I Didn’t Know You Could Do That ~ Ignite Giveaway 2020 Winner

I stand at the top of a long staircase, nude. The themed room we are staying in is exquisite; The Taj Mahal. Statues, murals, pictures, and regalia all look amazing and authentic. The walls resemble white marble. I am in the loft area with a large bed behind me, a comfortable chair to my side. My wife is downstairs getting ready. I’ve anticipated this getaway; my wife has promised me an experience I would not forget. This room is one we’ve long wanted to book. The doors open onto the staircase rising to this loft, with hallways on either side of it that lead to the jetted tub, bathroom, and shower.

All of a sudden, the lights dim as if twilight has come. I see her turn the corner wearing a long, flowing, see-through red outfit. She looks up at me and makes eye contact as she starts to ascend the stairs.

Bounce. Her breasts catch my attention as her right leg slides out of the outfit to take the next stair.

Bounce. My heart flutters as her soft globes jiggle again when she steps. She is gorgeous, confident, sexy, and all mine.

She slowly, regally makes her way up the stairs, holding eye contact. She has me hypnotized; I can’t look away. Eyes, tits, legs: her body is a work of art moving in motion with my heartbeat.

I feel excited, something my stiffening shaft makes obvious. I never expected to be so worked up by watching her walk up the stairs.

Bounce. She is almost to me.

I want her to keep walking up those stairs, but I also want her in my arms now. The lacy red material holds her breasts in just enough and pushes them up. Long red tassels almost reach the ground giving it the appearance of a dress, but as she moves, and her soft beautiful legs part the long fringe, making its true nature evident. I see a red thong through the material, barely big enough to cover her lips and exposing her soft, cleanly shaven mound.

Bounce. I watch as her cleavage stops shimmying in front of my eyes, and my cock goes to full erection. She stands in front of me in all her glory. This is her slave girl outfit, and she wants to play.

“Turn around, girl.”

“Yes, master,” she says with a smile. Slowly she spins, her ass coming into view as well as her perfect back and shoulders. With her back toward me, she glances over her shoulder. “Is this acceptable?”

“It will do for now. Get on the bed,” I command.

She walks past me, brushing her breasts against me as she follows my direction. She knows how to seduce me. When she gets to the bed, she glances back over her shoulder and leans down, sticking her ass out at me.

Mmm, I love that view. Smack. I spank her ass, leaving it stinging, then grab her hips to pull her bottom against my firm arousal.

She wiggles against me, pretending she wants to get away but just exciting me more. She breaks free and crawls away from me on the bed, shaking her ass at me as she does. Leaning forward, she gives me a full view of her rear end and mound barely covered by the thong. The spot of wetness I see forming there tells me that she is getting excited too. I walk over to the side of the bed and give her a deep and passionate kiss.

She remembers her role and protests. “You cannot make me love you.”

“It looks like you need to be taught a lesson,” I reply. I open the bag she packed and see she brought everything. “I guess I need to restrain you.” I pull out the padded wrist straps and attach them to each of her arms, securing them over her head. She loves to be in control, but being restrained excites her, too.

I kiss her passionately again, and our tongues intertwine. My lips travel down her body as I nibble her ear and canoodling her neck, stopping to bite where her shoulder starts. I kiss down her shoulder, pushing the shoulder straps down a little as I do. My mouth then follows the sheer material down. My lips caress her collar bone, then the rise of her breast. I kiss and lick the mound on top and down to her sternum, burying my face in her ample cleavage.

Then I kiss my way up to the peak and move the material out of the way. Having exposed her nipple, I beginning to kiss and lick it. The nipple gets hard in my mouth. I suck gently at first and am rewarded with a moan of pleasure. Then I suck harder, and her moans intensify. Soon I’m sucking as hard as I can, taking as much of her large boob into my mouth as I can.

“Oh, bite it,” she whispers, breaking character.

That excites me as she usually doesn’t like biting on her nipples, so I nibble, suck, and bite. I can feel her breast get more firm with her arousal. Then I move to the other side and repeat but start out rough this time.

