Sideways (A)

Yet another memory comes back to me of how we tangled in a sideways position.

Snagd is my hubby. He loves to start a sex session with me facing backward so that my ass faces his cock. In no time he has an erection and I know what to expect. I normally lay still and quiet as his hands go under my panty (if I have one on). Soon his fingers are in my pussy. I don’t say a word as I close my eyes and he fingers me backward. It doesn’t take him long before he starts pampering my asshole with the head of his cock. I expect an anal penetration, but I know we only do that with the necessary lube and a condom.

All he does while rubbing his cock around my anal area is to get his pre-cum going. Once the slippery stuff starts flowing he enjoys himself a bit, and I know it’s time to suck him. I kindly ask, and he obliges as he brings his cock around to my mouth. I tease him a bit before I give him a suck to make him really hard. He then moves away and starts going down on me. His mouth gives me a lovely pussy suck, and always licks my clit. I love that as he sucks it like a penis.

He raises up, and our mouths meet, our tongues exploring with vigour. He then turns me sideways. He asks me to lift my one leg and then pushes his cock in my wet cunt. I love the way he does it! Our mouths locked together, my one leg in the air, and we have a slow fuck.

He always stops with his cock inside and our mouths clustered together. Then he starts the casual fuck, occasionally moving my body and opening my leg wider. Then, to increase my ecstasy, he inserts his finger between us and rubs my clit. I love the slow movements he makes and suddenly I start to shudder. As he feels my cum he goes a bit faster.

As I cum he cums with me, shooting his sperm right into my pussy. As I feel the hot load filling me we just embrace. I close my leg and feel his cum dripping down my leg. Sometimes to tease him, I take my finger, dip it in cum and rub it on my lips. I then taste some more, putting some on my tongue. We then kiss deeply before we untangle and fall off to sleep.

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10 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    This was hot! I got turned on reading it and couldn't help but touch my pussy as I read it. Thank you so much for sharing this darlin' and I look forward to reading more from you and Snagd about your hot love.
    Stay Horny and God bless!
    😘 GG

  2. Flying Hubby says:

    I love being able to get all parts involved. With me on my side and her legs over my hip I can be inside, use fingers and kiss all at the same time, heaven.

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