My Post-Vasectomy Assist

For the first 12 years of our marriage, my wife and I had to use condoms. Ugh.

Because of her migraines, taking the pill presented a real risk of stroke—a risk we refused to take and that she, as a neurosurgeon, knew was not a good idea. So, condoms were our required go-to for intercourse, and yet we knew what we were missing out on. The few weeks of condom-less sex when we conceived our son were wonderful. We did it like rabbits multiple times per day, and then one day, she was pregnant. More heavenly bareback sex followed through her pregnancy. Though we were as excited as could be about having a family, we did dread the thought of having to once again resort to condoms after our son was born.

When we had to return to using condoms, the sex predictably left us unfilled. Yet the silver lining to those first 12 years of condom use was the extraordinary amount of oral sex we had to compensate for the awfulness of latex protection. She generously doled out absolutely stellar blowjobs and swallowed a lot of loads (and performed other fun tricks with my cum) in those first 12 years. And, yeah, I devoured her pussy a whole lot, too.

Finally, after we decided we’d have just one child, she asked me about getting a vasectomy. I balked for a year at least, and then finally, after she sold me on all of the benefits and we were settled on no other children, got it done. The doctor had told me that, after the procedure, I’d need to ejaculate at least 20 times before the sperm cleared my system and that I’d then need to bring in a sample for testing. If the sample showed no sperm, that would signal the all-clear.

Once the swelling went down and the pain subsided, I got to work. I either masturbated (which I always shared with my wife) or, because my wife felt badly for me, got absolutely wild blowjobs. We kept track of where I was toward the requisite 20 loads, and they took exactly 18 days! Twelve of them went right down her throat or on her face! She definitely made this process as fun as could be.

There was one occasion that I’ll never forget. It was the all-important twentieth load, and this one would have to go into a sample jar that I’d drop off at my doctor’s office. As my wife had just started her period (yeah, unfortunate timing), I had fully expected to have to produce this one on my own, but right as I was about to step out of the room to masturbate, my wife emphatically volunteered to assist me with a blowjob. Actually, she said, “Let me suck your cock, baby.”

As I sat on the edge of our bed, my wife got on her knees between my legs. (She was fully clothed for work,  as she was about to go in.) With the collection jar in her hand, she got right to work sucking with furious passion, working my shaft back and forth with her other hand. I sat there totally relaxed as my woman, then 38 years-old and an absolute goddess, skillfully sucked me to nirvana, her head bobbing back and forth in anticipation of what I knew would be a gigantic load.

Finally, after no more than five or six minutes of her insanely pleasurable cock-sucking, I felt an orgasmic rush and let her know I was about to erupt. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked me off with the collection jar positioned to capture my cum. I exploded into the jar, unleashing spurt after spurt of semen as she cheered me on and ooh’d and ah’d st the result of her efforts: a jar full of sticky, hot man-juice.

My wife placed the used jar on our bedside table and then milked a few more drops of cum from me. Then, never one to be shy at all when it comes to semen, she took me back into her mouth.

Ah….when you woman milks you.

She admired the cum-filled jar, then covered it with the lid and put it in the bag the nurse had given me. I took it to the doctor’s office, handing the bag of cum to an absolutely beautiful technician, and then headed to the office.

Two days later, the news came: No sperm found.

After my wife’s period cleared, we embarked on a sex-filled several weeks, frequently doing quickies before work and long sessions on the weekend. I filled her pussy with my cum countless times.

Getting a vasectomy was the best decision I’ve ever made!

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6 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    That's a hot FUN story!
    How else could you study for a sperm test? 🙂

    We did much the same thing years ago when I got my vasectomy. When it came time for the test, I chickened out though. We lived quite a ways from town, and to get a fresh sample, as we were told, would have required making a sample at the doctor's office.
    Something about jacking off, or getting a hand job in the examining room, didn't seem like a good time to me! 😉
    We tested the work, the old fashioned way!

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      I hear ya. The doctor who gave me the vasectomy was a male and kept the whole process very matter of fact and clinical. The nurse, however, was female and told my wife and me to try to bring as much fun into the 20 ejaculation process as possible. She's didn't provide specifics but said it with a wink and smile.

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