She squirms and protests, telling me I can’t do this to her.

“That is barely the beginning,” I promise. I then move to the packed bag again and look through, finding the ball gag. I slide the ball gag in her mouth, attaching it around her head. It will make kissing hard, but I know how having her mouth wide open arouses her. I return to her breasts for good measure, making sure both nipples are fully aroused.

“Now my slave, I will teach you what true pleasure is.” I move down between her legs, kissing slowly up her thighs and pausing to inhale when I reach her thong. She is so fragrant. I kiss around the edges of her thong, then grab the inside of her thighs, pulling them apart and spreading her labia.

She moans. She doesn’t like it when I open her up without inserting something, but she is empty, for now.

I kiss the soft material of her thong repeatedly, pressing my face, nose, and chin against her to find her clit and labia. I can feel the moistness of the cloth. Finally, I slide a finger under the edge of the crotch and push it over. My face poises inches from her sex.

She can feel the warmth of my breath and anticipates my tongue or fingers any second. When I wait, then move away, she looks at me with disappointment. She looks so hot laying there, gown all around her, panties pushed aside revealing her mound, gagged and handcuffed.

I decide she needs something else, and grab the silk cloth from the bag, then wrap it softly around her face, covering her eyes. Then, to build the tension, I take a feather and tickle her neck, breast, thigh, arms. As I alternate between the feather and light touches of my hand, I’m slowly driving her crazy. I kiss her neck, making her arch in surprised pleasure. She doesn’t know what to expect or where.

I return to her exposed slit. First, the feather traces her labia, over her clit, and down to her anus before trailing back up her thigh. When she moans at that, I play there for a while. I notice that her responses come as I tickle where her leg begins, halfway up her thigh, and at the back of her knee. As I move across to the other leg, I see her juices shining between her legs. I switch to my fingers, touching and letting her enjoy greater contact with her mound, labia, and clitoris. The wetness gets spread all around her lower lips. That will make it feel and taste even better when I tease her with my tongue. She really squirms when I rub her clit.

I can’t take any more of the teasing and bury my face between her legs. Oh, her juices are delicious. I lick from bottom to top, pressing her button and sliding my nose and tongue between her labia. It tastes so good. I latch onto her clitoris and suck, flicking my tongue around it as she squirms on the bed.

Remembering the toy bag again, I reach over and search for something to use. I grab the thick see-through dildo and oil it up. I can tell she is anxiously squirming on the bed, not knowing what is coming. (She is!) This toy is not long, but thick; that’s what she likes about it. All pretense of the roleplay gone, I remove the handcuffs in case she wants to help. Then I settle myself beside and partially over her so that I can lick her clit while working the toy. I watch up close while I press the thick toy head against her beautiful pussy.

She squeezes and resists at first, but it pops inside her, causing her to cry out in pleasure. By now, she has removed her gag and blindfold. Looking over, she sees my large dick by her face and decides to take it in her mouth while I work her.

I press the toy inside her, then pull it out while I lick her clitoris. I can see by the streaks of her juices on the toy just how excited she is. She gets louder as I work, her moans around my cock confirming her arousal. It is now a race to see who can make the other cum first. I’m deep in her mouth and her pussy. While I work her and she sucks me, I feel like I am going to explode. But knowing she doesn’t like for me to cum in her mouth, I hold back with all I have.

She dangles me over a cliff, not allowing me to fall, and I hold on for all I’m worth. Just as I feel I can’t hold my orgasm off any longer, she gives in. Finally, she shakes, squeezes her thighs together, and pulls her mouth off my dick as she comes. Her orgasm is evident by her juices gushing out of her pussy and how loud she has gotten. Moans and cries fill the air, and she pulls away from me, pushing the toy out of her pussy with her clenching vaginal muscles. It is covered in her creamy goodness.

Normally, she jumps on me at this point allowing me to finish, but not tonight. Tonight she is done being submissive; she knows what she wants and is taking it. She has promised me something and is intent on showing me.

