🔊“Take It Out On Me” (L) - Make Up Sex

My husband and I have a world of our own, a fantasy world with each other. We can say and do everything we want with each other and neither one of us judges. We accept the other for who they are. For us, that works in both fantasy and the real world. He is the only person in my life with whom I can be completely and utterly honest about my true sexual desires. And I am that person for him. It’s a love like no other.

We had been going through a tough time in our relationship. Life's chaos and other influences got in the way of what we once had. We were fussing and fighting more. The closeness was waning.

One day, I decided I would do what he loves the most. I was going to take charge and initiate make-up sex. We'd take all of our feelings and frustrations out on each other in an amazing sexual experience. This way, we could move on. Emotionally, we have a connection beyond belief. We are in sync with each other’s feelings and desires. It was time to get that back. We needed to start fresh and see where our sexual fantasy could take us:

He was talking with friends at an event. The room had only a few people in it and I knew it was the right time. I strode across the room towards him. With every step, my high heels clicked against the floor. He saw and was instantly turned on. His eyes ran up and down my curvy body and from the look he saw in my eyes, he knew exactly what I was doing. I was taking charge. He was trying to still talk with his friends, but I was stealing his attention.

As I drew near, I could see him getting a little nervous, swallowing hard and starting to breathe a little deeper. My hungry eyes stared into his as I slowly bit my bottom lip.

His hands were in his pockets trying to be good. He was trying hard not to touch me too soon, in front of others. As I leaned into him, slowly rubbing my hand across the outside of his pants between us, I could feel his hard cock. I pushed my breasts against his muscular chest.

Whispering in his ear I said, “Take it out on me. Fuck me if you can find me.”

He moaned in nervous excitement.

I slowly walked away, looking back only once. His gaze hadn't strayed from my body. He must have known that I was getting moist as I anticipated his joining me. When I reached my destination, I wanted so badly to start pleasuring myself, to touch my damp pussy, but I was a good girl. Instead, I took off my shoes and waited.

He knew my weakness is water and I would be headed to the pool. I could hear him walking down the sidewalk outside the six-foot privacy fence. As he entered, we didn’t speak. He locked the pool gate behind him so no one could come in and interrupt. Then he walked toward me. Our eyes locked in desperate desire for each other’s embrace.

I grabbed his belt and pulled him close, unbuckling and unzipping his pants. His hard cock came free as I got on my knees and started licking the head. I stroked it back and forth and licked and teased him. He moaned and pushed my head back toward him with each stroke. We could hear people walking by and talking in the background at times. That made us both more horny. The thought of someone figuring out we were in there and knowing what we were up to turned us on.

He stood me up and slid his hand under the hem of my black dress. It slowly, lightly massaged up my right thigh. Then his fingers crept in and explored inside my panties. He was teasing me, rubbing everywhere around my wet pussy before tickling it. My head rolled back in sweet desire. He then slipped two fingers inside me. Going in deep, they made me push up on my toes in pleasurable pain.

Quietly, I begged for more. So he leaned down to kiss me while he pushed me towards the water, my aphrodisiac. As he took us closer and closer to the edge, I pulled his green shirt up and over his head, exposing his manly thickly-haired chest.

He reciprocated by pulling my dress off of me and throwing it to the side. He feasted his eyes on my shape clad now in only black silk panties and bra. After taking his pants and shoes off, he reached around my back and unsnapped the bra. My perky breasts delighted in their exposure to the sunlight. I wanted the rest of me uncovered, so I tucked my fingers into the top of my panties and slid them down until I could kick them aside.

The light touch of his hands on my breasts made me shiver. We stood there beside the pool steps, fully nude in the perfect daylight. I was ready. He was ready. We stared hungrily into each other’s eyes, nervous but both wanting it and not fighting it anymore.

