Christian candaulism?

We are strictly monogamous, but we both get turned on when my wife shows “too much” out in public.

Doubly so when it prompts a conversation with new friends.

Thoughts on this?



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  1. kdm1984 says:

    My only thoughts are that there sure have been a lot of discussions lately about women's beauty and sexual attractiveness lately, but not much lately on men's attractiveness. I'm a nerdy tomboyish woman married to a handsome man, he gets more commentary on his attractiveness than I do, and I'm only attracted to men, so these aren't my areas of expertise or turn-on. I'll address mine later in December. In the meantime, I guess the rest of the folks here can take a better stab at this than I can.

  2. Peterpan says:

    I love it when women reveal or show too much skin. It's just fun to see and mostly women enjoy it themselves too. Just like the photo shows, or a nipple of a breast. Maybe an idea for MH for revealing some skin.

    • Ambush1992 says:

      Peterpan , How much of that is cultural. In Native American cultures do you find the same reaction to an exposed breast? Media analyzers tell us that the sexual overtones of "Charlie's Angels" were appreciated most by the Female audience. Odd but that is the way the stats stacked up. Going back to the Native Americans, was sex educations a problem? I think not. Did they have significant numbers of sex offenders, and murderers? The point is how much of our psychological problems are self induced due to our shame of nudity and sex. God did not refer to them as shameful. Only Lucifer.

  3. Sarge says:

    I always thought that whatever turned on others around us, turned me on too. In 1978 when we got married, my wife wore an elasticized shirt that really highlighted her incredible breasts. I would see men checking her out when I had gotten used to her wearing it, so they brought my attention back onto her amazing tits. Boing🍆and I wanted to take her right then, there and right that moment. Don’t worry, I didn’t make love to her on the dairy aisle.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Boing 🍆 is such a sexy problem! Love seeing my husbands member go…BOING! This very pregnant woman needs it.

  4. EroticUT says:

    I love it when my wife dresses up to seduce! I believe she feels sexy as well; she seems more into it and turned on when she does so. She loves to do it at home (when we're able to get alone time), but I'd love her to do it in public more often. She will a bit more when we're not in our hometown. For me, it's a pride thing; I enjoy showing off my sexy wife. It's a real turn-on when others check her out. She dresses nice and loves tight jeans etc… I just wish she was more confident to show more skin and think of the fun we could have with access to the treasures to pleasure! Would love to hear more from women on this issue, how they balance modesty and seductive dress, when it's appropriate, if it's a turn-on as much for them, etc…

  5. Fearless Lunk says:

    I really do enjoy candaulism. I don’t want men to be groping my wife IRL. But if their eyes love her sexy beauty… and it leads to them fantasizing about my wife, I’m not only fine with it, I get turned on by that. She still goes to bed with ME. But knowing she is being admired by other eye balls is 🔥🔥🔥. [And KDM, it’s not exclusive to females. Candaulism would say that YOU get turned on by somewhat showing off your husband’s physique… that you enjoy him getting attention, and you desire to “feed” even more attention.]

  6. bosip says:

    I love it when my somewhat conservative wife wears something low cut with no bra when we got out to a restaurant knowing that the waiter can look down and see her beautiful breasts, it is such a turn on for me!

  7. King Arthur says:

    My thoughts are: My wife never dresses like that. What about women who do? Are they doing it subconsciously? Are they doing is on purpose? Are they doing is to be "in style" What is their reasoning?

  8. MarriageHeat says:

    Some individuals have responded using the feedback option given after a low rating. We aren't sure why they don't respond directly in the comments; maybe they don't want to register. But here are some of their opinions:

    "[I believe t]his is blatant sin being described as Christian. This is not how Christians are taught to dress or behave. Deliberately inciting lust in someone else is sin."

    "[I think this is a]bsolutely inappropriate for this site, and should not take the place of a story!"

    "I had to google Candualism, ha."

    Folks, don't be afraid to leave contradictory opinions on discussion posts; a one-sided discussion doesn't really accomplish much. And we will take the advice about not replacing stories with discussion/advise posts to heart. It was something we implemented during a phase when story submissions had dropped, probably over the holidays. We can certainly post one of each on Mondays again.

    • Waiting Hardly says:

      Much of it comes from a mindset that says the human body is shameful to see. But Christ bore our shame and restored our relationship with God so we can be naked and unashamed once again. Also, as I stated above, there is an assumption that arousal equals lust, which it does not.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      I grew up with this kind of teaching about “modesty.” I’m running hard from it now. It’s total body shaming to say that what a woman wears in public is the cause/reason for “men’s eyes to wander.” It teaches women that their body is a source of sin and should remain hidden. It’s not healthy. The long-term damage that the “modesty movement” has done is sometimes irreversible.

  9. Stag-on-a-hill says:

    Could you give us more information? I think this could be just a bit of sexy fun but it depends what sort of things you are talking about. It's hard to comment without more info.

  10. LoveMyWife56 says:

    My wife and I are monogamous, but I must confess that the thought of a guy friend of mine seeing her naked really turns me on. I really don't know why. I don't mean to be offensive.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      Not a weird fantasy at all. A lot of guys have this desire! Me too. I think deep down it excites us for our wives to get admired for her body/looks!

    • carlbaer says:

      I've come to find out how common this fantasy is, especially among married men. I'd love it too if my guy friends could admire my wife's naked body! And vice versa, especially with a couple of my friends' wives.

  11. SecondMarge says:

    My husband would get quite the bulge in his pants when others could see my breasts. Not sure why this seems programmed into male DNA but it seems common. I am not an exhibitionist by nature but knowing how turned on my husband was I gladly revealed to some friends or had a low neckline or went braless in public.

    • Ambush1992 says:

      SecondMarge , it is programmed into our Psyche. A desire to have our DNA replicated. My career was in Human Anatomy and Pathology. The human phallus has a morphology which helps in the removal of competing semen, We can't help but become aroused when we see a competing male
      take interest in our mate. We want to restore dominance. Our creator certainly covered all the bases.

    • SuzyQ69 says:

      I've learned I'm very exhibitionist in my fantasies. I love going braless and my husband encourages it. I do it for him, not other people though. Does that count?

  12. Loving Guy says:

    I agree. All this talk about braless women is very sexy. Hopefully, my future wife would like to go braless as well. Just thinking about this is making get weak in the knees

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