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As I think back on the 46 years of our marriage—and before that, to the six years of courtship—I remember these acts of intimacy that have enriched our lives together.  I remember, in no particular order, these times when we could enjoy the gift of sexuality that God has given us:

On our wedding night, we went out to dinner at a nice ocean-front restaurant.  I wore a very revealing, low-cut halter-top dress with no bra.  I got very excited thinking of what we were going to be doing after dinner.  Finally, we returned to our hotel room. Once we got into bed, I remember thinking, “Wow.  After all this time we are actually fucking.  Cock-in-pussy fucking. This is awesome!  This is what it’s all about!”

I remember the time I wore a skin-tight, form-revealing top without a bra, bouncing along beside you as we walked through the amusement park.  (This was in the ‘70s, and I wasn’t the only braless young woman walking around the park that day.)  You can read about it here

Our two short honeymoons and the great time after we returned home when I first learned how to work my pussy on his cock and take charge.  (Read about that here.)

The first time he saw my tits; he was almost worshipful, so gentle, enjoying fondling and licking them.

Then there was the summer I wore a tiny bikini to the beach almost every day.  When we fucked cowgirl-style, my tan lines revealed just how little of my tits the suit had covered.  It was like I was wearing an invisible bikini, revealing all.

Oh, and the first time he came in my mouth. What a great climax to an intimate time together. I still enjoy that today!

There was this hot make-out session on the living room sofa that got out of hand and we went all the way. (I wrote about that, too.)

Once we were vacationing with a group of friends and snuck back into the motel room in the middle of the day. We had a great 69 session and came together.

The time I wore a semi-sheer top out to the movies.  He told me later that, in just the right light, he could clearly see my braless tits through the sheer fabric, and he loved it!

The first time I tried to masturbate, I had a hard time. Eventually, I became so horny and frustrated that I woke him next to me in bed, and begged him to fuck me.  He gallantly offered to help. He had me watch as he jacked off, then he encouraged me to try again. As he watched and coached, I was finally successful!!  THEN he fucked me! Since that time, he often suggests that I make myself cum as we start a love-making session.

On a trip to France, I went topless on the beach for the first time.  The first day, I was shy and nervous but by the third, the top came off without a moment’s thought.

I love the memories of the first time I sucked his cock, the first time he licked my pussy, and the first time we did 69. We still love 69 today.  There’s a story about one recent session of ours here.

We spent an afternoon on the beach and as we got ready to leave, I slipped on a skimpy tank top over my bikini. Then I reached under the top and pulled off the bikini top.  He couldn’t help but stare at me letting my nipples show through the thin fabric. It’s so fun to do that to him.

One time, I took off my top and exposed myself on the hotel balcony. (That story is here.)

We took a three-week-long summer driving vacation through some adjacent states, staying a variety of places and visiting friends and family. I had just lost several pounds and my figure was in great shape if I do say so myself! I didn’t even pack a bra. Every day, I gave him the pleasure of looking at me and he always got “that look” in his eyes.

Many times, we’ve engaged in role-playing. We pretend we are virgin teenagers who start making out, then continue to explore each other’s body until we ultimately fuck. (That tale is here.)  Or he’ll be a photographer taking my boudoir photos, and things get overexposed. Another favorite is that I awaken in a dark room where a faceless stranger enters, licks my pussy, fucks me, and leaves without a word being spoken. I never know who it was.  (Here is the link to that one.)  Or there’s the one where I am an “experienced” young woman who picks up a shy, innocent guy on the beach. I take him back to my place and have my way with him.

I still remember the first time he fucked me with my legs up on his shoulders.  Not only does this position put his cock right up against my G-spot, but he has more freedom of movement, being able to take longer strokes in and out. As a bonus, this gives him a great view of his cock moving in and out of my pussy, which he enjoys. (For additional bonus points, when we fuck this way in our RV, the cabinets over the bed are at the perfect height for me to place my feet and brace my legs, making for an even better experience.)

I love thinking about the time I gave him a blow job while we were driving home from a high school football game. (Story here.)

