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My wife and I recently had an AMAZING night, and I had been thinking about it at work the next day. She is a stay-at-home mom, so her days get super busy really fast, but I had to tell her what was on my mind. So, I sent a text she could read when her day slowed down a little bit.

“I don’t know how much thought you’ve given it, but to me, last night was incredible.

When you climbed in bed and allowed your robe to fall open showing just your thong, 😮. Your body is a piece of art. The shadows from the lighting only helped to accentuate your curves and display your form. I was kind of glad we were watching a movie we’d seen before, lol.

Seriously though, the first few minutes of lying next to you and being able to run my hands all over you was great. Your skin is so soft that it is a joy to touch. Not just your breasts and butt but your neck and shoulders and legs, hands, toes, and fingertips. As I run my hands over those spots, I can actually feel your muscles relax and loosen up. And when you respond like that, it makes me feel wanted by you. I did especially enjoy your breasts, even though I didn’t spend as much time on them. They are the perfect size and soft and delightful. When I was kissing and sucking on your right side, I actually got a sweet drop of milk. I know you don’t prefer leaking, so I moved on, but that was something I REALLY liked.

I loved loved loved kissing you. Your lips were warm and soft; that never gets old 🙂

I was practicing some restraint because I was ready to just jump right in, but I’m glad we took our time. When you pulled your underwear to the side though, I knew it was time.

I don’t think you are wired like this, but for me, your smell is like a drug. I don’t know if it’s pheromones or what, but it’s like when I smell your arousal, I want nothing but to pleasure you to the max. You were so wet and were even flowing a slightly thicker version of your nectar. (I quite enjoy all of the tastes and textures you produce.) I finally touched your lower lips with the tip of my tongue and lightly flicked your clit, and you let out a soft gasp. You were so ready.

One of my favorite things is when you are enjoying yourself so much that you make sounds, moans, whimpers, or gasps. You are typically very in control of yourself and composed, so to see you lose yourself in pleasure and give yourself over to me like that is soooo hot! It’s a major turn-on.

When you asked to return the favor and let me slide my penis into your mouth while I was working between your legs, I thought, “Okay, this is it. There is where I just pass out from pleasure and die,” lol. You were so hungry that when I was getting too close and trying to keep from finishing inside of your warm mouth, you actually pulled me back in and sucked harder.




In a good way. Nothing makes a man feel loved like his wife wanting him physically. And when you pulled me back into your mouth because you just wanted more, I felt that exact thing.

When you have an orgasm, it’s one of the most beautiful scenes I get to witness. I love to watch your pressure build up until it peaks. You have moments where all you can do is close your eyes tight and ride the waves until it releases you and your body settles back into relaxation.

Then the main event. Some of the best parts of making love with you are not even physical. Right before we come together and you’re waiting for me to push inside of you, that moment is a highlight. You’re literally the love of my life, laid out and ready to give yourself to me.

Last night was no exception. I enjoy the times when we’re on a crunch for time and we pull off a quickie (like the fitting room 😁), but I especially love when we can take our time and make sure you’re ready. Last night, your lips were so full and wet that it made them extremely warm and tight. Pushing up inside of you took no effort, and I could even feel the vibrations of your toy.

Filling you up, then pulling out, over and over until we both finished was the perfect ending to an amazing night. When you had your second orgasm of the evening with me inside of you, I felt your muscles tighten and loosen through the whole thing, and it’s like the best possible sensory overload.

I so thoroughly enjoyed you last night. I fell asleep so pleased and have been thinking about it and reliving it in my head this morning. You’re such a jewel. I love you and can’t wait to see you when I get home 🙂.”

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Beautifully written! I think you expressed how many husbands feel about their wife. So many of the details you mentioned were relatable to me/us. Like: you felt the vibrations of her toy… We do a type of sex position where my wife is on her back and I’m on my side facing her. This allows her to use her vibrator during sexual intercourse. I love the feel of the vibrations through her vaginal walls! Everything about your text was sexy and beautiful! Calling your wife a work of art… I can understand how you feel! Thanks for sharing!
    P.S. Have you written about that quickie in the fitting room? We’d love to hear that story.

  2. RockyGapMan says:

    Your descriptive text to your wife you allowed us to share was both beautiful and erotic as… Heaven!

    Your love and fascination with your wife’s beautiful body was clearly displayed – allowing us to also see into your head/thought processes as you devoured her.

    Write some more!!!

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