Erotic Photo Session

Julie and I are approaching our third anniversary.  As a way to celebrate, we are considering booking a session with an erotic boudoir photographer. We both think this would be a lot of fun—and would LOVE to have the pictures afterward!

In our search for the ideal photographer, we have noticed that there are a variety of styles. Some are more suggestive, while others are more explicit. My question to the MH community is: how would you feel about doing something like this?  Have you ever done an erotic photo session? How explicit would you be comfortable going with such photos? Any ideas for us to consider?

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  1. hornyGG says:

    I did it! It was fun and hot. A friend of mine who is a photographer took the pictures. I was very nervous at first, but she was very professional and I soon relaxed and let go. Ben loves the photo album I made for him and still jacks to it occasionally. I say go for it! The long term enjoyment you get from the photos will be well worth it. God bless and stay horny!

    • Chloe says:

      GG, I would love to hear more about your photoshoot! Did you end up getting totally naked? Did you do some more explicit shots? Did you get turned on and end up masturbating while she clicked away? Please share more. We always love hearing from you! Hugs!

  2. wfewtchr819 says:

    This is a very tantalizing subject that I would love to explore. I guess the direction would depend on the level of security felt. I may have to bring this up to my lovely wife.

  3. Tangosierra says:

    I am a photographer and have done tons of them. I would highly suggest finding one that you both feel comfortable with. Especially your wife. You will buy the photos that SHE feels she looks the best in. To do that, she has to feel sexy, wanted, desired… But not objectified. (generally speaking, of course). Find one who will give you the photos, and at least a limited copyright release, so you can print your own photos.
    Good luck, and I hope you are thrilled with your decision!

  4. Waiting Hardly says:

    A whole lot depends on who the photographer is! Also, who has rights to all pictures afterward. Since married sexuality is not only beautiful but commanded by God, there should be only the limits of what you as a couple want to record for memories later in life. As long as the photographer has the integrity not to keep any copies, and you can trust them on that, the sky is the limit! Look back later in life to see that funny orgasm face, or how you used to look physically.

  5. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    This sounds wonderful. We have never done this but the thought is now so intriguing. All we’ve done is stuff (albeit very explicit) with our own camera but the thought of professional photos is so exhilarating! Will talk with my wife about this. I think she would love it.

    • YoungCouple69 says:

      Yes–we have tried taking some ourselves too, but have overall been disappointed in the quality and variety. Having professional erotic photos taken sounds like fun to us too!

  6. Suzyzz says:

    Greg and I did go a similar route. However, we tried it a couple of times with video cameras connected to the TV to see the outcome. Sad to say, it was not what we expected, so most of it didn’t come out as we anticipated. So we discussed the idea of someone more professional. Difficult to find until my workmate Angela came to the rescue. She had an excellent knowledge of doing sexual photography and, being very sex-positive herself, she offered to help. When we got her to do a shoot with her high-end camera, she did an excellent job, advising us on positions, turning around sexual intercourse, and virtually any type of activity. She gave us a vivid view, made us do blowjobs, captured semen shots, facials, anal, masturbation, and even mouth penetrations. When the photos were finally released, it enhanced our sex life tremendously. Yes, I think it’s a fantastic idea, but a female photographer would be my choice.

    • Tulsa says:

      We sure don't know a professional photographer, but we are friends with a couple that I KNOW, either and both of them would take pictures of us. I'm sure they would want us to take pictures of them too!

      No doubt would not be as good as a real photographer, but the trust thing would be taken care of!

  7. Tulsa says:

    The difficulty to me is finding someone you trust. That could be tough.
    Certainly wouldn't want some explicit pics to end up splattered all over the net.
    Maybe if they used your camera?

    Being seen and watched, not much avoiding that, is arousing, but that's a kink we both have!

  8. HuskyKitty says:

    YoungCouple69, my wife and I have a very talented friend who actually photographed our wedding and offered to do a boudoir session for us! At the time, we didn’t take the offer, but I wish we did now! Maybe we will later on…Since then, we’ve indulged in our own homemade, sexy content which I love to make and my Mrs. loves to take! She lets me snap pics and little vids all the time. For later 😉 – My suggestion would be to be clear about your boundaries and limits with whomever you choose! Communication is always key.

  9. Tulsa says:

    We have taken our own explicit photos for years. It started when my wife bought me a Polaroid camera, long before digital cameras were around.You know, back when a flash was a cube? 😉
    She started it, not me. I put film in the brand new camera, and aimed it at her, and she immediately pulled up her top & flopped out her tits! FLASH! Got the shot! Made for a fun afternoon!

    Anyway, the pics are certainly not professional quality, and many don't turn out, but they sure are a lot of fun to take together!

  10. LovingMan says:

    We do a lot of photos during sex with a secure photograph app on my phone. Some are excellent, but a lot are not. Done some filming in the app too. I recommend (if you are using your own phone) to have a password-protected place to store the pics and video. I’ve wondered about an erotic photography shoot. . . but everything is on hold for us until the pandemic ends. My wife DID do a glamour photo session when we were first married. The result was that I realized that women can look like a movie star when they have a makeup artist. My wife looks great in the photos, but we both prefer her in less makeup. By the way, when she came home, we did our own boudoir photos with a Polaroid camera. (Very sexy!). I’d still recommend that all women should at least have a glamour photo session.

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