After All These Years (A)

This post references anal sex (A).

She steps out of her clothes, piece by piece, and I gaze at her glowing beauty.  She is just as sexy as the first time I met her, and even though age has changed our physical bodies, it has taken no toll on the love I have for her.  I want her now, just as I always have.  Seeing her golden breasts still stirs my passions.  Oh, how I love to suck on them and watch the nipples respond and rise while her areolas darken.

I think of kissing her body, down from her neck to the mound above the cleft of her thighs, then spreading her legs apart to lick the clit that sits there inviting me to taste.  I never tire of looking at her pussy.  It glistens with excitement, so warm and comforting.

She turns around and bends over, and her butt looks so enticing.  I want to slap it, bite it, stick my cock between those cheeks, and listen to her whimper while an orgasm builds that will shake her whole body.  I love to squeeze that ass as she kisses me.

Her feet are just as sexy, and I love to kiss them and feel them rub my cock while she looks at me with those sexy brown eyes. I want her to know that I enjoy all of her and that she is all I need.

She knows I lust for her now, like the first time we met 30 years ago.  She continues to slowly tease me after all these years, which has kept our desire for each other burning.  She still turns me on today, and I can hardly wait for the years to come.

She turns her head slightly and whispers, “I love you, and I need you now.”

Time waits for no one, and neither will I when my wife asks for me to make her whole.  The experiences we share are what keeps us young at heart.  Loving my wife is my passion.

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  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    WOW! That was beautiful. Part way through I had to go back and double check the author name to make sure I hadn’t posted something without remembering (memory is not what it used to be). I mean, seriously, add a couple years to the 30 and it would be a perfect description of my feelings for and actions with my wife. Well done on the writing, and extra well done on the 30 years of loving.
    God bless

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