First Day of the Beach Trip

Hi, everyone! New here, but love the community and conversation. Hoping we can contribute to the hotness!

Our annual trip to the beach is a high point of the year for our family. We all love the water and the sun, and the kids love to swim and surf. Best of all, it’s always a sexy, sensual and experimental time with my wife.

The first full day on the beach had been fantastic.  We stayed out all morning, playing and hanging out. That afternoon, as she and I sat drinking beer and watching the ocean, the relaxation of being away from home with nothing to do but enjoy ourselves started to sink in.  She was sitting in a chair next to me with her shoulder straps pulled down, her deep brown skin looking gorgeous underneath the low cut black one-piece she was wearing. As that familiar, buzzy horniness washed over us, I reached over the arm of her chair and began to trace my finger up one side of her inner thigh and down the other one, lightly dragging my fingertips across her crotch every time.

Leaning over, she whispered in my ear, “God, I’m horny, baby.”

I let my fingers stop right on her crotch and started rubbing small circles over her mound.

“Mmm, baby,” she whispered, “I need you.  I can’t wait to get so wild with you tonight.”

Now I began pressing my fingers into her soft flesh through her swimsuit, feeling for the cleavage of her pussy lips. I burrowed my middle finger just into that cleavage and rubbed her clitoris with short, slow strokes.

There’s something that has always turned her on about being fingered through her panties. We did a lot of that when we were dating; I could actually get her to orgasm through a pair of jeans by rubbing her pussy like this. Now, it’s a hot reminder of doing things we knew we shouldn’t—crossing lines because we were so taken by love and lust for each other.

She began to moan under her breath as I started putting more pressure on her clit and felt her juice soaking though the black swimsuit. “Oh fuck, baby,” she breathed into my ear, “I want to get so fucking dirty with you tonight.”

I looked over at her, leaned back in her beach chair, chest starting to heave, bottom lip between her teeth. “Babe, we’re getting pretty fucking dirty right now. Look at you, getting fingered in broad daylight on a public beach.”

She blushed and ducked her eyes, but began to squirm and thrust against my probing fingers.

“Baby, pull your swimsuit over. Show me that pussy,” I said.

At first, she shook her head, but I could tell from the coy little smile that it was exactly what she wanted.

“Come on; you can do it.” I urged.

With a look up and down the beach, she reached down and pulled the crotch of her suit over.

“Oh, God.” I moaned. She’d shaved her pussy smooth for the trip. Her milky white pussy lips were engorged and being pushed apart by her swollen labia, and I could see the deep pink of her inner parts. I turned and looked her in the eyes. Her shallow breathing told me how turned on she felt, sitting there with her pussy uncovered, so naked and vulnerable.

Using just the tip of my middle finger, I gently stimulated her clitoris, and she closed her eyes and began to make little helpless noises. Then I ran two fingers up and down her open lips. Her pussy was absolutely soaked; her juices smeared and running all over her mound had her wet enough to glisten in the afternoon sun.

“Baby,” I said softly, and she opened her eyes to look at me. I pulled my dripping hand off her crotch and slowly licked all her precum off my fingers as I looked her in the eyes.

“Oh, God. That’s so hot. You’re so dirty.”  At this point I still hadn’t penetrated her, but I could see that it was time. I slid the palm of my hand, fingertips first, from the top of her slit down to her ass, pressing her pussy lips open wide. As I pulled my hand back, I curled my middle finger and slid it in as far as I could.

She gasped and reached down with both hands to clutch my arm. Nails digging into my skin, she pulled my hand hard against her crotch and began to thrust. At this point, she had lost all inhibitions or thoughts of people watching. The straps of her one-piece had slid further down her arms, and her juicy breasts were almost totally exposed. I could see a hint of one big dark brown nipple over the top of the black suit.

“Please baby, please—two fingers,” she begged.

“I don’t know if you can take two fingers, baby. You’re so tight.” That woman does have an extraordinarily tight pussy, but mostly I love to watch her beg.

She did. “Baby, I want it so bad. Please, please!” she moaned.

I slid my ring finger in next to my middle and quickly stroked them in and out. Apparently, this was too much because she gave a little squeal and reached down to clamp my hand against her pussy, pressing my fingers in as deep as they’d go. With the heel of my hand, I ground against her clitoris. The dual stimulation did her in; she thrust and bucked against my hand, gripping my arm so tightly it started to hurt.

“Oh, fuck, I can’t stop! I can’t stop, baby!” I love the panic that comes on her when she’s about to cum.  Her hips began to thrust even more frantically, and suddenly, cum was running all over my hand while the moans went up an octave. As her orgasm wracked her body, her pussy contracted wildly around my fingers. I love seeing this moment—when all the sexual energy explodes—and the sweet come down afterward.

Gradually, her thrusts came to a standstill. She sat there, eyes closed, panting, with my fingers still buried deep inside. Then, as she opened her eyes, I slowly pulled both fingers out; they were covered with white cream.

“Baby,” she said, “that was amazing.” She leaned forward and licked my mouth. “And don’t think I’ve forgotten you. Tonight, I am going to take care of you like never before.”

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  1. SecondMarge says:

    The sun certainly helps make the beach a sexy place. The more skin exposed the hornier you feel. I love that point when I am almost ready to cum when the world around me doesn’t matter. I would notice or are if a crowd had gathered to watch. At least until I climaxed, then my shyness would reach for a cover

  2. Peterpan says:

    …… fingering her through her panties…..such a great male fantasy for me, preferable bikinipanties. Lovely how you describe that. Nice and juicy story! Please keep writing/

  3. LovingMan says:

    Very sexy story! It’s amazing the number of God-sanctioned ways we can sexually love our spouse! I can’t wait to read the sequel where the husband gets taken care of like never before!

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