Sauna Sex (L)

Whew, 175 degrees and climbing. It’s hot. But after a long week at the office (and on the road), I can think of almost no better way to unwind on a Friday night than time in our sauna, followed by dinner and intimacy with my wife. Tonight will be such an evening!

I sit there in the sauna, naked as usual, my head resting against the wooden wall behind me. Sweat drips from every pore in my body. The air is scorching, and the light dim. There’s total quiet. I feel peace coming over me.

The door opens, and a delightfully cool gush of air blows over my body. I open my eyes to see my beautiful bride, Lauren, also naked and stepping into the heat. She’d talked about joining me tonight, but I’d begun to wonder if she would. Now here she is.

Not everyone looks good nude, but my Nordic bride does. Ravishing in her birthday suit, she smiles seductively at me. Lately, we’ve enjoyed more nudity in the house and even outside, and tonight in our sauna, it feels so right. I admire her long, firm curves, those beautifully round hips, her ample breasts, that irresistible smile.

“Hey,” I say with delight.

“Hey there,” she responds, and with how she says those two words, I know precisely what’s to come.

She sits next to me and pats my leg with her hand, resting her head against the wall.

I glance down and once again admire what I see: her large breasts, those long legs. I can’t see her pussy because her breasts are in the way. But then she shifts a bit and—ah, there it is. Such a pretty pussy, freshly shaven bare. She’s been shaving her pussy bare for over 16 or 17 years, and to this day, it turns me on. So naughty.

I decide to get right to the point.

“Shall we?” I ask my Swedish queen.

She smiles—a smile that says she knows my intentions in this moment, my motivations, my desire for her. Then, she looks over at me and begins to stroke her clitoris.

Then she grabs something I can’t see: her vibrator. I hadn’t even seen her come into the sauna with it. It’s our trusty wand vibrator, a delightful device we bought a few years ago that has been a workhorse in our arsenal of sex toys and naughty playthings. It’s also her go-to masturbation toy.

She turns it on and presses it against her clitoris, looking into my eyes.


She’s moaning, giving me that delightful “fuck me now” face.

Oh, my.

My cock hardens and is now fully erect. I begin to stroke my length, and my wife licks her lips.

It’s clear we’re going to fuck, but we implicitly agree that we want to keep touching ourselves in front of each other for now. Still, it’s getting very hot in here, and we have only limited time. The temperature reads 180.

Lauren’s now sweating and deep in her self-pleasure. She’s breathing hard, pleasuring her clit with the vibrator while, with her other hand, she’s penetrated herself.

Meanwhile, my cock is throbbing in my hand, and I feel a massive load of cum simmering in me. Now I’m wondering if we’ll fuck—or will we just keep up this mutual masturbation session?

Bzzzzzzzzz goes the vibrator.

She’s cumming.

And I’m so close to cumming.

After Lauren’s orgasm abates, I lay her on her back and straddle her, my cock over her breasts. They are covered with sweat, creating just enough lube for me to titty-fuck her.

She holds her breasts together as I slide my cock back and forth.

This feels so good.

Her tits are amazing.

I reach back and finger her pussy. It’s drenched; she came hard.

The cum is building in me.

Oh fuck, I’m so close to cumming. If I do, I’m going to shoot a massive load of cum all over Lauren’s face. I could do that, and she’d like it, but we need to fuck.

“Fuck me,” she begs.

I sit down on the wooden bench, and she gets on top of me. We’re both a bit uncomfortable and shift our positioning a bit. Then without effort, her pussy envelopes my cock. Her juices are pouring out of her. She’s soaked, and this feels so good.

“Let’s fuck,” she whimpers in my ear.

She starts riding me hard, her two hands holding literal “fuck-me” bars drilled into the wall behind me, so she has leverage to really get into some cowgirl action. Side note: Yes, we put those bars there for sex, and when her friends have joined us in the sauna, there have been some jokes about them.

Damn, is she riding me hard. This feels so good.

I start kissing and sucking on her nipples, which I know puts her into the Pleasure Palace in a big way. I can taste her sweat as I lick her delicious peaks.

She’s cumming again.

I can feel her wetness. In fact, she’s so wet that our sex is making sounds. I wonder if she’s squirted.

We’re both sweating profusely in each other’s arms.

“Did you shave your pussy tonight? It feels extra smooth,” I ask.

“Yes,” she whimpers in my ear.

The cum builds quickly in me, and then I push into her and shoot my load, spurt by spurt.

She smiles as I fill her up, and then we kiss. I stay inside her, and we chuckle a bit, both overwhelmed by what just happened.

“That was interesting,” I say.

“Why?” she asks.

I’m still inside her.

“I didn’t see you bring in the vibrator…and then there it was,” I say.

“Wanted to surprise you,” she counters.

Still inside her.

“Do you wanna fuck again?” I ask.

“Why do you ask?”

“Because I’m still inside you.”

She chuckles and then kisses me.

“Yes,” she whispers in my ear.

And then she adds: “After dinner.”

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4 replies
  1. QueenandHubbie says:

    (H) I so want to say that was a “hot” story, but the obvious pun is just too easy!

    We can identify with “ Lately, we’ve enjoyed more nudity in the house and even outside”; Naked Deck Time (NDT) is such a delight. Ours is not the naturist, non-sexual focus; it’s most definitely intended as sexual!

    Also liked Lauren’s vibrator slight-of-hand. We have to appreciate sexually intentional women, no?

  2. hornyGG says:

    That was one hot fuck! And I say that literally 🥵 Great story, definitely got my kitty purring. Thanks for sharing and keep the stories cumming. Stay horny my friend.

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