First Time Topless

I will never forget the first time my wife went topless on the beach.
For our first anniversary, we headed to Cancun for a week at an adults-only, all-inclusive resort.  We had enjoyed our first year of marriage. Our wedding night had been the first time for both of us. The first time she wore a bikini was for our honeymoon. Over our first year, we went from being inexperienced to having great sex.Now, we were heading back to the Caribbean to escape the cold and enjoy one another. Getting to the resort was uneventful. Since we were tired from the flight, we had dinner, made love, and went to sleep early.

The next morning, we woke up late, hit the gym, and had a great breakfast. Dawn worked out in short-shorts and a sports bra, which I enjoyed. She has always dressed sexier on vacations! Of course, I tried to get another round of sex in before hitting the beach, but Dawn convinced me she’d make it worth my while if I waited. She wouldn’t even let me see her bikini before hitting the beach. Instead, she came out of the bathroom wearing her coverup.

Stepping outside into the sun felt glorious. A day earlier, we’d been in sub-zero temperatures with snow. Now, it felt like paradise—and even more like paradise when Dawn took off her coverup! Underneath was a shockingly small bikini for my normally conservative wife. Seeing my eyes come out of my head, she smiled and said, “Let’s have some fun this week!”

Dawn was wearing a purple string bikini that left little to the imagination. As she walked towards the beach, I was surprised once more to see it was a thong. And I don’t mean a cheeky bikini; I mean a tiny… little… thong that showed off her entire ass. This was going to be a fun week!

As we walked through the resort, my erection raging in my board shorts, I saw many other women wearing similar swimsuits. There was skin everywhere! As we moved out of the pool area to the beach, the swimsuits became even smaller, and a number of women were topless. It honestly took me by surprise. Dawn’s boobs were the only ones I had ever seen in real life. In less than a minute, I saw more than a dozen other women’s boobs.

We threw our stuff on a few loungers and ran down to the water, where we laughed, played, and had a great time in the surf. I struggled to keep from looking at all the topless women, and Dawn noticed. A bit annoyed, she asked, “Is this going to be a problem?”

I was like a deer in headlights without an answer. I did my best to try not to look around, my best defense being to ogle my wife in her tiny bikini. In my eyes, she was the hottest woman on the beach! We both felt the sexual tension, and our play in the water turned more into groping and making out. Her ass felt great in the thong, and I enjoyed touching so much of her exposed skin in the ocean.

When we got back to our chairs, there were three women right by us with their tops off. Dawn looked at me. I shrugged. Then we both laughed. I told her that I would try to be good.

“I have an idea that might help,” she said. Biting her lip, she said, “Get your phone camera ready.” When I did, she looked right into my eyes, said, “Here it goes!” Then she untied her bikini top and showed off her boobs for the first time. She smiled a coy smile, asked if I wanted another swim, then sauntered down to the water in only her thong. And I had the whole thing on video!

Dawn basically spent the week topless in little thongs. We had great sex, took lots of pictures, and had an amazing vacation. While she has gone topless occasionally since, we have never had a vacation like that one again! Every once in a while, we watch that video together. She always says, “I can’t believe I did that!”

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  1. SecondMarge says:

    I bet that was hot having your sexy wife showing her beauty. Probably kept you hard knowing her bare breasts were making other husbands as hard as the other women were making you. Making sex with your wife hotter. Having had a somewhat similar experience with my husband we came to realize whatever raises the pleasure level between you is a good thing. It also a great way to gain confidence in your body as most women have body images. Knowing you are making other men hard and probably some women moist does a great job of repairing a damaged ego. And in my case reversing an overly restrictive upbringing. Nothing wrong with others raising the heat.

    • Lucky Guy says:

      It was hot! At first, my wife wouldn’t admit how hot it was for her. Now, she tells me that she regularly masturbates to memories from this trip. I think you hit my feelings right on the head with this comment.

  2. Salcpl says:

    Outstanding experience for both of you and us readers. I hope to take my wife somewhere that she can go topless. It would be an amazing thrill for me. I agree with you, it would have been only better if you could have submitted one of the photos of your wife to coincide with the story.

    • Lucky Guy says:

      Salcpl, does your wife want to go topless? I had thought about asking my wife, but never had. I think it wouldn’t have worked for us if I had tried to pressure her to do it. I hope it works out!

  3. wfewtchr819 says:

    Truly loved this story as there is not much better than witnessing the one you love express their freedom and display the beauty of their nude body outside the normal constraints of the house. This past summer my beautiful wife joined me out in the side yard as I was sitting next to the blow-up pool we have for the grandkids and with a big smile stripped nude before climbing in. As she climbed in she invited me to get my camera and enjoy the view which I gladly did. To watch her just get lost in this experience without a care in the world, sunning and soaking her body was such a thrill and then to have the pictures to look back on is just a wonderful bonus. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Lucky Guy says:

      What a great story! Outdoor fun is really sexy, in my opinion. For whatever reason, water makes it more acceptable to get crazy! I might have to go buy a nice inflatable pool like that and put it somewhere private.

