Husbands and single males, if you are sipping on your morning coffee as you read this, may I suggest that you put your cup down. Don’t want you sputtering out a mouthful on your lappy as you read on!

I’m curious about one of your closest relationships: you and your best friend, your penis.

You’re inseparable! Wherever you go, he goes. Wherever he goes, you either eagerly follow wholeheartedly for all the fun, or jam the brakes on and get him under control BIG-time. You hang together. You grew up together, and you’re navigating your life together. You can’t even pee without some manhandling going on between you both!

What’s it like having your dick right there? All the time? You’ve grown so used to it at rest inside your undies that you can “forget” it’s there and get on with your day. But I’d like for you to have a think about all the aspects that you might usually just take for granted.

What was it like growing up with your cock? What are some sensations that feel so good, or others you’ve learned to train or even ignore?

I’m sure that marriage has developed your relationship with your cock even more, and that your wives have also hopefully pursued their own relationship with your cock too, so there is now a great deal of understanding between you three. After all, it’s love me, love my cock, isn’t it!

We can’t forget about your balls either, can we? How could you live without having a little bit of a scratch down there first thing in the morning! I know they’re in that package that I’ll be loving to playfully squeeze to get my man’s juices going. How’s life with your balls, fellas?

Something I do know is that you have your package lying either to the right or left when you have trousers on. I’d love to hear the sayings for that. How does your tailor ask? Is it painful or just uncomfortable if your tackle ends up on the wrong side? The things women think about, haha!

Please take a little time to give me some idea of how it feels to be a cock-owner. I’d love to understand how it is for all you cock-wranglers, so say g’day and let me know! I want more edumacation, please 😊😎🤗

And let’s hear from the ladies too about your relationship with your pussy, and with your husband’s cock. Maybe some ladies have a burning question. Now’s the perfect time to ask, so come on, join in the fun!


A bit about me… I’m Cuddles from Australia. I’ve been an avid fan of Marriage Heat for about a year now. I guess you could say MH rescued me when I “accidentally” found myself here, thank God!

You see, I underwent a sexual awakening but didn’t really understand what was happening to me, and I didn’t know anyone who was sex-positive who I could talk with. Now, after perusing lots of stories in the archives, and enjoying all the latest stories for the past twelve months, plus reading so many stimulating comments, I can happily say that my sex education is well underway and very much in hand! I’ve undergone so much of a transformation that it’s hard to believe I’m the same person. I’ve come a long way, and I’m proud to say that I have a small stable of three toys that live in a shoebox on my bed. Yes, my Magic Wand fits cornerways snug as a bug in a rug!

I can’t speak highly enough of the MH community. I have always felt safe, even if I was being confronted by uninhibited ideas or behavior, which was pushing my boundaries at the same time. Let me say there’s been a lot of that seeing as my husband and I didn’t even talk about sex. We did get a little adventurous in the bedroom but never discussed it.

I’m so grateful to my Heavenly Father for bringing me here. I actually feel like a precious nurtured one, as I’m currently finalizing my divorce and live alone, making me one of a group of singles who are also sex-positive and waiting for their special someone to come along.

Cuddles xxxx

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  1. Waiting Hardly says:

    Mr. Happy, as I like to call him, is a lot like some of the friends I had in high school and the military; Lots of fun to have around, but don’t let him make decisions for you.
    He and I have been through a lot together. From potty training, to puberty, to marriage, and to single life. There will always be the memory of that first unintentional time where something felt very nice and suddenly, for the first time, cum came bursting forth. This was followed by exploration of what else would feel good and create a repeat performance. He was excited about marriage, and helped me decide who should be my bride when she was the first to take him into her mouth. He was fortunate to have chosen correctly that one time.
    I do owe him a debt of gratitude for the vital role he played in the creation of my children. Couldn’t have done it without him!
    With proper training he has remained a loyal partner later in life when carpal tunnel is the only STD to worry about. But even now, we know the rule. Wrong head for making decisions.

  2. lovemyhotwife says:

    What a great post, Cuddles! I have to admit, my penis changed position quite drastically while reading this post!
    Your point of view and questions bring me back to when I was a young boy, probably 10, and was first starting to discover my manhood. I remember being so happy when I noticed I was growing a bush!

    I remember being in this exact frame of mind when I first discovered masturbation. I was in the shower, discovering my penis and balls while the hot water ran down me. I remember marveling about how cool having a dick and balls was. I got an erection and I remember thinking 'What can I do next?'. I began absent-mindedly stroking my penis and playing with my balls when all of a sudden it felt reaaaally good and cum shot out of me. Instantly I knew that was all I wanted in life!

    From then on I was very aware of my penis as I walked around throughout the day. I noticed it leans to the right and changes size depending on whether I was cold or warm, exercising or resting. I began to get random erections throughout the day, and having to tuck it up into the waistband of my underwear if class was ending and I had to get up and walk around with an erection.

    I absolutely love being nude, and the more time I spend with my penis swinging freely, the better in my opinion.

