The Greatest Show 2.0

For the first chapter of this story, read The Greatest Show, Part 1.

I had just silently watched my wife Alia bring herself to orgasm in what had been the most beautifully erotic sight of my life. While her body still shook with post-orgasmic aftershocks, Alia looked at me with lust-filled eyes and asked me to join her for the encore performance. I stood motionless, still in shock that she had known I was there, that she had put on this entire display for me. Alia was usually a very reserved person, shy about putting her body on display even when we made love. The fact she went to such an effort to allow me to watch her in the intimate act of self-love touched my heart.

Alia realized that my mind was still processing what I had just witnessed, so she moved to the edge of the bed. As she sat up, the silk robe slipped from her shoulders and pooled on the bed behind her. Now gloriously nude, she spread her legs wantonly for me, gave me a seductive smile, and crooked her finger to beckon me forward.

Entranced by her beauty, I entered the dimly lit room and set my soda on the nightstand. I moved to stand between Alia’s golden legs and reached for her right hand, gently guiding it to my face so I could smell the pussy’s musky perfume. Noticing that two fingers were still glistening with her nectar, I slowly licked and sucked every drop of her sweetness from them, savouring the heady taste. Her delectable juices combined with taste of cola into a luscious mixture, and when I was sure her fingers were clean, I bent down and kissed Alia gently, giving her the chance to sample the divine combination of flavours.

Alia’s right hand slipped from mine and she moved it behind my neck and up into my hair. She drew me in closer to her as our soft kiss began to heat up. While our tongues stroked each other, Alia’s left hand began to deftly unbutton my work shirt. In very little time, she slid it off me, dropping it to the floor by the bed. Then Alia ran her soft, warm hand over my hard chest, brushing my nipples and pinching one hard, making me gasp. She used that gasp to slip free of our kiss and begin to kiss my neck and downward. Her hot, wet mouth never stayed in one place long as she covered my chest in kisses. She did pay special attention to my nipples, sucking on each one before giving them a hard nip with her teeth.

I ran my hands through Alia’s silky hair as she teased me with her mouth. While I was distracted by Alia’s sweet kisses all over my chest, her agile hands were busy again, this time unbuckling my belt and unfastening my slacks. They and my boxers quickly joined my shirt on the floor.

Alia’s warm hand wrapped around my hard cock as she looked up at me with that seductive smile of hers. She made sure never to break eye contact with me as she leaned forward and licked my cock from the base to its head. I moaned in pleasure when she repeated this motion, but this time she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. Only on her third pass did she close her eyes, and this time, she took my hard cock into her hot, wet mouth. Her hands squeezed my ass cheeks, and she began to bob her head up and down on my cock.

The feeling of her hot mouth and the gentle suction she was providing felt unbelievable, and I knew that if I let her continue this for much longer, I would be cumming in her mouth soon. Not that that would be a bad thing. I loved Alia’s blowjobs, and she enjoyed bringing me to completion in her mouth. But I knew that tonight, there were far more inviting places that I wanted to visit. Alia and I have been together for a long time and we know each other’s bodies and desires intimately. Clearly, we both had more in mind for tonight than a blowjob.

With a last bob of her head, Alia sat up and allowed my cock to slip from between her lips. Shr gave me a lust-filled smile that promised pleasures still to come as she took my hand and lay back on our bed. Then, she guided me to lie atop her, nestled securely between her welcoming thighs. Our lips found each other again. The first kiss of the night had simmered with our passion and needs, but now that simmer had built to a full boil. At that moment we needed each other—to be together, to be joined—more than anything else in this world.

Alia’s hand again gently grasped my wet cock, and she ran its head up and down between her pussy lips, making sure it brushed over her still sensitive clit. Each time it stroked her clit I felt her shake with pleasure until finally, she couldn’t take any more teasing. She guided my cock to her opening and I pushed my hips forward slowly. Alia was so wet from her earlier display that I slid into her as easily as a stick slides into the water.

We both sighed with pleasure when I was deep inside of her and I began to slowly grind my pelvis against her clit. Alia could not take much of this and soon her body was trembling and she simply said, “Please.”

Our mouths found each other again and as our tongues wrestled each other I began to slowly thrust in and out of Alia. I started with a slow and steady pace but our passions were too hot for that and Alia was soon wordlessly urging me to go faster. Our pace increased to a point that would not allow kissing as our climaxes rapidly approached. My arms were behind Alia’s back, my hands gripped her shoulders and I pulled her to me to meet each of my thrusts. We were both sweating and panting when we reached our pinnacles together. Our bodies tightened and trembled just before our orgasmic release. That tension was soon replaced by dreamy relaxation as we both rode our postcoital bliss. We savoured the warm feeling of love and togetherness as we looked into each other’s eyes.

“Sorry I missed our date night,” I whispered to Alia.

“It’s okay. We still got to enjoy the best part of date night,” she replied with a smile.












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3 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Both part one and part two were excellent! I absolutely LOVE to watch my wife sexually play with her beautiful body! I especially loved your use of words in describing your orgasms! Then your description of the post-coital bliss was beautiful and spot on:

    “ That tension was soon replaced by dreamy relaxation as we both rode our postcoital bliss. We savoured the warm feeling of love and togetherness as we looked into each other’s eyes.”

    Thanks again for sharing!

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