  4. AshburnDuo says:

    I first clicked because of the photo. But now I’ve probably read this one five or six times. Has me hard and hoping for a similar experience with my bride, every time. Thank you!

    • Loving Guy says:

      I intially clicked because of the photo as well. This is one hot photo! What lovely nipples! What lovely boobies!

    • Loving Guy says:

      I'm getting ready to jerk off from this photo! This is one of my favourite MH photos! I have played with myself after looking at this photo a few times!

  5. Lustfully in love says:

    My wife and I read your story and loved it. My wife has been tempted to go topless on the beach in a couple of countries where topless bathing is common place but she has not so far. I am always so turned on by her smoking hot body on the beach in a string bikini and would be even more so if she were to shed her top and take a walk on the beach in just her teeny tiny string bottom. Her tits are amazing and should be flaunted. She wants to do it and she knows how much I support her proclivities and her desire to show off her brick house body, so I'd say it's just a matter of time.

  6. Naughty Spice says:

    What a fun experience! I’ve never written up any of our sexual escapades, but this story is inspiring me to write about the first time I went topless! I hope I can write it as well as you have 🙂

  7. Suzyzz says:

    Sounds good. Somewhat different to me. Most of the time I am braless and pantiless. However in places like the beach, I have a dip with a very tight tanga and usually exposed boobs. As I have huge ones, it makes for good viewing, and as we sunbathe, I expose them. Greg enjoys the look.

    • SecondMarge says:

      I have always found it fascinating that men get turned on by others seeing their wife’s boobs. I had not known of this “condition” until my second marriage. Kind of exhibitionists by osmosis. Of course men have the desire to show their penis. I suspect that is some attempt to attract females so they can spread their seed. Or maybe fend off other men by showing their superior plumage.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      If another man sees my wife’s body / shape / tight clothes / etc as attractive and hot, I’m turned on by that. If we are at the beach, I get more turned on by the thought of my wife bearing all and getting “noticed” than me exposing my dick. That idea is titillating too, but the attention on my wife is even a bigger turn on. I guess that is called candaulism.

    • Loving Guy says:

      When it comes to breasts, I have found myself attracted to women with all different breast sizes. Cute little A cups and huge DD melons. Big and small, I love them all! Of course, I am more a butt/leg guy myself and I often like seeing a big and round butt/ thighs or a cute pair of legs personally. Of course, the ideal most attractive to me, I think, would be both big on the top and bottom. However, I would rather have a girl with a big butt/ thighs/ legs and smaller boob set. The thing is I have never really thought about girls' appearances before MH. I usually have just found a girl cute and tried to get to know her on a personal level.

    • Naughty Spice says:

      SecondMarge, my husband is an “exhibitionist by osmosis” as well. We have fun with it! My only problem is that he begs for us to play like that far too much. For me, it’s fun to go to occasionally. But he wants to about live there!

  8. Tiki says:

    What a wonderful, powerfully erotic trip. That sort of marriage heat can weld a couple's libidos together, and extraordinary energies flow from one to the other. Daring moments are some of the most wonderful gifts a wife can give to her husband.. My wife has given a few such adventures, and she has accompanied me to the naturist club where I'm a member. Seeing her naked in the midst of naked people — in and around the pool and grounds — thrilled me and not in a sexual way, because naturism isn't about sex. It was deeply gratifying to watch her strolling around nude in the sunshine free of the chains of textiles, loving a quality of freedom she'd never known as she chatted and laughed with new friends.

  9. SecondMarge says:

    I am enjoying these separate discussions about nudity. This healthy, grown up, acceptance of our bodies. Versus the, in my opinion absurd, comments that being seen nude is somehow a sin. Melding the two divergent opinions on nudity could make an interesting discussion. However, I get the feeling no minds would be changed. No one enlightened. In my view the heart of issue goes back to what we have offered opinions on several times over the years. Covet, versus lust, versus desire. Seeing your spouse nude or seeing someone else’s creates lust, or desire or makes someone covet them. Is this fear that one’s spouse might leave them? Or the actual unfounded, untenable position that it offends God.
    In truth I suspect it is more an issue of culture. Culture we grew up in as opposed to others that seeing bare breasts is not unusual?
    Clothes are to protect us from the elements, decorate us, show off our wealth, not prevent lust. There is more lust going on when an attractive fully dressed female walks down a crowded city street than on a nude beach or in a nudist club. Factually almost everyone is more attractive sexually, dressed than nude.

    • Naughty Spice says:

      From a sensual standpoint, I like the fact that seeing breasts is uncommon and a bit taboo! It makes it fun to reveal them. As it is, if I take my top off on the beach or flash my hubby in the car, it’s a huge turn on for him. If boobs were common, I might need to work harder!

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