  3. hornyGG says:

    Great post! Gave me a laugh. But I have been curious about that as well and have fantasized about what it would be like to have one as well. Maybe I can get my husband Ben to chime in on this tonight. Though I think he will tell you that he has a close and personal relationship with his dick. 😉😁

  4. ILoveMarriage says:

    Hey Cuddles–

    Yeah, we guys really like our dicks. And we aren't bashful. On our honeymoon I was like "hey babe, check this thing out!"

    To bad most women don't feel that way about their pussies. Maybe it is because we have to handle it several times a day.

    "What are some sensations that feel so good, or others you've learned to train or even ignore?" I don't remember ever not getting erections. I think even babies get them. They feel great. I masturbated for the first time when I was 13, and been pretty much a daily or more often thing until I got married. My wife is generous, but sometimes she needs a break. And if I NEVER masturbated, I would miss it. Don't get me wrong. Sex is 100 times better, but jacking off once in a while is fun too. I usually do it in the presence of my wife.

    A woman receiving pleasure from her vulva is not as easy and automatic or UNAVOIDABLE as it is for us guys, so maybe that's another reason why women tend not to appreciate their pussies as much.

    I never tried to avoid any feelings. But sometimes we get obvious hard-ons in public which is embarrassing. If you see a guy with a hand in his pocket … :-). Only when I was dating my wife was I comfortable not trying to hide it.

    "Something I do know is that you have your package lying either to the right or left when you have trousers on. I'd love to hear the sayings for that. How does your tailor ask? Is it painful or just uncomfortable if your tackle ends up on the wrong side? The things women think about, haha!" Not sure I follow your question. If we're lying down or laying back, like the guy in the picture — not fully erect, it could flop either way, or straight back towards our belly button. It will hang straight down if we aren't erect. If a guy is fully erect, naturally it will point straight forward or left or right a few degrees, and up a maybe 30-45 degrees. But in pants, unless they are very loose and lightweight, it will be uncomfortable, and it could go anywhere.

    Balls–they don't feel as nice as our dick, but I play with mine a little, and love it when my wife tea-bags me. The first time she did it, it felt way better than I would have thought. Maybe they are like nipples on guys. You sort of have to train them to get max pleasure. They are also quite prone to pain from injury. I'm sure you know that, but you have NO IDEA how much they can hurt!

  5. 1956packard says:

    I was a loner in elementary & junior high school. Because of this , I was picked on & felt inadequate between my legs. One day after soccer practice, while I was a freshman , a bully started picking on me . He kept at it , daring me to “ drop my drawers “. I finally said “ that does it ! “ and I did it ! He had a surprised look on his face ! My coach walked by and said “ you’re a stud ! “. I knew I was an earlier bloomer , ( I was 6ft tall in 5th grade & began masterbating around the same time ) , but that day was a turning point in my sexual development.

  6. Prince of Denmark says:

    I grew up with the belief that masturbation was a deadly sin. It even seemed to be implied that having a penis might somehow be sinful. Very confusing to say the least. When I was 20, I masturbated for the first time. I was so afraid and tense that it took me about 45 minutes of stroking until I finally came. At long last, my cum absolutely rocketed, going into my face and shooting against the wall. I had no idea what was going on and was in complete shock. I lived in a conservative college dorm and had to make my way to the shared washroom covered in my semen with my head spinning. I was disoriented and dizzy, thinking that I would faint. I blasted myself in a cold water shower and regained my senses. The experience was one of the landmarks in my personal and sexual development but I continued to live with a lot of sexual confusion and anxiety. It took me a long time to make peace with my cock and embrace the goodness of sex. Now I masturbate everyday and nothing brings me more joy than to cum all over my wife's tits and tummy. Rarely a day goes by that I don't masturbate and I let go of the guilt and confusion a long time ago.

    • SecondMarge says:

      It’s a shame that so many of us were raised that sex was a bad thing and keeping us in the dark was the accepted plan.

  7. Ben G. says:

    My wife Gina ( GG ) told me about your post and comment.
    I love my cock and have grown very attached to it, or rather it to me. I am not one to boast about it's size, for size is irrelevant in the bonds of marriage in my opinion.
    I discovered the joy of masturbation and orgasm purely by accident. I was home alone and had taken my clothes off. I got a thrill out of walking around the house naked ( now I am a nudist. Go figure!). It was not unusual for the excitement of it to give me and erection. On this particular afternoon I was in my bed and began to touch my erection. I had touched it before and like the way it felt but this would be different. I began to rub my stiff cock and it felt really good to me. A clear fluid leaked from my cockhead ( didn't know what precum was at the time). I continued rubbing my cock and began to feel funny, It was a feeling that I had never felt before and it literally took my breath away. My cock start to swell and throb as a milky fluid shot from the head. It was the most incredible feeling that I had ever felt.
    Afterwards I became scared. I thought I had done something wrong and might have to go to the doctor. But I liked that feeling and wanted to do it again. Which I did later that night. Later I learned that what I had experienced was an ejaculation and the feeling was called an orgasm and was perfectly normal . And what I had done was called " masturbation ". Since then I have enjoyed my cock through masturbation and sex with my beautiful wife.
    So as my wife said in a previous comment here, yes I do have a close and personal relationship with my dick.
    Sorry for the long comment! God bless and be safe.

