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My wife Anne is blessed with the ability to reach orgasm several times during a lovemaking session, and to control the time it takes her to come.

This hasn’t always been the case, but developed over time as we introduced various toys into our sex life.

Anne has been masturbating regularly since she was a teenager, first with hands and pillows strategically placed, then the always reliable shower head, but it wasn’t until we had been married many years, had become empty nesters and had the luxury of plenty of time together that we discovered what she was truly capable of.   

We started with a small white plastic, quite ordinary drug store vibrator we affectionately called Mr. V, (also the name of our 8-year old’s teacher, which we giggled about.)

We graduated to a pink silicone style with so many settings that you had to click it a dozen times to get to the right one, then a purple G-spot and clit dual vibe that wouldn’t turn off or hold a charge, and finally discovered the pink penis-shaped rabbit with the rotating internal beads and vibrating ears. We called this Peter Rabbit, and the only drawback was it worked too well. Anne says if it could earn a degree, she’d marry it and dump me.

The problem with Peter Rabbit is it makes Anne come t0o fast—we call it the 30-second orgasm. Quick like a bunny, indeed.

We have also tried the magic wand (too big, noisy enough to disturb the neighbors, makes electricity bill go up), a clit sucking fiend we called the octopussy that you have to practically murder to make it let go, and a remote control u-shaped vibe that makes trips to the grocery store quite an adventure. For portable fun in the car, we have a purple thumb-shaped dynamo that we have somehow misplaced. Hmmmmmm. 

We were wondering what other MH readers like and might recommend. Please post below!

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Vibratory fun is great! We started using a vibrator a few years into our marriage. Melodie, my wife, could reach orgasm but it often took a long time. With our health conditions a vibrator seemed like a good idea. I surprised her with our first one & we discovered that it was much easier for her to reach orgasm when we used a vibrator. We started with a big cylindrical shaped type with a tapered point. Then we tried the small bullet vibes and they worked even better IF they were powerful enough. (We wore out several!) Several years ago we discovered the rechargeable bullets that are about 5 inches or so long and that is what we mostly use now. However we still have some big vibes and a glass dildo as well that spice things up from time to time. Our favorite recharging vibes are the Sensuelle Point and Sensuelle Nubil (I think). There is a similar vibe that has a loop handle that is easier for Melodie to hold on days when her neurological condition is acting up. We also discovered a great G-spot vibe called the Gee Plus. It is small but works better than the bigger G-spot vibrator we have. The Gee Plus can slide all the way up inside Melodie’s vagina and just so happens to hit her G-spot perfectly! Often she’ll use the Sensuelle Point on her clit with the Gee Plus way up inside as I am loving on her nipples. She’s had some epic orgasms this way. Often we have intercourse in an X-position where we lay at right angles (her on her back and me on my side facing her). This sex position allows her to use her Sensuelle Point on her clitoris as I’m thrusting my erection way up inside her. Sometimes we have simultaneous orgasms this way. If I come first my cum is great lubricant for sliding the G-spot vibe in and me going to work in Melodie’s nipples as she also buzzes her clit with the Sensuelle Point. (We also use coconut oil and Aloe Cadabera lube) The sensation of the vibrations cumming through her vaginal wall (pun intended) when I’m inside her feel great to me! But I can’t stand the feel of a vibrator on my glans.
    Final thought is that we keep a couple of battery operated vibes for air travel. Once a TSA officer found Melodie’s Sensuelle Point & he really embarrassed her. You do NOT want your recharging vibrator to accidentally start buzzing in your suitcase or carry on bag! That is why we have battery operated vibes we can bring on planes with the batteries removed. There is also an “iVibe” bullet that plugs into a computer’s USB outlet or into a wall if you have the electrical adapter. The iVibe has a cord that’s too short so we got a USB extension cord to use with it.
    Vibrators are essential for us and if you knew how many multiple health problems we have you’d know why. In fact we’d say that vibrators have been a great blessing to our marriage! (We don’t leave home without them!)

  2. King Arthur says:

    We use a Bullet type vibrator called BAM by VeDo (Go to VeDO.com) Wife really likes it.

    Sometimes we use a Magic Wand by Hitachi

    Also, you may try Songs of the Believers (SOTB) website for more hot information.

  3. Fearless Lunk says:

    I bought my wife her first vibe (an el cheapo one) right around our 2nd anniversary (18 years ago). It helped her orgasms in a major way… she uses one for about 95% of her orgasms. After several cheap models that didn’t last… we upgraded to a Lelo Liv, and it’s been the perfect one for her for 5+ years.

  4. Woods says:

    Thanks so much for starting this topic. For whatever reasons we've never had "toys" of any sort. After 40+ years married, I am finally getting around to thinking about vibrators but had no idea where to even start. Great practical info here.

  5. bensmom18 says:

    We have a few vibrators, but I don't know that I have one that I LOVE. Some of them seem too intense, like even the lowest setting is too much for me. We'll keep trying! The one about the octopussy that you "have to murder to make it let go" made me giggle. Thanks for all of these suggestions!!

  6. Preacher says:

    I am 74 years old and my wife will be 70 next month. We've tried a number of different toys and they are necessary at this stage of our life, especially for me. I have difficulty getting and keeping an erection and even when my wife and I have an extended time of love play I cannot reach orgasm. I have had tests run and my urologist assures me there is no "plumbing" problems. He says it is all in my head (The one on my shoulders). I keep hoping I can find a masturbation aid that will just suck my love juice out of me and give me some release. Does anyone have a suggestion?

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      While I’m a bit more than a decade behind you, I have some similar problems because of my heart condition and subsequent meds. I have mentioned in other posts or comments that we have accepted that me cumming each sexual encounter is not expected (happily welcomed when it happens). It takes the mental pressure off of both of us. I don’t know of any sure fire toy, but if you have a Magic Wand there are some attachments you could try (makes it a little cheaper than some of the other powered toys). We got a stroker one for ours. It’s been great fun for my wife to use it on me. I would recommend you read our post Oil Fire (https://marriageheat.com/2020/06/07/oil-fire/ ). It contains some essential oils that have helped me. Also, I have had much better results when I have been drinking pomegranate juice. I highly recommend the Pom Wonderful brand; it is usually in the produce section of stores, not in the juice section. They have a blend with blueberries (also good for helping this issue) if the taste of the straight Pom is too intense. When I am consistent at having about 6 oz a day it really helps with being able to reach climax. Being thoroughly hydrated is important, too.

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