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Wedding Night

My now-husband had shown such patience with me during our courtship. I was a virgin, and he was not. He had come back after a period of turning his back on his faith and begged for forgiveness. He said meeting me was the sign that God had forgiven him.

The wedding itself was so much more intense than I had imagined. Unfortunately, we had to reschedule several times due to the pandemic, so it was smaller than originally planned and more intimate. However, when my father placed my hand in my husband’s and when we said our vows, I was so overwhelmed with thanks to God and love for my husband that I barely remember the reception. I was desperate to become one with this beautiful, kind, strong man.

When we finally were alone and kissing, my husband suggested we pray together. I cried again in thanks that this man was now the head of my household. We prayed over our marriage bed, our marriage, and each other. Then my husband undressed himself and then me. 

I had never seen a naked man to that point and gasped when I saw his manhood. He laughed when I asked, “Will it fit?”

Gently guiding me to the bed, he said, “I’ll go slow, baby. We will make it fit—together.” 

I lay on a towel, and instead of getting on top of me as I had thought would happen, he started to lick between my legs—at first ever-so-softly but then more and more hungrily, pushing his tongue inside me and rubbing my clit with his thumb. At first, I was nervous that we were sinning, but he reminded me that he, as my husband, would never lead me astray. 

I felt warmth build up in my body as his tongue flicked expertly over me, and I suddenly orgasmed, moaning louder than I ever have. My husband then climbed on top of me and, for the first time, pushed his manhood slowly—inch by inch—into my wetness. It hurt, but the look of ecstasy on his face filled me with joy. 

Once he was all the way in, he kissed me deeply; then he started to thrust. Again, he moved slowly at first. But as the passion and joy at finally having me as his wife took over, he started to thrust harder and harder. My breasts were bouncing, the headboard hitting the wall. It still hurt, but at the same time, it felt so good. I felt him throbbing inside me as his orgasm built up, then he came deep inside me.

As he collapsed on the bed next to me, I said, “I’m a wife now!” and we laughed. It was a better night than I ever could have dreamed. Glory to God!

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  1. jwdmccarty2902 says:

    I remember our wedding night as well. I had been married before and my first wife died. My second wife was a virgin. I had fingered her but nothing else. After the reception we went up to our room and took a shower. That was the first time I saw her naked. It was beautiful. When we decided to have sex I tried but couldn’t get in. I had to run out for lube lol. When I came back we tried again successfully this time. We tried missionary but I couldn’t get in still so she came on too. I think it took a few minutes for me to cum. She was sore but after that we had sex every single day for a year.

  2. SophTea says:

    This is so sweet! 🥰 Me and my hubby first made love on our honeymoon, but it was still an amazing feeling knowing that I was to spend my life with the man I so dearly loved. I can feel the love you have for your husband. I am glad he treated you with such tenderness and understanding on your special night. Sending prayers and love for a beautiful married life! 💖

  3. LovingMan says:

    Wonderful story. I was married before but Melodie was a virgin when we married. Our wedding night had similar problems to yours but we worked it out eventually… the next morning.

    I discovered that all women are not wired identically. We made love many times each day of our honeymoon… once we figured it out! It’s been almost 30 years and in spite of health challenges we still share a wonderful sex life together!

    I loved how you described everything in your story. We too had a prayer on our wedding night and I too had strayed for a short time from my Christian values between marriages. I am thankful that like you, my wife believes in the cleansing power of the atonement of Christ.

    I have to add that the love, joy, and passion a new husband feels upon first entering his wife’s sacred love tunnel + the natural instinctive physical passion …really do lead to that rambunctious thrusting you described. Same thing happened with us. To this day my Melodie loves a good pussy pounding!

    The way your husband treated you with loving kindness in giving you an orgasm via oral sex first was very sweet!

  4. Frankie says:

    Beautifully written. We always pray before sex. It adds a special dimension to our sex life. However, I have to admit our prayers have been a bit hurried sometimes (especially during our early marriage).

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