No Precum?

Hey, all!

I have a question.  I’ve noticed in many stories on MH that the majority of men leak precum.

I’m not one of those men, unfortunately. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Even when I was married, I got super hard and horny but didn’t leak.  The only evidence was when I’d blow my load (obviously.)

Now I’m divorced and single again—have been since 2015—and it still doesn’t happen, even when I’m super aroused and masturbating.

Is that abnormal, do you think?  Ladies, is it disappointing when you don’t see your man leaking before you touch, lick, or suck his cock?

I’m just curious, that’s all.  For me, not leaking really doesn’t reflect how horny I am.  I’m a super horny guy and get turned on easily, but I just don’t leak precum. 😅😅

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  1. Fearless Lunk says:

    Don’t fret, some guys leak a lot of precum, some a little, and some none. I’m in the “little” category. It often only arrives if there was a slight let down of cum build up. Like if I masturbate or have sex and just go for a quicky… from 0-100… I likely won’t have precum. But if I edge a bit… let’s say I’m at 85, and then I back off and drop to 65, that’s when my precum flows the most.

  2. LoverBoy2 says:

    I rarely leak. Interestingly, the few times I did was when I had prolonged arousal (or semi-arousal) brought on by fantasizing (not manual stimulation) without a final release. For example, one day I spent a good deal of time working on an erotic story for my wife and was hard (or partially hard) on-and-off for many hours. I distinctly remember noticing some precum leaking, since it is not a usual occurrence.
    I agree with others. I wouldn't worry about not being a leaker. It probably depends on a lot of variables in our anatomical make-up. I, for example, am also not a "long distance shooter", so maybe both the lack of precum and not shooting far could have something to do with something as seemingly insignificant as the type of urethra lining, or many other factors.
    In my case, my wife is not a big fan of swallowing, so she is probably just fine with not having precum dripping when giving me a blowjob. Also, most precum does not contain sperm, but some studies show that in a low percentage of men there are small amounts present. So if I would be a big precum leaker, it would actually make us more cautious in our case.

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