First, she has me put on a cock ring, causing my dick to swell and get more rigid. Then, she makes me sit up behind her with my legs spread and uses me as a backrest as she snuggles her ass against my aching member. She sits spread-eagle with me behind her. As she slides her thong down, I like how it seems to stick to her pussy as she removes it. She asks me to reach around her and play with her body, grab her tits, and rub her pussy. Meanwhile, my wife reaches into the bag and pulls out some Make Me Cum sensitivity cream and rubs it on her clit, then playfully adds some to her nipples.

I start to rub her clit while she grabs at her breasts. The slavegirl outfit is getting too restrictive, so she pulls it down off her breasts. She grips and massages her huge tits, while I rub her pussy.

While sliding my fingers in and out of her, I see the discarded dildo and grab it. I press the still wet head against her dripping hole, and it goes in easily. Her pussy squeezes it once it’s it, and I can’t budge it until she lets me. I focus on rubbing her clit while she holds the toy still with her Kegels and massages her boobs. When my finger gets dry, I push it inside beside the phallus and spread the wetness around more.

After only a few minutes, she is panting heavily. She loosens up her muscles, and I start to work the thick shaft in and out of her. In no time, she is approaching orgasm again. She wraps her legs around mine to give her more leverage. She lets go of one tit, and grabs the toy from me, working it to a rhythm that I couldn’t quite get right.

Spread-eagle with me behind her, she is almost there. I feel her ass pressed against my cock, her legs entwined with mine. With her breast in one hand and her soaking pussy in the other, I still don’t have enough of her and kiss her neck passionately. My hand rubs her clit vigorously while she quickly pumps the toy.

All of a sudden, her body goes rigid, and she presses forcefully against me. I hold her tight to keep her from jumping off the bed and missing her orgasm. She cries out, deep and loud, I know this orgasm is like no other. She pulls the toy out of her with a loud slurping noise. I feel my hand get very wet, and she pushes it away.

She arches her back, pointing her pussy up a bit, and then I see a spray of her juices in front of her. She convulses and squirts all over as I stare in amazement. Her cum showers the bed; the whole experience is a feast for my senses. I can’t believe what I just saw. Her pussy is slick from her pleasure. I haven’t cum yet, but most of her back is slick with my semen. She presses her knees together, and I hold her tight. I slide my aching dick against her back since I am still highly aroused, and it feels so good rubbing it against her.

Sweat and her juices glistening on her body, she asks me, “How was that?”

“It amazed me,” I tell her. “My balls feel like they are going to explode.”

As I am still basking in the amazing beauty of it, she forcefully jumps on me, pushing me over. She has to have me in her. Her sopping wet pussy slides over my solid rod, and she rides me hard. I feel that wall I put up shatter, and a stream of cum shoots out of me. Waves of pleasure hit me as stream after stream fills her up. I keep coming. It feels like it won’t end. I grunt and call out as I lose control.

My cock stays hard because of the ring, and she keeps going, riding me as long as she can. All of a sudden, I feel her pussy muscles contract on me, and we crumple into a heap on the bed. We are exhausted, covered in sweat, and our mixed love so we decide to have a bath, then enjoy cheesecake and sparkling apple cider before we go to sleep—or repeat our experience.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Great story kdsjeff! We have a similar place where we live. The themed hotels are awesome for role playing. I wrote up a role play and my wife loved it. I read it to her on the way. She’s usually fairly conservative but at times she has one of those days/nights… where she is roaring to go. Our role play at the themed hotel… for our anniversary… led to multiple love making times. Like you two at one point the role play was abandoned but the intense loving was not. We made love in the afternoon… in the evening… and she surprised me the next morning wanting more! A few months later she told me that it was the best sex memory she had. (Up to that point in our marriage).
    I highly recommend themed rooms. Maybe I’ll dig that role play out to submit to M. H. Our stay at the themed resort happened before we’d discovered M. H. By the way, we’ve been back to stay in different themed rooms!

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