  8. jasonrose says:

    Cuddles: My relationship with my penis (I prefer cock) has been one of a variety of mostly pleasant experiences, sensations and pleasures throughout my life, although there have been some difficulties as well. Over the years, my relationship has grown (pun only partially intended) from being all about getting off for my pleasure to recognizing that my cock is an important part of my union with my wife and exists to provide life-giving seed as well pleasure and satisfaction to both of us.

    I first learned that touching my cock felt good when I was about 10 years old. When I was 12, my first “girlfriend” touched my crotch through my clothes while we on a school field trip. She was obviously way more experienced than me, as at first I didn’t know what she was doing. It felt good and I got an instant erection, but I was scared and not ready for that. We broke up soon thereafter.

    Not long after this, however, I found the pleasure of masturbating to orgasm. My first orgasm through touching myself was a new and exciting experience. As a teen, I tried different ways to pleasure my cock to find out what felt best. At this early stage in my sexuality, I had erections all the time and liked to touch my hard cock regularly. Over my life I have continued to masturbate – sometimes more frequently than others – and have long passed any guilt over doing so.

    I was in high school when a girl first touched my erection with my permission. I must admit that I didn’t have the self-control to avoid sexual activity, but as a teenager that activity was limited to my steady and I mutually touching each other’s genitals to orgasm. The sensation of my cock being touched by a girl felt great.
    Thereafter, the different sensations and pleasures that I received through my cock continued through my introduction to oral sex and then intercourse. Each felt different and better. The first time my wife touched my cock with her hand, and her mouth and then let me enter her are all etched in my memory as sacred and intimate milestones of our relationship and my cock’s relationship with her.

    Along with the pleasures came periodic guilt, embarrassments, and challenges at time. I had to learn that my cock did not rule my life and having it be pleasured for my satisfaction was not the object of my life or my relationship with my wife. Instead, my sexual appetites and my cock are for the mutual pleasure of my wife and me and part of our life-creating love life given to us by God. As a younger man, I would get erections often, including at some inappropriate times, and was often too focused on getting off. As a married husband, I had to deal with premature ejaculation at times, which was depressing for both my wife and me. My wife also at times felt inadequate when I masturbated, even as our sex life was active.

    There were also occasional accidents and injuries, like the time when my wife and I were newlyweds and fooled around at her parent’s house. Because there wasn’t a lot of privacy and we were horny, we started making out in her childhood bathroom. One thing led to another and soon my hard cock was inside of her doggie-style over the bathroom vanity. Everything felt great until on one particularly robust out-thrust my cock came all the way out and did not reenter my wife’s vagina on the down thrust. Instead it slammed into the vanity. Ouch!!!
    As an older man, I now deal with periodic instances when my erections are slow to rise or are not as hard as I would like. But with these new challenges come experience with how to use my cock to pleasure my wife in ways that bring her to orgasm more frequently then when we were younger. With this experience and my wife’s now longstanding but still developing relationship with my cock, I also have come to enjoy more and more stimulation to my scrotum and balls and perineum. Stimulation of these sensitive areas in addition to my cock bring me great pleasure now.

    Even after all these years, I still like my cock and enjoy touching it and having it touched by my wife. My cock’s most pleasurable and best experience, however, remains orgasming inside of my wife as she climaxes around me.

    By the way, my cock is of average size, hangs left and prefers my pants to be loose in the crotch to minimize constriction.

  9. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Well well, how often does a guy get to talk about his cock, let alone another person asking about it? Let's say it is one of my best friends, but his mind is always on pussy. I think what amazes me (and my wife too) is the fact that it can change in size, sometimes dramatically. I had never heard the expression before, but a friend said to me just the other day, "Some guys are growers, others are showers". I'm a grower. I'm average in girth and length when erect. But I'll never forget the time I went to pee when I was sick and it was very cold out, I pulled my underwear down and found my cock was like only an inch long. Most guys would be embarrassed to admit that, but hey, it happens sometimes. In my pants or naked I will hang to my right. When erect it stands up at an angle and the tip curves inwards towards my belly button, when ragingly erect almost straight up, but as I get older the angle seems to wane a bit. Most of the time I don't consciously think about it's presence, but sometimes, sitting in the car or even in church, a slight bit of fullness can make it uncomfortable and an adjustment is necessary. Most recently, I began shaving the pubes at the request of my wife. I did it once years ago, but didn't keep it up. I also did last summer for a few months but let it grow for winter. For the last month I have be shaving every day or so and it is glorious. At first last summer, having shaved, I became VERY aware of the hairless feeling in my shorts. Sitting, walking, whatever, I was constantly distracted by the very nice sensations of being hairless. I masturbated more as a result. I would even pull it out and stroke it while driving. After awhile though I became somewhat used to the feelings, but they are not all gone. I especially like seeing my erection when hairless, it looks soo much longer, and even though I know it doesn't really matter what the length is, it still gives a boost to the ego that it looks longer!

