs shook and convulsed and she came hard. I was rewarded by a hot gush of cum into my mouth. I’d swallow as fast as I could but invariably it would cover us both and run down and pool around her ass. It was nothing short of delicious! I got to where I craved the taste all the time.

One of my favorite positions was when she fucked me in reverse cowgirl. Squatting over me she lowered herself down onto me. Her ample labia lips swallowed my cock and guided it to stimulate her g spot. Then she’d fuck me that way until I’d feel her g spot swell. Moments later, I’d feel her stiffen and start shaking and contracting. The hot gush of liquid would flood from her pussy. It would envelope my cock and run down my ass crack and all over my stomach. It formed a pool in my navel and soak the towels I’d lay on.

Remembering these good times with her helps stem the bitterness that wants to take over at times. I’ve been single and alone for almost three years now. I love life and pursue it with a passion. But I do dream about meeting someone to share life with again. Someone to be intimate with. Someone to explore new and exciting erotic adventures…

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7 replies
    • Bobbylee says:

      Thanks for the compliment! I would recommend the DVD "the art of female ejaculation " with Deborah Sundahl. You may be pleasantly surprised as I was!

  1. Southernheat says:

    I’m sorry about your divorce. Our God is faithful and he won’t ever waste our tears. You will be able to empathize and help others going through such a painful time. Don’t let unforgivmess and bitterness consume you and keep you from having joy in your life. This was a hot memory and a good memory you had with your wife; cherish the good memories. Praying you meet someone and begin making new and lasting memories. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. LilaY69 says:

    Making a woman squirt really is the hottest. Quite the hot image! If you make her squirt, you're doing something right to say the very least. Can't say I blame you for loving the image, even I as another woman love the image! It's definitely one of my favorite things to do, if not my favorite thing to do!

    I'm sorry to hear about your ex wife, I hope you are able to find the true one soon, and be able to enjoy making her squirt again.

    But try to focus on the positive side in the meanwhile. Definitely would love to read more about you and your ex wife.

  3. Bobbylee says:

    Thanks for the compliment! I would recommend the DVD "the art of female ejaculation " with Deborah Sundahl. You may be pleasantly surprised as I was!

    [From MH: She has several books and DVDs, some available on Amazon. Though she has been teaching on female ejaculation for decades, it might bear mentioning that she borrows from Tantric teachings. Also, some good technical articles came up on Google when we searched for the above terms.]

  4. PacMan says:

    My wife has never squirted. I’d love to do that to her, but I don’t think she would want it for herself. Maybe one day. Kudos Bobbylee on focusing on the good memories — not easy, but the best path! Yes, share more good times! [And your next woman will be pleasantly surprised by your skills!]

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