How to Squirt?

Hello all you amazing MH couples and singles. I’ve been reading your stories and advice articles for about a month now and thoroughly enjoying every single word. I just introduced my wife of 25 years to MH yesterday, and what a night we had last night! We are both excited about how our sex life is going to grow, thanks in no small part to the MH community.

One of the things I have longed to explore with my wife is helping her to experience squirting. We bought a DVD by Deborah Sundal about female ejaculation about 14 years ago and watched it together once, but we never went any further than that. At that time, our boys were six and two years old and took up most of our time. However, now that they are older and around the house less, we might have more alone time to practice.

So,  I am turning to all of you MH experts, for advice. Those of you that are able to experience this erotic release, can you please give me some guidance on what to do for my wife? And I would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom you can give to my wife to help. I look forward with much enthusiasm to practicing this with my wife. Thanks to you all in advance. And God Bless!

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  1. hornyGG says:

    I don't squirt often and when I do, I have to be really worked up sexually. I have found that g-spot stimulation really helps. I generally can squirt after a prolonged masturbation session or when my husband Ben is fingering me while he eats my pussy. For me squirting orgasms are very intense because I am usually so worked up sexually. Anyway, hope this helps! Let me just say that all women are not the same. What works for one may not work for another. Some may never experience a " squirting orgasm " and some may have trouble orgasming at all. It's all in how our bodies are wired.
    Do not put pressure on each other about her having a " squirting orgasm " for it can take the joy out of the love you make.
    Stay horny!
    ❤❤ GG

  2. Southernheat says:

    We've been married 33 years and I just started to squirt about three years ago. It’s usually after I’ve had an orgasm or two and I’m really excited I’m swollen and wet and most important so relaxed and totally into the moment that it happens. Usually happens most and more intense if he’s fingering my gspot for a while then he moves his hands deeper to my Aspot. I will squirt if he raises the foot of the bed or puts the wedge under my pelvis to raise me up so when he’s on top and thrusting he hits my G-Spot. He loves that, when I get his balls wet. Just don’t focus on it, for it can just happen if your totally aroused. Also there is a guy named Jason Julius who has a program called Blueprint to Female Orgasm. It’s not porn. It’s info with techniques to help a woman squirt and have full body orgasms. I have not purchased the program but I have watched some of his YouTube stuff.

  3. SecondMarge says:

    I’ve read it has something to do with g-spot stimulations and I forgot to stand in line to get one of those. Not certain I would want to squirt but you made it sound fun. I will remain in the huge majority that never has squirted.

  4. AlwaysReady says:

    My wife squirts, although not regularly. I will say, it comes with relaxation, and she has to be TOTALLY into it and not embarrassed or the least bit shy about it at the moment. I will say, she's had more intense orgasms at times without squirting than with, so squirting doesn't always equate level 10 orgasm!

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