The house/condo we had a few years ago had a hot tub just outside the master bedroom. Just about every evening we would shed all our clothes and sit in it. While it was visible from the adjacent greenbelt, there were no walkways nearby, and people in this area were limited to the occasional morning gardener. Many evenings, our hot tub sessions ended with some cock-sucking, cunt licking, and/or girl-on-top fucking.  I miss that house!

He has a fantasy of being a teenager meeting a slutty girl who wants to get laid. We have an entire drawer in our dresser devoted to “play clothes,” sexy outfits that would be outrageous to wear in public. It includes things like super-short skirts, see-through tops, silky panties, and sexy, slinky dresses. When he is looking for some loving, he selects an outfit and lays it out. I get the hint; I put on the outfit then proceed to seduce him. Works every time!  (Sometimes he simply opens the drawer, and I get to select what I want to wear to draw him in.)

Many times, we’d go out to dinner and I would wear a “restaurant skirt”—you know, one so short that when I sit down the only way to remain modest is to have a large dinner napkin in my lap. We both really enjoyed those occasions.

Once we drove across the country. One day, in the middle of nowhere, I removed my panties and started fingering my pussy. Just as I got going, my phone rang—it was my sister. After a few pleasantries, I continued to pleasure myself, murmuring the occasional, “Uh-huh” into the phone. I soon came. Twice. My sister was none the wiser. And he, as he continued to drive, seemed to enjoy the show.

Sometimes we would be on vacation or a business trip to a large city.  In our hotel room, we loved leaving the drapes wide open the whole time and still do. If someone in an adjacent high-rise hotel or office building could see us, who cares?

He once encouraged me to get a topless suntan.  There was no place for this at our little apartment, but a few blocks away, my mother had a fairly private backyard. I went over with a book to read to give it a try.  After about an hour, as I was enjoying the sun on my bare boobs, suddenly I heard someone approaching up the walk. There my husband stood, peering over the fence at me! While I could not be seen from the street, he knew I was there, and by walking up the walk to the gate, he could easily see over the fence!  So could anyone else! (But they didn’t.)

The time we fucked in the hotel Jacuzzi, with people milling around!  (You can read about it here.)

Any of you remember similar things?  Tell us your stories!

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4 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    This is AWESOME! Not just for the beautiful recounting of your wonderful and exciting life together (which would be enough to make it awesome) but for the encouragement it give to the rest of us, and also for the idea it provides. My wife and I are approaching 30 years of exciting marriage, and we have often spent time reminiscing about our passionate and intimate experiences. And our new found enjoyment of reading MarriageHeat has brought back even more memories. I’m going to suggest to her that we each write something like this to each other, not necessarily for posting (but who knows, maybe). I love how it’s not an attempt to create a complete chronology of your marriage, nor give extensive details of each memory (although I’m eager to follow those links), but just writing down the encounters that come to mind. Thank you again for writing and for your loving, passionate marriage. We have no intention nor indication of slowing down our sex life (quite the opposite is what we’re experiencing), but we need to have others going before us, encouraging us, and showing us that a God-given love, lived as He designed it to be, does not ever fade.

  2. Tulsa says:

    Over 40 years of 'experience' here, and we reminisce often. Nothing like going back & forth, with "do you remember that time…." to get us both all heated up!
    Last conversation like this we had, was out in the back yard, talking about many of those funny things that have happened during sex. Ended up naked in the back yard, and we made a new memory! I hope the picnic table enjoyed it!

  3. tdx30 says:

    Loved the walk down erotic road and memory lane. You are an inspiration to all younger couples that sexual adventures and escapades have no expiration dates. I am going to click the links you posted and enjoy each adventure. In so many ways your marriage resembles ours. The main difference however is that Mistress S. demands more of my flesh be showing than hers while enjoying beach and cruise vacations. And, that says a lot since she enjoys revealing a lot of her beautiful skin on the top decks of certain cruise lines where topless is required. Lord willing, you have many more years ahead to keep enjoying the wonderful gift of uninhibited sexual pleasures and romps the Father above enjoys watching. After all, he created us with these amazing drives and I am so glad that Mistress and I have only had each other as sexual partners. The Father knew exactly how these drives of ours find maximum intensity and pleasure by keeping them in the fireplace of married monogamy. Keep stoking those flames.

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