Plus-size Love

My husband and I have been married ten years, and we have a two year old son. For the past six years we have both been trying to lose weight, which has been a journey.

To make myself feel sexy, I like to get my hair done and change it up a bit. The style I got this time was making me feel sexy and not care about my belly, love handles, or whatever. This night Marcus looked over at me and said, “You look real sexy sitting over there.” I said “Really? Well, we might need to turn this TV show off and go to the bedroom.”

I went to take a shower and brushed my teeth to prepare for the wet lovemaking we were about to have. Marcus gave me the look. The one that says he was going to give it to me real good. I got wet just thinking about it. When I came out of the bathroom, the candle was lit and the mood was just right.

We both climbed in the bed and he began to kiss my lips and bite them lightly. Marcus’ big hands grabbed the side of my love handles and squeezed them, while he kissed my neck.

“Ahh baby, that feels so good” I replied.“

“I’m going to play with you tonight,” he said. He took my large JJ breast into his mouth and sucked on my nipple. Then he squeezed them both together. Then he put both nipples into his mouth and sucked on them. I moaned and squirmed and could feel the juices from my pussy getting ready for him. He sucked on them lightly. Then he licked them, twirling them with his tongue.

He looked at me and said, “I’m going to lick your pussy and make you cum.” I was so excited because he hasn’t went down on me in months. I replied, “Please, baby! You’ve got me so wet!”

Marcus took my round thighs, opened them wide, and gently licked my clit. His tongue circled my clit and pulled the juices from inside my pussy up to the top with long flat strokes. He stuck his tongue inside me and pulled it out, wiggling my clit in circular motions.

I grabbed his bald head and said, “Ahhh, babe, I’m cumming!”

Before I came, he stopped, sat up and put my thighs over his shoulders. His dick found the mark, and he rammed it into me. While he was going in with long strokes I felt his big belly slapping my belly. It was too much, and I came right on his dick. While he was still giving me deep strokes, I told him, “Fuck me hard, baby.” I felt his body tense and he came right inside me.

We held each other for a moment while his dick was still inside my pussy. I didn’t want this to end. So I rolled over on top of him and kissed him. I felt that Marcus was still hard and rode him while his dick was still inside of me. I held on to the headboard because it was banging against the wall of our bedroom. I fucked him on top for five minutes and again came on his dick. Feeling the previous cum inside my pussy felt amazing.

After it was over, I said, “Baby, you might need to take a shower instead of just wiping it off.” We both got in the shower and he let me stroke and clean his dick off. We laughed and kissed each other.

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9 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Very hot story dear! I loved the part where you continued to ride your husband after he had come and had another orgasm. I love having my husband's dick inside me for as long as possible and have done the exact same thing before.
    We do not all have "perfect" bodies. We are "real" women and obviously your husband truly loves and desires a hot REAL woman.

  2. Southernheat says:

    Great story thanks for sharing. You’re as sexy as you feel. My Husband says I’m so much sexier when I get it in my head that I’m sexy and stop looking in the mirror and criticizing myself as so many of us woman tend to do. You said how amazing it felt feeling his cum inside you, that’s so true. My biggest orgasms are usually the ones after he cums it just feels so amazing and more intense.

  3. JAM777 says:

    Awesome story!! Thank you for sharing!

    Your beauty is based on how God looks at you, not the world!
    All women are beautiful; it is the state of the heart that should truly define how we look at each other! 🙂

  4. natural_gardener says:

    Real women are beautiful creations, all types and shapes. The passion you and your husband share is an inspiring thing. Also, kudos MH on the awesome picture selections on these stories!

  5. A Better Pastime says:

    I logged on this morning because I'm feeling very horny. This was the first story I decided to open because of the title and photo (LOVE this photo btw). I ABSOLUTELY appreciate the plus size. I LOVE big pussy and big ass. The bigger the better for me personally: nothing more american you might say. I loved the part where you said "pulled the juices from inside my pussy up to the top" and "His dick found the mark, and he rammed it into me". I'm more horny now than when I started! 🙂

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