Aerobic Workout

My wife & I are 80’s kids (born in the 60’s but love the 80’s & early 90’s). We got married in the late 80’s while the whole Aerobics/jazzercise movement was in full swing. You know the time. Bright neon colors, lycra/spandex outfits, legwarmers, and some hot sex.

There is one evening I have fond memories of all these years later. We had put the VHS jazzercise video tape into the player for a workout session. My wife was dressed in white lycra ribbed tights, black high cut leotard, wide white belt and neon pink legwarmers with no knickers. I was in black lycra bike shorts with a g-string and neon yellow tee.

We had been at it for around 20 minutes. Then the video moved from cardio to floor-based positions. My wife, who was just slightly in front of me, looked smoking hot in her leotard. It was a time (pre-kids) when her boobs were voluptuous but firm. Seeing her ass in those tights and leotard brought me to attention. She suddenly noticed I had backed off the exercise and looked back at me to see what was wrong. It was then she noticed the bulge in my bike shorts.

Without missing a beat of the music in the video, she swung around and pushed me onto my back. Her mouth went to my groin, and she started sucking my manhood through the lycra. I was rock hard by now. She rolled back my bike shorts and g-string and started sucking harder and firmer than she ever had before. More and more of me disappeared into her mouth until her lips had swallowed me right down to my pubes.

I grabbed her ass as she took my entire manhood in her mouth and throat. I partly rolled down her tights, pushed the leotard gusset to one side and went for her clit. Sucking and teasing it, I moved on to her pussy lips. By this time they were dripping in wetness. My tongue slipped in and out of her love canal as I lapped up her juices.

She was trying to pull more and more of me into her mouth, but I was as far down her throat as I could be. My body tensed as I shot my load of cum. Squirt after squirt flowed down her throat. Then she exploded as my tongue moved between her clit and deep into her love canal. It worked her G-spot, wallowing in that warm musky taste I love. We finished licking up each other’s juices and embraced. Our tongues intertwined as we shared our ejaculates with one another.

The workout video still had about five minutes left. That meant we had some more time for fun! She looked amazing in the doggie position in her workout gear, so it was time to enter her from behind. My still-hard cock slipped into her as I caressed her breast through the lycra. We went faster and faster in time with the music until we both exploded again, collapsing after our ‘workout’ session. Then we turned off the VCR and headed to the shower for a spa treatment. After that, it was off to bed for some more cuddle time.

God gave me an amazing woman! I am so blessed to be married to her.

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  1. Happy Husband says:

    If you are from the 60's and can still keep it hard enough to enter your wife from behind after you have already cum, more power to you! I love the story. I love it when I get to eat my wife's sweaty pussy!

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