  10. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Forgot to say, when I masturbated for the first time I had no idea what was going on and I thought I was going to pee myself or something. I thought I was having a heart attack and that I would pass out. I was in my bed with the lights out, age 12 or 13, and after the "surge" died down and I realized I wasn't dead, I discovered my tummy was all wet from some sticky stuff and it wasn't pee. Since it was sticky, I thought it was blood. Maybe I broke me penis or something. When I turned on the light and saw that it was creamy looking, that was very puzzling, but I felt an overall sense of relaxation so I just went to sleep. That started my love affair with masturbation. Even though I felt guilty about accompanying fantasies, I couldn't stop masturbating. As an adult, I don't let it guilt me anymore and I look forward to a good rub down. 😉

  11. BillAnthony says:

    I’ve enjoyed playing with my erect penis back as far as I can remember – from when I was age 5 or 6. So I suppose I’ve always been horny.

    I was 13 the first time I experienced an orgasm. Although I had read a lot about sex, I had never realized or even imagined what an orgasm was! All that I had known up until that time was that it was thrilling to be sexually excited. I enjoyed the sexual excitement that I experienced by looking at magazines of naked women, reading porn, or just fantasizing about girls and women. I never imagined there was such a thing as sexual “relief” or satisfaction.

    So I was 13 and home alone on my parents’ bed reading some of their porn. I was lying on my stomach instinctively humping the smooth cool bed sheets. The sensation I was enjoying kept feeling better and better so I kept going. All of a sudden incredibly ecstatic waves of intense pleasure exploded throughout my body! The same time this was happening, my young erect penis throbbed squirting a thick milky white substance all over the sheets. I had NO idea what had just happened and was afraid that I had just hurt myself! I quickly cleaned up the mess.

    And I’ve been “hurting myself” ever since!

    I obviously learned later that what I had experienced was my first orgasm, and I quickly became a chronic masturbator.

    Men’s penises come in basically two varieties – showers and growers. Mine is a grower ranging from about two inches when flaccid to about six inches when erect.

    Although I don’t shave my pubic hair above my cock, I do regularly shave my balls.

    I was looking forward to reading some comments from women describing their relationships with their pussies.

  12. Beachlover Guy says:

    What a great topic for questions! I've always enjoyed my cock, but I discovered masturbation purely by accident when I was younger in the bathtub. At first, I squeezed the head of my cock and felt a pleasurable rush that caused me to jerk back in the tub. Later on, I graduated to the familiar stroking of the shaft which produced my first cumshot. I was fascinated and hooked. I dated much later and I didn't remain a virgin long. Now, I wish I'd waited for marriage, but I didn't. My sexual awakening came in stages and I remember each vividly; first time a woman touched my cock, first handjob, first blowjob, first time a woman swallowed my cum, first time in a pussy, and the first time I came between tits. Between all of that, I perfected my masturbation technique so that I could catch my cum in a tissue and dispose of it. I became comfortable with my cock's size (average length, and a bit on the thick side) and my confidence grew. I've been married twice and my current wife loves the way my cock appears when both soft and hard. We're nudists too, so having it out there for all to see is normal to me, although not when erect, of course. Still, I love the sight of it and I feel it's one of God's blessings to us men, and to our wives.

  13. LovingMan says:

    I had the normal penis discovery experiences that many men mentioned here… both youthful discoveries and aging discoveries.

    My more unique experience is that, in my first marriage, my then-wife kind of berated my penis size. She also became abusive and unfaithful, so eventually, I left and I got the kids in the divorce.

    After a few years, I re-married and my new wife was kind and loving. She enjoyed my size, but I just assumed that I was smaller than average. I didn’t think about my size much anymore because my wife was so kind and our sex life was excellent. If I did think about it, I still assumed that I was below average in size, but my wife didn’t care.

    Then a few years ago I got curious and looked up penis size online. There are a lot of sites that quote several studies. A couple of sites said how to measure your size in both flaccid and erect conditions. One sight even had a “dick size calculator.”

    To my big surprise (pun intended) I was considerably above average. In fact, I was somewhere between the 92nd to 98th percentile, depending on which study you read. I was seriously surprised. I had felt needlessly concerned.

    There are also many studies that show that wives are far less concerned with their husband’s penis size than their husbands are. I realize that how I treat my wife and how she treats me is far more important than how big my erection is.

    So my message to wives: VBe kind to your husband. He’s possibly oversensitive to his penis size. Knowing that you love him and are fine with his size etc. is comforting to him.

    My message to men: "Stop worrying about your size. Worry about how you treat each other in your marriage. Or just do your part to treat your wife well.

    As a former abused husband, I’ll say to both men and women that you don’t have to put up with abuse.

  14. SecondMarge says:

    I never knew guys had such pride in their cocks until I joined an online sharing of similar experiences. I found men used a picture of their favorite thing as a calling card. A way to say hello on the private message function.

    It’s also interesting that women do not have a similar relationship with their pussies. But many do with their boobs. Not sure why it works out that way.

