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This story is a follow-up to Getting Ready For Him and A Night Out. You might like to read those first.

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Jim didn’t know how long he had slept, but he awoke holding his beautiful wife.  They had enjoyed two sexual encounters and had drifted off in each other’s arms after the most recent one.  He looked into Kaylee’s sleeping face, in awe of her beauty.  Especially here, in the most intimate of moments, he was so in love with her, found her irresistible, and felt lucky to be hers.  He brushed some hair out of her face, and Kaylee slowly turned away from him in her sleep. Jim rolled over with her, pressing his new erection against her ass as he spooned with her and cradled her succulent breasts.  He wanted her, wanted to engage her and love her and please her.

He started to whisper in her ear soft, loving words, starting with his love and devotion to her—gentle, soothing, his voice barely audible.  Jim expressed his dark secrets, deepest desires, and fantasies, knowing that she liked the sound of his voice and his dirty talk.

Kaylee started to stir, slowly at first.  Her breathing changed, she started pressing her ass against him harder, adjusting her position slightly to feel more of his skin against hers.  When she woke up more, she rolled onto her back and grabbed his cock.  It surprised her how thick it felt in the predawn light that seeped through the bedroom window.

Every thought in Jim’s brain spilled through his lips as he rolled on top of her. Kaylee’s lids fluttered open, and they stared into each other’s eyes as he continued to talk to her.

“I love you.  I love everything about you.  You are everything that is important to me.”

Kaylee spread her legs and wrapped them around him, pulling his shaft tight against her.

Wanting her made sharpened Jim’s focus; Kaylee becomes the only thing he could think about. He pressed his erection between her thighs and slid deep inside her.

“You are the only thing that I want.”  He pushed as deep as he could go, and gained the reward of a moan from her, the first sign of real arousal.

“You are my world. When I want you, I tune everything else out.”  Their bodies started to move, forming a rhythm.  Slowly, he slid most of the way out of her. “I focus on only you, and it is like you are literally my whole world.” He pushed back inside.  “I love all of you, your perfect imperfections.” Out, in, out, in.  He paused deep inside of her as her deep moans gave him audible proof of her appreciation.

“Even at your worst, I will always see the best in you.”

Out, in, out, in, the pace continued to quicken.  She closed her eyes, breaking eye contact for the first time.

“You inspire me.”

She pulled him close for a long, slow kiss.  He found it hard to hold back his cum at that point; it took all his effort.

“You make my life better.”  As he starts to slow the pace, he whispered between her lips, “My life would be meaningless without you.” Then he pushed deep and took a break to keep himself from cumming.  Not yet, he thought to himself. “I need you, love you, am addicted to you.”

Though Jim thought he was already as deep as he could go,  Kaylee wiggled under him and pushed herself down farther, forcing his dick deeper inside of her.  He almost lost it.

“You are my one true love.”

They made eye contact again, and Jim could tell that Kaylee’s orgasm approached. He wanted to have it together while they gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Lovemaking is not about sex or cumming.  It’s about loving you.  It’s about our connection,” Jim said as he started the rhythm again with minor variations.  He held himself inside, pulled all the way out, then pushed back in at different angles.  “What makes it good is the bond that we have: spiritual, physical, and emotional.”

Jim knew he was about to cum, but he could see that Kaylee wanted him to hold out a little longer. “We are connected on those three levels, making our love deeper, more intimate, more amazing.” His words took her to the edge, and she gave a slight nod of the head, giving him permission.

“Making love to you is wonderful,” Kaylee replied.

Jim grunted, and Kaylee felt his load spew deep inside of her.  His cock spasmed inside of her as stream after stream coated her insides.  She squeezed his cock and held it as tightly as she could with her muscles, milking every drop of his cum into her.  His every movement caused her insides to explode with pleasure, spasms shooting from her groin to her extremities.  Her fingers and toes felt like energy was shooting out of them, as she arched her back and called out to him.  Kaylee’s arms and legs wrapped around Jim, pulling him tight against her.

Jim’s soothing voice said, “Making love to you is sacred.” They held each other close, and Jim cupped her face as he kissed her.  “It is a holy sacrament.” The whole scene felt sacred, holy, wonderful.  Their bodies intertwined, they were one—physical, spiritual, and emotional unity.  “Those covenants we made with each other bind us together on all these levels,” he said, “and when we make love, we can feel it on each sacred level.”

They fell asleep again as a sacred twosome, at peace and in alignment.

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5 replies
  1. Kdsjeff says:

    This is a little different than the last two stories, but meant to be the culmination of them. Sometimes we look at these stories and wonder, why all sex isn't like them: Multiple orgasms, first times, both very into it. I also was going for the power of our words, and although we LOVE dirty talk, sometimes the talk during love making is more intimate than that. The words are powerful, and this is how we view love making. I hope you enjoyed these. They were a lot of fun to write. Thank you MH for cleaning this one up a bit.

  2. WeldersWife says:

    Beautiful story! Although I can get a little foul-mouthed during sex, there’s nothing quite like the connection felt when you and your spouse are in that emotional, vulnerable state and get to hear how much you are desired in beautiful, gentle love words. ❤️

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