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My wife and I have been married for about 13 years. A year after our wedding we left our country to move to Cozumel Island, in the Cancun, Mexico, area. We were attracted by the possibility of warmer weather all year long. Being on a tropical island was something that my wife and I always wanted and dreamed of. Our plans to move there permanently didn’t work out. But we did spend one of the most beautiful, interesting and romantic experiences of our life.

The weather in Cozumel was beautiful. We went in October and rented a local room with a bathroom. It was very basic, but for that time, it was enough for us. One day, about two weeks after moving there, we decided that our plans would not work out and we’d have to return. But we decided that we were going to make the best of our experience there. We were going to do everything we could to have the time of our lives. So we decided to rent a car and explore the island.

The sun shone brightly and the day was perfect. We visited beaches, the Mayan ruins, the natural park, the lagoon, and all the extraordinary places that deserved a visit.  In the afternoon, when the sun was not quite as strong, we decided to stop at one of the beautiful beaches. My wife is afraid of water and doesn’t swim, so we were looking for a smooth beach on which to relax. We were also looking for a bit of seclusion. We figured that during the week there wouldn’t be many tourists or locals around, so we stopped on Playa Bonita.

We stopped the car on the side of the road, got our towels, and went to the beach. The water was like a clear emerald, beautiful and quite calm. About 200 meters out there were two ladies snorkeling in the water. We sat on our towels for a while, but then I persuaded my wife to get in the water. The beach was very smooth, with a gradual decline into the water. I think we went more than 50 meters until the water was up to our chests. She was a little scared, so we stayed close to each other. She was dressed in a full swimsuit that I still find very beautiful and sexy.

Being so close, we were touching a lot. I was trying to help her feel safe. She was facing me and at one point I started to caress her breasts through the swimsuit, then I slipped my hand underneath. We kissed, as my hand was moving along her back to her ass then up to her neck. Our kisses became deeper and more intense. My hands started to slide to her breasts again, pinching her nipples then going down to her belly to her womanhood. Eventually, my hand went around to her beautiful ass, caressing and squeezing it. At the same time, the other worked her pussy through the swimsuit fabric. The water felt so good on our bodies. Remembering the snorkeling ladies, I looked around for them. They were closer but still pretty far away. I pulled my suit off in the water.

Then my love turned around, pushing her bottom against me. My manhood had risen to its full size, straining and pushing between her buttocks as if it were about to explode. Then she put her hand behind her and started to rub my cock through my swimsuit. After some time, her hand pushed down inside my trunks to find my rod and squeeze it harder. My hands continued to caress her body. I ran my hand over her breasts again, pinching the nipples.

With her other hand, she pulled the fabric of her suit aside and started to use my manhood to rub her pussy. She was moaning gently, then she stopped for a second with my cock head resting on her pussy lips. Shifting her body, she changed the angle so that my cock slid up and into her. Her inner softness felt so good and the water was so calm and warm. I was pushing in and out, slowly so as not to be too evident.

With one of my hands, I was rubbing her clit. After a few minutes, her body shuddered and she let out a soft cry as her orgasm hit. I stopped, but she started pushing her pussy against me. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Just as I passed the point of no return she pulled off me and my cum shot out into the warm water. The strings of cum floated lazily between us as we both came down from our orgasms.

Then we looked for the ladies and found that they had passed by at some 20 meters away and were now heading to the shore. I don’t know if they saw anything but they didn’t seem to. We stayed a little longer in each other’s arms, kissing, holding each other and caressing. Then the ladies started to get excited on the shore. They had seen a crab entering a hole in the sand and they were trying to make it get out. We went over to them to help, but the crab was not going to come out.

After that, we went to our car only to find out the battery was dead. I had forgotten to turn the lights off. In the end, we stopped a truck with workers and they gave us a jump to start the engine. Then we were able to get home.

This was our story and we remember it with a lot of emotion. I think it was the most romantic love we ever made. I hope you liked it too.

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5 replies
  1. MaxLoving says:

    I've often fantasied about doing it in the water. The closest time we've ever came to that was in an outdoor hot tub several years ago on one of our anniversary outings. It was exciting to be totally naked, having sex when anyone might be looking (it was a bit secluded, but we were outside.)

    Fun story. Thank you.

    • SecondMarge says:

      I find being the one that "might" be watching more exciting than the one being watched. Although we have had sex underwater at a beach far enough from others that they could not see. My husband is far more into me being seen than I am. He often picks out clothes for me that might give others a peek.

    • Ben says:

      Beach sex is great. The water is filled with bacteria and tiny critters so I'm not sure about intercourse in the water.

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