    • SinglePringle says:

      Probably the same reason why guys have pride in their penises. Penises and boobs are external to the body. They stick out so naturally men become very comfortable with their penises and women with their boobs.

      Vaginas are internal. The fact that we have to use a mirror to see them provides some sort of detachment – like it's a foreign part of our body. Thus when we look at them for the first time, it feels alien to us. Women aren't able to form that bond naturally. Even when I masturbate, I don't look at my vagina because I honestly find it pretty unattractive to look at. I did try this a couple of times and honestly it was a massive turn off for me. When a guy masturbates, he has to look at his penis to make sure that the cum doesn't go everywhere and then clean it off.Women don't need to stare at their vagina when they clean it, wipe down or pee but men do when completing all of these activities. Therefore men form much more of a bond with their penises because they spend more time "exposed" to it in comparison to women with their vaginas.

      That's my two cents on the matter but I'd be interested to hear other peoples thought too.

    • A Better Pastime says:

      @SinglePringle I think that your articulation is spot-on. Your analysis and observations are brilliant critical thinking. They bring a thought to my own mind: as men, we also have pride in our cum. We get to see the cum as it spews forth. We get to observe its color and consistency (hopefully pure-white and billowy). We measure the distance we spurt: hopefully (at least) 3 to 5 feet on average. We count how many times we can spurt in a single orgasm; hopefully 3-5 on average. We try to assess the overall "load" or amount; hopefully, it fills (to the brim) the cupped area of the palm of our hand. We get to cum on all sorts of things, with the thought picture here of directing our cum on a woman's boobs, her ass, her pussy; and we get to see it on each of those as we are cumming. Depending on the couple, we also get to see our cum ooze out from the vagina. Given that God made men as more visual than relational, the fact that we can see our penis (and all that breaks forth from it) seems to stand to reason. I love your input on this one, SinglePringle, as I would have never considered any of your conclusion; nor would have I ever thought this in-depth about the male relationship to his cum.

    • SinglePringle says:

      @A Better Pastime – Thank you so much for your kind words! I must give some credit to @SecondMarge though since if she hadn't made the correlation between penises and boobs, I wouldn't have come to the conclusion I wrote below. It was also interesting for me to reflect on my personal relationship with both parts of my body since there have been times I can stare at my boobs for a while in the mirror but I don't feel the same way to do that with my vagina.

      A very interesting insight into cum as well actually. I had no idea men had that much pride in their cum either. But it also makes sense why men would take it so personally if their wife was to spit out their cum in disgust after oral sex, for example. It's like a massive trample on a man's pride. Again for women, when we cum, it's just like more pre-cum, there isn't a difference. Also you don't really know it's happened unless you touch yourself down there. So there's nothing there to "feel proud about". Everything's so internal which I guess is why women tend to focus on the emotional side of sex and men the physical side of things.

      That's not to say women aren't visual too. I feel like sometimes I'm in a minority with that one though as I have had issues with porn, hentai and manwha (korean porn comics) in the past and the prospect of my husband jacking off in front of me excites me to bits.

      But I'm very happy that I could contribute positively to this discussion and thank you so much for your insight as well!

    • Beachlover Guy says:

      @ A Better Pastime: You described a large volume of cum, and I was impressed. Even in my younger days I was never able to get it to shoot 3-5 feet. I think 2 feet is as much as I could manage, and it was never more than what I estimated to be a few tablespoons when I collected it in my hands. I can fill my wife's pussy or, if I'm masturbating, make an impressive pool on my stomach. Have you always produced so much cum? Any other guys care to weigh in with details about the usual size of their loads?

    • A Better Pastime says:


      I prefraced each "measurement" with "hopefully", as in something to aspire to. I take it that you've never "hit the headboard" with your shot? To "hit the headboard" means that your "load" (from a missionary position) shot beyond the top of your wife's head and, literally, "hit the headboard": a.k.a that 3-5 foot distance. All the measurements that I'd provided were from my late teens to my mid-thirties mark; I do not hit those measurements now…no. That said, I can come close if not hit those marks if I am very diligent in my desired routine of the following:

      – Drink 64 ounces of water a day
      – Eat a high-fiber breakfast (every day!)
      – Take daily multi-vitamin
      – Don't smoke
      – A bike ride 3 – 5 days a week that includes a mile-long incline, or a spin class 3 – 5 times a week
      – A leg workout at least 2 times a week that includes focused time on sets of squats
      – Sit Ups 6 days a week
      – 5-10 sets of 20 to 30 Kegels 7 days a week
      – Edging for a solid 5-10 minutes 6 days a week: DO NOT shoot your load in these sessions
      – Save your load for 6 days and let it go on day 7 after at least 30 minutes of intense arousal

      If you do these things, then you too can achieve these measurements with ease: just takes discipline.

      It's like they say: use it or loose it…no truer statement!

      Hope that helps you!

