In Control II

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Part 2: Rodney

It had been a long day. I had been running around town visiting with clients, both prospects and suspects.  Work wasn’t bad; I just longed to be with Connie.  She was at home today because she had several personal and work-related things to get done.  Though I had lots of people around me, I still felt a bit lonely.

I stood at the urinal, preparing to purge myself of that afternoon’s venti americano I had finished moments earlier.  I smiled a mischievous smile as I took aim, enjoying the weight and thickness of my shaft as I answered nature’s call.  I thought of the joke I heard as a kid: “If you shake it more than twice, you’re playing with it.” Well, I thought to myself, why not?

As I took a slow hold of myself, I felt my dick acknowledge the attention.  We both, my dick and I, knew the job we were there to do, and the struggle was real; what should we do?  I could let go and let flow my bladder-full of spent coffee or work for a bit to relieve my aching-for-release balls.  The picture froze, and I stood there, dick in hand, mind spinning with the decision I needed to make.  I knew what I had to do.

I relaxed my grip, and as my fingers loosened, I stroked down to my dick’s base before sliding up to steady my aim.  I got rid of the coffee, shook just twice, and then buttoned myself up.  But I made a silent promise to my balls as I rewashed my hands and dried them with the high-powered hand dryer. (Sidebar: Yes, I said “rewash;” I always wash my hands before grabbing hold of my penis to pee.  Dang, it is more important to have clean hands before I touch myself than before I shake hands with someone else, bwahahaha.  But I still wash afterward, too.)

I would have to wait until home to clear my balls of the load of desire building since last night when Connie and I had passionately made love on the couch.  I could make it home.  It would only be a few more hours.  I was in control and knew it was the right thing to do.

I had a few more appointments and meetings scheduled.  The clock ticked, the sun crossed the sky until finally, the day neared its end.  I took careful notes for next week’s work and packed up my computer to head home.  But I was distracted by erotic thoughts of what I could do to—with—Connie when I got there.

As I headed to the house, I fought down my imagination and drove with care.  The last thing I wanted was an accident because I was lost in some kinky fantasy of Connie hanging from the ceiling as we delightfully enjoyed a proper vertical 69.

The trip was short and uneventful; I had to take a couple of hands-free calls, but, at last, I approached the house.  Like a nursing mother that hears her crying child and experiences let-down, I now felt my dick twitch, thicken, and endeavor to get my attention as I experienced what I could call my “stand-up.” I hit the button to open the garage door and watched it lift as I made the last turn to home.  After parking the car, I grabbed my stuff and let myself into the house.

Looking back, I believe that I had heard Connie when I first pulled into the garage. I wonder if even the neighbors could hear her, a sexy thought.  Now that I’d walked through the door, I could not help but hear Connie’s animalistic cries.  My dick was now at full attention, pushing hard at my pants as I walked through the house quietly and excitedly listened to my wife.

Connie’s cries lessened. As I stood at the bedroom door staring at her, precum approached a full load of ejaculate, if not two.  I didn’t have to touch myself to keep my promise to my balls; they found their release without my attention.  I could feel my shaft pulse again and again as if I was stroking it myself.  Wow, I was surprised a bit at the hands-free orgasm.  I should not have been so surprised; I had thought about Connie all day.

I stood there at the door, drawing in deep breaths and steadying myself for a moment before I spoke to her. “Hello, dear.” I walked to the side of the bed and touched her gently. “Are you okay?”

She smiled, and her eyes brightly shone as she looked into mine, then down at my pants.  At the sight of them, her smile widened.  Softly, she said, “I guess you are good for now.”

I was.  I could likely make it through the night, maybe even until tomorrow night before I needed to indulge in my love for Connie again. I took the rabbit vibrator * out of Connie’s hand, turned it off, tasted it, and then set it on the nightstand beside the bed.  I crawled in bed beside my love and held her tightly.

Life is good, very good.

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