He took my hand and led me into the pool. Teasing him, I swam to the deep end. He went underwater and found his way to my pussy. He licked me under water until he had to come up for air. I did the same. I found his hard cock and balls and licked and sucked. He went back down and nibbled and bit at my pussy, making me laugh. He's good at teasing. (We like that we can laugh and have fun together during sex.)

Next, pulling me into shallower water, he picked me up and sat me on the side of the pool. I leaned back as he positioned me close to the edge. Then he spread my legs apart and, kneeling, shoved his tongue deep into my soaked pussy. I could feel his tongue deep inside of me: swirling around, moving up and down, teasing me. I shoved his head in deeper, rolling my eyes back in my head in pure pleasure. Thrusting my hips up and down, I rubbed against his face as he ate me. I was enjoying every minute of him wanting to satisfy me.

Suddenly, he stood. I gasped as his cock entered and filled me. Staring into my eyes, he saw my smile of enjoyment and smiled back. I love his smile.

With his cock still in me, he straightened up and pulled my legs around his waist. I held on tight as he lifted me up and carried me with his strong body. I could feel my pussy dripping, the juices running down all around his cock. Feeling his muscular arms around me and his hands on my ass turned me on even more. I loved him being in control now, carrying me where he wanted and desired.

He began to climb the step out of the pool, his cock still embedded inside me. He was kissing, licking, and sucking my neck. He knows that’s my favorite. Pushing me up against the pool fence, he found his balance. Once he got his feet firmly planted, he began bucking his pelvis up and down, making his cock go in and out of me. We stared deeply into one another's eyes, both whispering, “More, MORE... YES! YESSS!”

My breasts were bouncing up and down, my nipples grazing his chest. My whole body responded to his perfect rhythm and motion. His cock controlled me with every thrust and push. It felt sooo good! We never wanted it to end!

He pulled me off of him and in his deep voice commanded, “Turn around and bend over.” My body quivered in excitement. It was time. I knew he loved it from behind. I did as he asked of me and bent over, grabbing my calves. Between my knees, I could see him getting into position. He was done playing around and was ready to fuck me good. I was ready, too. I told him, ”Take it out on me. Fuck me hard now!”

He gripped my thick hips and pulled me back to him. Then he took an ass cheek in each hand, pulling them apart and lifting my ass upward. His cock eased into me slowly. He knows I am more sensitive in this position. He always makes sure I feel cared for during sex, only giving me as much as I can handle.

But as hot as he'd gotten me, I wanted it all! I told him, “Push it in. Give it to me.”

With one thrust, he shoved his cock in deep. I gasped and moaned with pleasure. Suddenly, I was being fucked like I had never been before. All I could hear was the clapping of my ass against his pelvis.

I moaned, trying not to scream, but couldn’t hold it in. I didn’t care who heard. I loved it and yelled, “Take it out on me! Fuck me!!”

“Oh my God!” he said, as he grabbed and pulled my hair back with one hand. The other was grabbing my left breast. I could feel he was almost there and I was close. Still slamming his cock in me, he fucked me perfectly. We came together, with the most satisfying orgasms we have ever known.

Our bodies were shaking as I turned around and bent down. I licked his white cum from his cock. Then he laid me down, sucking all of our sweet juices out of me. He picked me up and carried me into the pool and we collapsed on each other. Laughing and teasing, I said, “Let’s do it again.”

“You can take it out on me anytime,” he said.

We swam and laughed, flirting and enjoying our last few minutes. We knew we had to walk out of the gate at some point. But we wanted to stay there forever.

I thanked him for being him and said, “You deserve the best.”

“You are the best,” he answered.

Isn't make up sex amazing?

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  1. LilaY69 says:

    WOW! I was trying to go to bed but right at the last moment I saw your story and I couldn't resist.

    DeliciousLollipopBeauty, welcome to MarriageHeat! Your story and writing skills have made my pussy and panties so wet! Extremely hot story of you and your husband, and so beautifully written. You captured what was happening so well!