    • SecondMarge says:

      They have tested hundreds of men for their volume of cum. Despite erotic stories talk of gallons of cum, all men shoot just under a tablespoon give or take a few drops. It can go down with age. Spitting contests, peeing contests and how far you can shoot your cum contests: men and the issue of distance is funny to me, as women have nothing comparable. Never read of a woman claiming her lactating breast shot milk 6 feet and took a guy's eye out. Of course, greater distance almost never has a benefit as far as pleasure goes. Maybe this new phenomenon of women squirting when we cum might start it. How about it, guys? If an erotic story had a woman claim when she came she squirted gallons across the 12-foot room and covered the wall, would that turn you on? Then again, everything turns a man on. lol

      [From MH: Actually, in over 1900 samples collected by the World Health Organization (WHO) to establish the "fertile" parameters for the global male population, the range of volume was from 1.2-7.6 mL (¼ tsp – 1½ Tbsp). These are the 2.5 centile and the 97.5 centile for the group sampled, so of the 1941 samples, 48 were less than 1.2 mL and 48 higher than 7.6 mL. The WHO states, "the large range in values observed in each group of men likely reflects biological variation." The samples analyzed for the entire study came from men age 18-53 (though only 10 were over 45) from eight countries on three continents who had fathered a child within 12 months of unprotected intercourse, and so are thought to represent the range for fertile men worldwide. As in all things science and medical, "healthy" can include a wide variance in values and does not always equal optimal, just functional. We only know of one report on ejaculatory distance, published by Masters & Johnson in their 1966 book, *Human Sexual Response*. They indicated that "the younger male" could deposit semen 12-24 inches from the tip of the penis, men over 50 averaged 6-12 inches. (p. 253) Thanks for the fun research project.]

  15. hornyGG says:

    Interesting insight, Second Marge and Single Pringle and I do agree. Myself personally, I feel I have a nice relationship with my pussy as well as my boobs. For a long time I had an issue with my boobs because I always felt they were kinda small, kinda like some men feel about their dicks. But I have learned to accept and love my breasts as I have my entire body. Since becoming a nudist, my love of my body has enhanced greatly.
    ❤ GG

    • Beachlover Guy says:

      @GG: I agree that being a nudist allows a person to appreciate their body more and to be comfortable being nude around others. I was nervous my first time at a nude beach but quickly became used to the sensation, and I wished I'd started sooner. That's a common feeling, from what other nudists have told me as well. I'm so used it to now that I'm usually nude at home, but it's much more enjoyable being nude outdoors in the sun and warm air. It's nice to know that you and your hubby love the nudist lifestyle as well!

    • SecondMarge says:

      I don’t have much experience with being nude in front of others. But I agree that as nervous I was at first, other people made me more not less comfortable. But maybe my most surprising observation was the people with the least traditionally attractive bodies seemed to be most comfortable being nude. I also think many “protest too much” that there is nothing sexual about being nude with others or that claim “only my spouse’s body turns me on.” Then again we all tell little white lies sometimes.

    • ILoveSex says:

      Hi GG! Please share more about your new empty nest nudist lifestyle! I love your stories! Do you and Ben get naked as soon as you step in the door? Do you stay naked if your grown kids are visiting? (or would that be too embarrassing for you?). Hey, we all have the same parts and the human body is a beautiful thing and nothing to be ashamed of! I think we all need to get over our "hang ups" (myself included–I'm a full figured gal, which my hubby loves, and my boobs are asymmetrical, which hubby says are totally normal! He LOVES my big uneven tits!! Hey, it's variety, right? 😊) and learn to love the body we have and not be so self conscious. Maybe your adult kids will follow suit and embrace nudism too. Have you had any friends strip down too, when they come over? Do you masturbate more often since you're always naked? Or have sex more frequently? Are you still planning a nudist vacation once things settle down with this nasty corona virus? My hubby would love for us to go to a nude resort. Anyway, please share more!! Blessed Holy Week to you all!

  16. A Better Pastime says:

    I'd like to know what the ladies think of the "package" in the photo on this posted story. Can the ladies here on MH give their thoughts about this photo for the men on the site? BTW, and following SinglePringle on this one again, what do women think when they see a "nice" package? Package meaning a man's "cock-n-balls" NOT uncovered, but covered. Think of the stereotype of the UPS guy shorts, here.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Great comments by all that followed me.

      My reaction to the picture and real-life views of a man’s clothes-covered erection depends on who he is and the situation. Sometimes it’s mainly embarrassed and little turned on. Sometimes my nipples “talk” to pussy. The worst is when my nipples let an inappropriate male know that I am enjoying the view. After all, it’s an automatic reaction. It never bothered me when a sexy girl turned my husband's head. He allowed me the same.

      Which leads me to the point that woman are visual as well. We just were told we weren’t.

      Kudos to all the pictures of hot guys and gals. I enjoy them all.

    • SinglePringle says:

      @A Better Pastime – My first thought when I see pictures like the one here is normally to think about if the guy's uncomfortable, if it's in relation to this picture. I think because as a woman there's nothing sticking out down there I always wonder about how that feels. To me, in this picture, the guy seems pretty well-endowed so I wonder if he's a grow-er or a show-er so to speak (but again this may not be true as I've never seen a penis up close in real life so I have no idea really).

