Making the Most of the Holiday

We had been missing each other’s heat for a long time because of our busy schedule. Many times Alia even tried to initiate it but I wasn’t in the mood.

Today is Holi (festival of Colors in India). It was my first Holi with my wife. I was working on a presentation for work, as I had less interest in Holi tha she. Then my wife came with a packet of gulal (color), saying she would only apply a little on my forehead, but she covered my entire face and neck with that and ran away laughing. I chased her down, and for two hours we played Holi with water and color.

After that, we went to take a shower together. I took off my shirt and she took off her dress. The water was already running, the steam blurring our naked bodies in the mirror. But I could still see her standing in front of me, bare-breast, snd my hands stretched out for her. I put just a bit of soap lather on her wet breast, and she giggled as I pulled her closer. By now, our breath was as hot as the water. As I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my torso, our eyes never breaking contact. I’d heard shower sex is a tough ball game, but for us, it was a slippery slope worth climbing!

I wanted to continue this in the bedroom, but she had made some other plans, so we quickly got out of shower and got ourselves dressed. Then she ordered, “Go to the market and bring us some desert.”

As I entered the house upon my return, she was setting up the table for dinner, so I went straight to the fridge and put the dessert inside the freezer. Then we started the delicious meal she’d prepared. We both knew exactly what was going to happen after that.

I sat on the couch, and she went to the fridge to bring the dessert and sat beside me. Then she started a discussion, and despite my hard dick, I just kept lightly caressing her legs, which she’d put in my lap. I took my sweet time, getting her as horny as possible.

Soon she spread her legs wide, showing me that she didn’t wear any underwear and she’d taken a lot of time to landscape. This made me impatient, so I immediately stood up and removed her skirt. Taking the desert in my hand (Espresso Chocolate Chip ice cream), I applied some of it on her juicy boobs, then started licking them one by one. After that I knelt down and started applying ice cream to her wet pussy, then licked it off, too. By the looks of it, she was surprised and loving it.

All this kept her juices flowing for close to an 15 minutes. By that time, she was wondering if I was even going to follow theough with what my actions promised or be a chicken-shit, so she climbed into my lap and started grinding on my groin.

As I had that morning, I suggested we adjourn to the bedroom, but like last time, Alia had other plan. She stood up, the got on her knees and took my cock into her throat. I’d never seen such perfect oral work, and couldn’t really see this because my eyes rolled back into my head!

After she worked me over like that for a solid quarter-hour, I stopped her and asked her to lay on the edge of the bed. Then I pushed her legs back and gently entered her so I could be sure she was comfortable and able to adjust.  Then I beat the brakes off it for a good 10 minutes, getting my groin and thighs drenched in the process.

Suddenly, Alia pressed her feet against my chest, launching herself back and off of me. She looked longingly at my cock, almost sad.

I was slightly shocked, but she immediately bent on her knees in front of me again and took every last bit of my cock down her throat to the point where she was even using her tongue to make my well-manscaped balls sloppy. This went on for about another six or eight minutes before I told her to get back on the bed.

Alia happily obliged and sat herself on the edge of the bed, while I dove between her spread thighs, lapping and sucking to my heart’s content—and hers. My cock, unattended at the moment, remained fully hard and erect from the stimulation of seeing my wife so open, so horny, and so engaged. She was close but wanted me deep inside her.

Alia urged me to come up to kiss her. The taste of the desert and her pussy juices mingled between our tongues, and then I plunged into her. I slid my rigid cock inside her glistening slit and began to stroke.

Alia’s right hand slid down to her clit as I rose to pound her more vigorously. As my cock slammed in and out of her pussy, she began to rub her clit more and more quickly. Suddenly she tensed and moaned, and I could feel her pussy clench around my cock like a vise. Within moments, I went over the edge and exploded, with bursts of my cum splashing inside her warmth. I could feel her juices and my cum as my weakening cock stirred a sex cocktail inside her still-quivering pussy.

We laughed hysterically while we caught our breath, then took a shower together, and went to bed.

She’d told me I could wake her up for more. I don’t think she knew that, at the time, I was lucky to get more than two hours of sleep at once. But she woke up at 2 a.m. to me pulling off her underwear, putting a big gob of spit on my dick, and making love to her for another hour straight.

We both passed out again, and for once, I had a great sleep. In the morning, I woke up to a lovely kiss from my wife.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    What a great way to celebrate your first holiday together! I’m going to look
    up this “Holi” or festival of colors! I love how you and your bride continue to celebrate the joys of God given married sex! The ice cream was a nice erotic touch! I think we’ll give it a try!
    Keep on loving!

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