I Got to Choose (A)

This post describes anal intercourse (A). You can read about annotations in our guidelines.

While waiting for my husband to arrive home for his lunch break, I sat relaxing on the couch, quite scantily dressed and with nothing to cover my underside. This mode of dress is the norm for me—it’s easy enough to slip on something to cover up if I have an unexpected visitor. I hoped I looked enticing.

As I read a book, my mobile beeped. It was my ever-so-naughty husband, Greg. He sent me a link to a website describing lots of sexual positions, and suddenly I felt the wetness accumulating in my exposed vagina. A message accompanied the photos: “I want you now, but please choose which one.”

I flipped through and, without putting too much thought into it, replied, “No.3.”

A few minutes later, the phone beeped again, and as I read the message, I suddenly went wild.

“Ok with me, but we don’t have precaution material,” the reply came back. “You get ready. I’ll stop at the drug store on the way home.”

What?! I thought to myself. I have to get clean and lubed quickly before he arrives. I hopped into the shower and washed my front and rear thoroughly. ?When I finished, I grabbed the bottle of olive oil and smeared it inside and out of both.

About then, Greg pulled up in the driveway and walked straight to the bedroom. “You chose the position, I brought the condoms, and you seem ready—good girl!”

Quickly he undressed, and I could see that he’d grown huge. It scares me stiff.

“I want you badly,” Greg said. “I’m glad you chose the one you did. I’m going to make you enjoy every minute of it,” he uttered.

“I am ready. I chose it, so let it be,” I mumbled, then started to suck that huge piece of meat. It had swollen so much that I could not take the whole thing in, just about 3/4 of it.

Then Greg said, “Okay, let me slip one of these on, and we’ll start.” He rolled the condom over his penis. Then he took me by the waist and turned me onto my stomach. Before I knew it, he’d pushed his cock into my ass.

I didn’t feel any pain; within a few seconds, Greg had penetrated fully. I was completely subservient to him as he increased to high speed, and I could feel my inside getting ticklish. My nerve endings went into a spasm, and—WOW!—he exploded. His semen filled the front end of the condom, and I wondered if his heavy organ would ever stop.

Finally, all tapered down, Greg retracted. He removed the condom and let the semen spill all over my swollen breasts. Greg just looked as I rubbed it all in.

“You are lovely,” he said as he kissed me. “Now that you’ve had what you wanted, dress up, and let’s go for lunch.”

I quickly dressed in his favorite red mini (pantiless, of course) as he discarded the condom, and off we went to eat. My mood was upbeat. After knowing I had been sexually submissive and still smelling like sex, lunch was the next best thing.

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8 replies
  1. Bob Smith says:

    Morning Suzyzz! What a special wife you are!!! Love how connected and involved Greg and you are the whole day. Keep them coming please!
    What did you do to train your ass to be so receptive and easy?
    We always enjoy in the end but the beginning is a slow and sometimes somewhat painful process.

  2. LoversNtx says:

    Love this. You must have been feeling so excited with anticipation waiting for him and he must have felt the same. That makes it all the more hot. I am sure as he was buying the condoms, all he could think about was how hot it would be sliding into his submissive wife’s wonderful ass when he got home. You have given me some good ideas for lunchtime fun as well! Thanks!

  3. Fearless Lunk says:

    This is so hot! If you all haven’t joined yet, I would love to see more MH writers at Songs of the Believers (not affiliated with MH, I believe, but created by some of the MH community members). Just search that name on Google. It doesn’t replace MH, but is a good supplement, and can be more interactive. 😃 (Might take 24-48 hours to get site approval once you create an account. But worth it! I’ve been there 2.5 weeks.)

    • Lovinghubby48 says:

      I would agree with Fearless Lunk. I love MH for reading and sharing stories. However if you want some good sex advice, chat or humor, head over to Songs of the Believers. It is a good addition for anybody wanting to be more sex positive.

  4. hotleggyamy says:

    What a hot sexy story, Suzyzz!! 🔥🔥🔥 I love that you oiled yourself that way mmmmm!
    A cock in the ass is soooo thrilling! And it sounds like you’ve trained your butt well. I wear a beautiful jewelled butt plug almost every day to keep me open and available for hubby’s man meat.
    And what a great finish—going off to lunch smelling of his cum all over your tits. Super hot!
    I love wearing hubby’s cum in public. And he’s worn me too—going out with pussy juice all over his face after eating me out.
    Now I’m all hot and bothered 😂

  5. Suzyzz says:

    Anal sex can be wonderful. Even though I am stretched, my anal area still gives a hard penetration feeling. The nerve endings always give me an exotic tickle, although using a condom as a precaution is not as exciting as having sperm fill you from the back. It’s a sensation that can’t be described, only felt. If I give in to the desire, there's a risk of infection, so it’s only on special occasions.

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