      Now I'll be honest, in real life, I've glanced at a guy's crotch to see if it would spark a reaction in me and it never has for some reason. I think I have to be really into the guy so that seeing the outline of their cock would spark a reaction in me. Since I know nothing about the guy, it doesn't turn me on at all. So I think again most women need that emotional connection or spark to elicit a sexual reaction. This is probably where the fact that "men are more visual than women" comes from. Men tend to be easily turned on from very little physically but that's not to say that women can't be easily turned on either, buttressing @SecondMarge's point. Women, though, typically need a situation that turns them on, which is why things like erotica tend to be more popular with women (although this site does prove that men like erotica just as much!)

      However, I do think sexual experience comes into play a bit. As someone who's never had sex or even kissed/held hands with a guy, a lot of this is mental guesswork. I have no real idea of how a penis works in real life – only from what I've read and seen. Once you've crossed that barrier and had sex with someone, I feel like pictures like the one above would be much more likely to spark a sexual reaction because a woman who's had sex knows what that cock can potentially do.

      I hate using cars and sex but they do help explain things in situations like this. When I was younger and my parents would drive me around, I just saw cars as a mode of transportation: basic and not that interesting. They didn't excite me. But after learning to drive, whenever I go for a drive, it excites me because I understand how it works personally. I feel a sense of achievement that I can get a car to go from A – B. Similarly, a woman who's had sex has seen firsthand what her body can do. She's been able to make a man go from flaccid to fully erect and then cum. That attached to the picture would probably generate excitement and arousal. At least it would for men anyway. lol

    • Cuddles says:

      I think that photo is Sexy As! Love that his package is covered up but evident at the same time. It adds to the mystique of the whole thing. I just wanna feel him up!

      You can't half tell that it's getting harder (pun intended) to wait for my new man can you lol!

      As for a nice package, I just don't notice them. Reason being, when I was newly sexually awakened I wanted to check out everything that was breathing and upright, but I didn't know how to do it surreptitiously, having never learned the art when I was young. At the shopping centre, stationed at a good purving post, my eyes would be darting around all over the place trying not to miss a thing. I was doing a lousy job of it though and I knew I was being obvious.

      I even asked my adult sons how they did it. What were their tricks of the trade so to speak? They weren't much help, most likely due to their being in shock because
      their once prim and proper but now raunchy mother is hitting them with sex questions out of the blue, the shock rattling their brains so that they can't think straight lol.

      So, instead of being arrested for deviant behaviour, I stopped checking out the local scenery, and now I don't even think about it.

      I won't have any problems like that after I get married though. I'll be checking him out all the time at home and I'm sure he won't mind. Then there's his nice ass to squeeze as well. Bliss!

      Cuddles xxxx

    • A Better Pastime says:

      @SinglePringle You are a natural student of the human mind; you have a deep scientific orientation and express thought/behavior relationships which are specific to the different sexes in a logically outlined manner. A career as a "Clinical Psychologist" is in the center of your wheelhouse.

  17. BillAnthony says:

    SinglePringle, I’m so sorry that you feel your pussy is unattractive! I hope your man helps you appreciate the beauty of your vagina! Like cocks, all pussies look different. I personally feel they are ALL beautiful – shaved or hairy! Personally I prefer a woman with pubic hair. It kind of adds an element of “forbiddeness” to that sacred part of her body. There are so many styles of pubic hair that you can display for your own and your partner’s pleasure. And there's NOTHING better than the holy union of a couple’s pussy and cock. Seeing my white cum oozing from my lady’s well-screwed cunt is a gorgeous sight.

    • SinglePringle says:

      @BillAnthony, that's alright. Hopefully he will. I think as I mentioned in my comment to @A Better Pastime, probably once I have sex, I'll understand how amazing the vagina can be. At the moment my amazement only stems from the fact that it can give me an orgasm. The rest of the month, I don't give it much attention apart from when I'm on my period.

      I definitely understand that all pussies and cocks look different, but even in general, I've never really liked how vaginas look for some reason. With cocks, it depends; some do look nicer than others. But I would hope that by the time I get married, the love for my husband will ensure that I find his penis attractive. And I would hope that he finds my vagina also attractive.

      However, I do find shaved vaginas a little bit odd, I'll admit. For personal reasons, I'm pretty against the whole shaving thing and plan to mainly keep mine trimmed but in it's natural format once I'm married. But it's early days yet – that may change, who knows?!

  18. Cuddles says:

    Well what a discussion we've had even so far! I'm amazed, and impressed I might add, with the detail that you've given and the questions that are coming up.

    Something that's common to nearly all of you is being basically clueless during puberty, and then for most of you to be torn emotionally between guilt and pleasure with a bit of shame thrown in on you for good measure.

    Thankfully God has been kind and loving, bringing you all into a peaceful but pleasurable relationship with your best friend 😊

    I've certainly learned a lot and also have much more understanding of what it's like to be a cock-owner. What an education I'm receiving!

    My thanks to all the MH men and women who have been so generous with their time, experience/s, thoughts, openness, insight, and for making it comfortable and easy to talk about all this stuff.

