Barely Virgins

The first time I saw Dawn completely naked was our wedding night. That day, we made our vows, enjoyed the reception, and had glorious and awkward sex for the first time.

Some people have told me that it is boring and old fashioned to wait. For us, our engagement was like a six-month-long, clothed foreplay session. I’m glad that we waited. I’m also glad we made some hot memories while we waited!

On one sensual evening, Dawn got both my dress shirt and white cotton undershirt off of me for the first time. My erection strained my pants as her hands caressed my naked torso. We were making out like teenagers when my wife abruptly pushed away and said, “I have an idea.” She grabbed my white undershirt and walked into her bathroom.

When she stepped out of the bathroom, Dawn looked like a wet dream. The bounce of her breasts meant she had taken off her bra. The shape of her nipples clearly showed through the shirt, and her shortest shorts also made sure she was showing plenty of skin. Dawn looked at me with a wildly sexual desire in her eyes. It was the closest to being naked that I had ever seen her.

Dawn pounced on me, kissing me with a passion I had never felt. Only a thin layer kept her breasts from me. My hands groped up her back, pushing the t-shirt higher, almost off of her. Only her large breasts kept the shirt anchored in front. My hard erection ground into her rhythmically.

We made out for several minutes in that place of tension. How far were we going tonight? Was tonight going to be the first night I would see her breasts? More? I knew one thing—I wanted Dawn. I wanted to see her breasts and feel them and kiss them. Finally, I made my decision. I was going for it. I was taking her shirt off. I would experience her breasts.

As I slid my hands up her body to take off her shirt, Dawn abruptly pulled back again. “You need to go home,” she said. “We’re about to go too far!”

So, we respected our boundaries for another day. Barely. Have no doubt; the following day continued our clothed engagement foreplay before the glorious and awkward sex on our wedding night.

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14 replies
  1. Waiting Hardly says:

    While it probably prevented you from crossing into intercourse, the idea that a naked body, which displays the image of God, is somehow shameful if seen outside of marriage, is sad and unhealthy. We should not equate nudity with sexuality, but our culture has illegitimately bound the two together. As long as you weren’t placing your penis inside of her vagina, her virginity was intact. A trip to a family oriented and non-sexual clothing-free resort would have been a display of trust and deepened your relationship by making it more transparent.

    • Lucky Guy says:

      To me, the idea of desexualizing nudity sounds really sad! Even after years of marriage, all my wife has to do is flash some skin and I’m chasing her to our bedroom. I still like to peak in on my wife when she is taking a shower or changing her clothes.

  2. RockyGapMan says:

    @Lucky Guy

    Great story!

    Great tension build UP (your firm erection)…

    But big let down (you didn’t get past 2nd base) …. or was it???

    Your virgin fiancee’ kept your raging testosterone at bay and you both were able to live up to your “honorable intentions” to save yourselves till your wedding night, while still keeping the fire & coals hot till your first night together!

    I’d say you both managed the situation pretty well.

    Everyone has boundaries. I’d say it’s between them & God to determine “How far is too far???”

    Is kissing OK? French kissing?? Touching through clothing??? Bare skin touching??? Touching to point of orgasm???? Oral?????

    To many secular young people nowadays consider themselves “technical virgins” as long as they haven’t had intercourse. Way past the boundary in my opinion.

    But for those who weren’t able to contain themselves till their wedding night (myself included) our God is a God of Grace and forgiveness.

    For I long time I tried to justify crossing the line by telling myself that we did indeed keep ourselves pure for each other and that we were engaged to be married with the date closely approaching.

    I finally stopped letting the guilt haunt me and simply acknowledged that I had crossed the line. Plain and simple. God forgave us, and that was that.

    The first time for all of us always brings back fond memories. And I think it’s always awkward.

    It’s new, exciting territory! Even if you’ve studied, tried to prepare, or have heard stories of others, it can’t help quell the butterflies in your stomach when you’ve had the cultural “leash” taken off you – and you’re allowed/expected to perform and give it everything you’ve got!

    I’d say that’s a recipe for failure. Better to just chill & enjoy each other without any expectations. Take your time getting to better explore and know each other!


    Great writing!

    • Lucky Guy says:

      Hey RockyGapMan! I did not mean to heap guilt on anyone who crossed boundaries they did not mean to. My wife and I have now been married for quite some time and really have enjoyed exploring one another as you suggested.

      My philosophy on sex is that married couples should enjoy and pursue great pleasure within biblical boundaries. The boundaries keep us safe from various issues. But within them, a man and wife should let go and enjoy sex to its fullest. Thankfully, God has given me a wife who enjoys exploring sex within the boundaries!

      Like you, I have made mistakes in my life… I imagine that I have needed to seek forgiveness from Jesus more often than you! And as you read in this story, I was really ready to break the boundaries I had set… this time, my wife is the one who kept me honest. Other time, I’m the one who stopped us.

  3. Tulsa says:

    Good for you guys!
    We didn't have 'real' sex before marriage, and that includes anything oral past kissing, but we did get real handsy.
    Never naked either, but saw more than what should have been left to the imagination.
    Good for you guys!

    • Lucky Guy says:

      Thanks Tulsa. Knowing that you are about to sexually experience your fiancé but know you should wait is intense!

  4. redcaramel says:

    I applaud and respect your choice in how far you went before marriage.
    My wife and I did go a lot further than you, but intercourse was not until the wedding night on our honeymoon.
    A few months out from the wedding we did spend a lot of our time together naked, petting and having oral sex, especially me going down on her. This did cause problems later in our marriage.

  5. Fearless Lunk says:

    I find stories like this extremely erotic. Made my cock hard 🍆🍆!! I think the sexual tension and innocent outercourse activities are hot to hear about… and relive my days as a horny engaged couple that loved making out and dry humping!

  6. LovesHisHotWife says:

    I certainly was more willing than my wife to push the boundaries before marriage. We were however both technically virgins on our wedding night. During our engagement we did on many a night engage in passionate touching and delicious oral sex on each other. My wife was especially good and still is at giving oral and on one occasion during our engagement let me cum in her mouth. We’re happily married today with 4 kids, 13 years later. I’d say our sex life now is way better than those early days. Ultimately we’re glad we left full intercourse for the wedding night. Which I must say is still very clear in both our minds.

  7. RMD says:

    My Darling Wife and I had both been married before we met on a Christian dating site. She’d been a widow for twelve years and I’d been divorced for five. Our passion was off any chart you could find since neither of us had had sex since we had been married. We came so very close so many times, but determined before we ever kissed for the first time that we would do what our Lord told us to. He knows best how relationships work. He gave us sex and all its power, and knows how hard it is to stay pure. So we trusted him, but at times it was hell. We call it the Time of Beautiful Agony, and it was all that. We went to our homes with raging hard on’s and sopping wet panties many times. When we finally married, we were glad we waited and didn’t feel any guilt. It’s been 10 years now and we often say how glad we are that we waited, but we never want to go through that again!

  8. DexterousD says:

    I agree with you all. Engagement often seemed to be one long lesson in ‘delayed gratification’. My wife and I just managed to stay out of each other’s pants before we were married, but it was worth the wait. Though I do wish our younger selves had had better pre-marriage and couples sex education than we did back then. We stumbled along quite ignorant for many years – sadly no MH back then to help us. Singles and young marrieds – learn all you can here!

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