Homegrown Pleasure

While we were raising our children we felt like it was God’s will to make them a high priority, even to the extent that our relationship with each other as a couple took second place. We were careful not to allow any damage to our marriage, but to some degree our growth as a couple was put on hold until our last child went away to college. It was a bit of a sacrifice, but we think it paid off and we are proud of the godly people our children have become as adults. We made that choice in hopes that we would have more time to focus on each other when we reached the “empty nest” stage of life.

During the summer when the last one was getting ready to leave for college I had a garden in our back yard. That year I had an abundant crop of many things, but especially tomatoes and zucchini.

One evening after our kids had gone back to college Kathy and I were sitting on the sofa in the living room. Taking advantage of the “no kids at home” stage of life we were starting to be intentional about spending time together, cuddling, and making love. This time, before we even started to cuddle Kathy noticed that my shorts were doing little to hide my huge erection. She asked what I was thinking about that had made me so turned on.

I was a little embarrassed to tell her and I wanted to get the mood right first, so before I answered I drew us into some kissing and caressing. After a few minutes I explained, “I just brought in some zucchini from the garden. One of them was just the size of my cock, and my mind took off on a fantasy of sliding it into you. As you can tell, that mental image of seeing that dark green zucchini in you – it was a huge turn-on for me!”

Kathy didn’t say anything in response, but our kissing and caressing suddenly moved to a much more passionate level. We started to remove each other’s clothing and I knew that intercourse was only a few minutes away. And I knew with my cock so big and hard it was going to be a good one for both of us!

By this time we had moved to the carpet in the living room and our clothing was all off, scattered on the sofa where we had tossed it as it came off. Then Kathy said something I never expected her to say, “I think you should go get that zucchini.”

I practically ran to the kitchen, quickly washed the one I’d fantasized about, and came back holding it in front of me for her to see.

We resumed kissing at a passionate level and then I asked her, “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

She responded, “I am, I want it as much as you do.”

I located the veggie that I had laid on the floor beside us and gently began to stroke her pussy lips with it. When it first touched her she flinched. I thought maybe she was having a change of heart, but instead she quickly explained, “It’s cold, but I like that. It feels good.”

So I continued to tease her slit with it, and in response she spread her legs wider and began to gently thrust against it. It was clear she was ready to have it inside.

By now she was very wet, so it slid in easily. She moaned as the cold shaft filled her. I almost came right then – the sight of that dark green rod spreading her pink pussy was so incredibly wonderful!

I would have enjoyed playing that way even longer, but after a few minutes she begged, “It feels so good, but it’s cold. I need your hot cock in me now!”

That was an invitation I couldn’t resist. I slid the zucchini out and filled its place with my hard and throbbing tool. Her vagina did feel a little cool – an unusual but good feeling. I was so aroused that I couldn’t last long. I began to pound into her and she was moaning, “Yes, yes, yes, give it to me. I want it hard!”

After I came, we stayed there on the living room floor for a long time, wrapped in each other’s arms. We were aware in a new way that this “empty nest” phase had some benefits, and we were going to be making up for lost time in our lovemaking.

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24 replies
    • Bighuged says:

      So you do use a cucumber at times? How is the sensation and feeling of a cucumber compared to that of a dildo or something of similar length and girth?

    • Mercury7 says:

      Thanks for your comment Marge. I have always appreciated your words on this site and the good perspective you bring to discussions here.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Thanks Mercury7 for the kind words. Wasn’t that John Glenn’s space capsule?

      Bighuged I guess there is something organic about a living dildo. Cucumbers come in a variety of length and girths.

    • Mercury7 says:

      Second Marge, I also would have said Mercury 7 was the name of the spacecraft. I looked it up to check, and actually it was the name given to the group of the first 7 astronauts to go into space: Glen, Carpenter, etc. I grew up during the era of those launches and was a big follower of those missions.

  1. LovingMan says:

    We’ve been empty nesters for several years now. It is an awesome stage of married life! Your story is a blast to read!
    My wife and I have both found it to be incredibly sexy and helpful to slide a vibrator inside her love tunnel. I have surprised her with other things too. (See my Ignite story “Mesozoic Massage”). By the way. . . Sometimes being empty nesters you can both hang around Nude. A member of our church’s congregation surprised me one Sunday (he & his wife were empty nesters). He surprised me by calling this phase of life the “clothing optional” phase.

    • Mercury7 says:

      Thanks, LM, for your comments, and for pointing me to your Mesozoic story. You have a very good writing style. I especially like how you weave in scientific details, as well as highlighting the spiritual relationship that is the foundation for your sexual relationship. When I did a search, that was the only story that came up from you. I hope you plan to write more here.

  2. 1blessedman says:

    Super hot fun! I love my children and enjoy their company, but empty nests have advantages! Fruit and veggies have had their place in our exploratory love making. Bananas, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, etc. The hot/cool aspect is something my wife likes also. She has a glass dildo and we can warm it or cool it as she desires. And, there is a wonderful sight as she or I insert the clear and blue pyrex pleasure into her pink wetness! Thanks for sharing your veggies!

    • Mercury7 says:

      I appreciate your comments, 1Blessed, and your references to some of your own activities. As much as I like having intercourse, I'm with you that the sight of the zucchini sliding into her is such a visual delight!!

    • Mercury7 says:

      Thanks for your vote of approval, KA. I appreciate your frequent and very insightful comments on this site.

    • Mercury7 says:

      Thanks for your response, ILM. Why is it that you prefer cucumbers? Larger diameter? The slightly rough texture?

  3. hornyGG says:

    Really hot story! I enjoyed it. Funny, my dad used to plant a huge garden every year. Tomatoes, squash, corn, peas, beans and yes cucumbers. I can honestly say that I never considered fucking one. Of course I didn't own a vibrator till after I was married.
    Oh, the fun I obviously missed out on! 😉😄 Stay Horny!

    • Mercury7 says:

      Thanks, hGG. Your frequent posts here are always very honest and open, and you add a lot to the value of this site. Thanks for all you put into making this a good place to come to find good things to read!

  4. Alicia G. M. says:

    Cucumbers are awesome! I have used a couple before to help me get off. I have two vibrators that I use now. Awesome hot story!
    Been a while since I have been on MH, except under my mom's sign in. But I'm back! Got alot of catching up to do!!!!

  5. Mtstreetdoc says:

    I have wondered if the texture of corn with the multiple kernels wouldn’t work incredibly. I mean condoms are “ribbed for your pleasure”; why not veggies?

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