    Thank you everyone 🤗🤗🤗

    Cuddles xxxx

  19. Johny123 says:

    I’d never paid much attention to my penis until I was 13 and discovered masturbation. Boys at school had been talking about masturbation; I’d been enjoying getting erections and had discovered fingering my erect penis felt nice but hadn’t had an orgasm.

    Then one summer night at age 13, I was laying on my bed naked fingering my erect penis and somehow got the tugging, stroking action just right. I still remember thinking “this feels really good.” Then suddenly the most incredible pleasure swelled up in my penis, my shaft became really hard in my hand, then POW! In a massive pulse of pleasure, white creamy semen spurted up my chest. I knew instantly I’d masturbated and felt a mile high knowing I was now initiated into that mystery.

    I had a good relationship with my penis for years of singleness after that, discovering all the delicious things my hands and other things could do with it. I explored masturbation techniques and perfected my masturbation skills, learning how to hold back, edging and things like that. But always, I was longing to use my penis for the purpose it was intended for.

    The next big change in my relationship with my penis came the morning after my wedding. I stood naked in front of my new wife as she lay nude on our marital bed, displaying the naked breasts, legs, bottom and bush of pubic hair I’d only dreamed of and craved for so long, now for my sole pleasure. I had the stiffest, most vertical erection I’d ever had and unexpectedly felt quite embarrassed displaying it to her.

    But moments later all embarrassment was gone forever as we were on our bed naked together. Her light hand closed around my so-hungry penis for the first time ever time, my hand cupped over the furry mound between her thighs, her long smooth legs wrapped around me and her soft breasts squeezed against me. Then for the next hour or so of our wedding morning, my ever-faithful penis experienced exquisite pleasures I had only ever dreamed of in fantasies unrepeatable here.

    And years after that, she’s still helping me discover new things my penis can do!

  20. BBT says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve never actually commented or posted any stores here on MH but have enjoyed reading for quite some time.

    I wanted to give my input on this topic, from a females perspective.

    I feel as though I have a GREAT relationship with my pussy. Like many others I started noticing I liked looking at, touching and feeling her when I was around 12 or 13. As I got older I began to explore more, fingering, clitoral stimulation, etc. I have also always loved my breasts. I’ve always been heavier chested and as a young girl I was self-conscious but behind closed doors, I loved looking at them and stimulating my nipples. I’ve always enjoyed using a mirror to look at and admire my pussy during masturbation; a lot of the time, I’ll start with the mirror then get lost in the moment. I love being nude at home, I love feeling the air against my breasts and allowing my pussy to “breathe”. I get turned on seeing my neatly trimmed bush while being nude. I also get turned in seeing it in the mirror. Also regarding masturbation and orgasm, I remember one time specifically I was with my husband and he was pleasuring me manually and orally to get me off before it was his turn 😉 He was gazing at my pussy, about 12-16 inches away and I remember as he got closer and blew on my pussy lips, he slowly backed away and I squirted right on his face. I had never done that before and felt a little self-conscious but saw how amazed and turned on he was that I didn’t care, and it was game on from that moment.

    So again, I love the relationship with my bare body and I hope other women do too. Love yourself and be loved, everyone.

    • Beachlover Guy says:

      What a beautiful description of how you learned about self-love, and how you learned to appreciate your body! I love how you described the feeling of air on your bare skin and how that felt on your nipples and pussy too. I began going nude at home when I was in my 20s and I also enjoyed masturbating while watching my body in a mirror. I learned how to "edge" and tease the sensitive head of my cock to produce pre-cum, but back off before I came, and later spurt while watching in a mirror. Thank you again for your post and enjoy your nudity!

  21. 1blessedman says:

    Mr.Happy and the boys have always been good friends. They do occasionally get in the way when climbing over something or riding a bicycle. But, most of the time they are good neighbors. Love it when Mr.Happy hangs low, though if working, I prefer he remain tightly bundled. Grooming is required of these guys and the landscape stays neatly trimmed while the boys get a shave now and again. The shave facilitates a closeness with the heat and wetness of Mrs. Happy. Mr. Happy is directly connected to the ears, eyes and nipples. Touch the nipps and he springs into action. Tease and tweak them and he throbs with excitement. And, drools profusely! Hanging out with the guys and keeping one hand on, for safety of course, is just a guy thing. The ladies should try it. Just hang out with your man and hold his guys while watching that movie, driving down the highway, swinging on the front porch…..just about anywhere except for church….lol. While I enjoy how I was created, there is nothing better than having the wife work her magic!

  22. MedSunset69 says:

    To understand a man's relationship with his cock is to realize that the there is no correlation in reality between the actual size of his cock and the way his cock FEELs to him. When aroused his cock always feels impossibly huge. This is particularly true when he dreams. Erotic dreams are extremely common to him and waking up with a rock hard cock is very normal. These dreams will often focus on the way his cock feels…which will be immense. In these dreams his cock feels like it is the size of the cocks in hentai erotic animation. He is immensely proud of his cock. Size probably matters more to him than it does to his wife. This is my experience with my cock at least. Men do you agree?

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