    I love this:

    "My husband and I have a world of our own, a fantasy world with each other. We can say and do everything we want with each other and neither one of us judges. We accept the other for who they are. For us, that works in both fantasy and the real world. He is the only person in my life with whom I can be completely and utterly honest about my true sexual desires. And I am that person for him. It’s a love like no other."

    ^ Ooh, can I relate. My husband and I are exactly like this also. Would love to hear more about your sexual fantasies and how it contributes to your marriage. Would also love to see you write about it in the future. We're actually having a little discussion about fantasy over at "Accidental Voyeurs in The Woods"

    Hopefully you have more stories cummin' I would be thrilled to read more of your hot writing. By the way, I have my first post cummin' soon and is not too far out. Hope you'll be here then to check it out when it does finally get published.

  2. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    I love the energy you have for each other and like a lot of us navigated a rough patch with honest communication and thought for each other's sexual needs. We're still navigating this and hopefully will be moving to something that is as honest and open to our needs as yours. Beautifully written and very stimulating.

    • snagd says:

      Did he penetrate you in your butt hole? Look me and my wife are not really into anal. It’s on that special occasions only and we make good arrangements before hand. But seeing you were so hot I don’t blame you as if he pushes his cock in. It goes much deeper than what it would in your pussy. Also I notice in the few times I ass fucked her, she cums very quickly. And just as you enjoyed it afterwards licking his cock clean, it’s one thing that drives us wild as well (if I chance not using a condom).

    • DeliciousLollipopBeauty says:

      Snagd- This story I can’t say that was the case... it’s not something I am opposed to though. Might have to write about that soon!

  3. LoveMyWife56 says:

    A wonderful and sexy story! It was so exciting to read such detail in your lovemaking. Did anyone later tell you that they knew what you were doing inside that pool fence? Hope to hear much more from you.

  4. hornyGG says:

    Very Hot story! The audio version made it extra hot. Very well done by the narrator. Just let me say if you haven't joined " Ignite " yet, you really should. You really don't want to miss out. Do you?
    Take it from GG, it is well worth it and kicks Marriage Heat up several notches. Great job and cudos to the administrators.
    God Bless and Stay Horny Always!
    ❤ Gina

  5. Southernheat says:

    Really hot story when I read this morning. However I agree with GG the audio was twice as hot! Good job MH!
    Hope to see more stories from you, DeliciousLollipopBeauty!

  6. Bjlove says:

    I’ve read your posting and as I think what the two of you do, I am not far away from doing to my husband mostly the same. He gets horny very quickly and when we get going there no strings attached. We don’t hold back for anything, although with anal we take some precaution and that I make a sign if I want it. What I like best: licking cum off his cock or swallowing a mouthful.

  7. Horny_boy says:

    OmG What a hot story!! You have no I idea how horny your story got me! I haven't masturbated for a week and I think that's the longest I've lasted ... Just look what your story made me do ,🍆💦... I really loved the way your husband fucked your pussy from behind , that was amazing , as a young guy that is a dream come true and I think for any man... Thank you for sharing and Please keep writing more !!🙌💦🍺

  8. Horny_boy says:

    Just out of curiosity , does the audio version have sex noises? I'm not a igniter yet but When she was getting fucked from behind and her ass clapping with her husband for some reason my brain just capture that sexy moment and I could heard that sexy noise in my brain and I was curious if you guys add those sexy noises ... I've been reading this site for about 6 mounts and just keep getting better !

    • MarriageHeat says:

      At this point, no. It's pretty bare bones. But your suggestions are appreciated and as more volunteers come on board to help, changes can be made.

      To everyone who's signed up, thank you! Drop us a line through the contact form with your opinions and suggestions. We love hearing from you!

    • JAM777 says:

      The female voice for this was phenomenal!! She isn't monotone at all and her voice was very soft and almost "tease-like"
      If that is a thing...?
      It was very sensual! Thank you MH!!!

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