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I’m curious what other sex-positive discussion forums members of MH might be on? I’ve learned (from MH) of Songs of the Believers. Are there any others? Which other forums do you belong to and recommend?  While MH is great for stories and group discussion, I would love to have further, one-on-one chats with others on MH.  I’m looking for forums where that could happen.


From MH:  Because MH isn’t intended to function as a message board, we felt this post might allow discussion of the pros and cons of other related sites. While there may be forums (like SotB) that support private messaging and/or chat functions where the moderators do their best to vet new members, we remind MHers that not everyone online is who and what they claim to be. Please be careful; exercise discretion in your interactions. 

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  1. Fearless Lunk says:

    I’m looking forward to reading answers. I was actually kicked out of SOTB (I might have broken a rule, but IDK, wasn’t given an explanation.) So I’ve been looking for other forums. There aren’t many that are “active.” Here are a couple that I’m a part of:
    • Reddit — There are subreddits called r/ChristianMarriage and r/ChristianSexuality. Both are fine but new posts are rare (mostly inactive)
    • Discord — There’s an active group of 30-50 members called “The Garden”. They are trying to be a safe place with no trolls. Fair warning, they are pro nudity (even the lighter side of X rated) and LGBTQ affirming (which might make some uncomfortable). There are several “no pics” discussion channels and several where pics are allowed. There’s only one admin who does good work, so please only show up if you are “open” to these things. He doesn’t need a dozen complainers to show up.

    • Sam Ox says:

      If possible, I would be interested in the discussion at the Discord server. How do I get an invite?

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      I am now realizing it’s not so easy to find via Google, b/c there are lots of Discords that use the word “Garden” in their name. I don’t think MH will post a URL. […]

      [From MH: Correct, we don't post links unless personally approved, and "The Garden" doesn't meet the ethos of MH, so we won't. We also don't publish email addresses or facilitate personal contact between MHers.]

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      Yes I totally understand the site restrictions. So I think I can at least say this: SamOx (and others interested), feel free to guess my email. Chances are you’ll be right – LOL! I totally love the MH community and how this site has become a “home” for us!

  2. SecondMarge says:

    I too have often wished we could chat here, or share more private thoughts with individuals. But from what I have seen and been told SOTB and similar sites the private messaging is mostly mutual masturbation and men sharing pictures of their private parts. So maybe we are not missing much.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      This is just folk lore. Yes a small amount of photos and sexy chatting occurred in the DM chats. But not “mostly.” Ha! It was 95% just talking and discussions. I frequently asked others what types of things they did or didn’t do in the chat room. It wasn’t always clean & tidy, but it might surprise you that it wasn’t the photo orgy you are thinking it was.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Funny that if there were no problem, they would have to run a message about stopping a behavior that caused the loss of most of their female members. Not to mention the big issue that caused the banning of pictures and the group that split off. Not saying it’s a bad site, it has value. Simply saying we may be fine here without some things they do there. I don’t need men sending me pictures of their privates, or asking me for nudes of myself, which occurred there by the dozen. For those that enjoy those things, it’s up to them; I don’t judge.

    • youngtxhubby says:

      I can also attest it's definitely not that! Great space to be able to talk openly about sex with other believers while still remaining respectful of boundaries.

  3. MiSWRAPP says:

    I can’t speak for other sites but I’m on SOTB and I will say that there are some meaningful conversations on there that are not mutual masturbation and men sending explicit pics. I’m not saying those things don’t happen because PMs are private and I don’t know everything but you get out of the site what you put into it. However, outside of PMs, the admins do a great job at monitoring SOTB and the members that I interact with are not on the site to get off. There are rules on SOTB and if you violate them, you are removed from the site. The approval process for SOTB takes time because the admins want to keep the male/female ratio balanced and try to weed out individuals who would not use the site for its intended purpose (discussing Christian sexuality and marriage), plus they all have full-time jobs and families. Just wanted to offer an insider perspective of what happens on SOTB.

  4. Peterpan says:

    There is also Delights of the Believers website. It is a similar site like SotB, but more explicit in images and GIF images. You can discuss on those images, but also have private conversations.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Delights and SOTB, Marriage Bed, and of course MH all have value and all have short comings. Depends on the type of erotic material you enjoy and what you disapprove of seeing. MH does a great job of running this place and considering the opinions of the members. It’s probably the most confined as to the program it runs on. MB has a great resource page with excellent descriptions of sexual techniques. Delights and SOTB are identical set ups. The difference is D is very open and S extremely restrictive. MH has the best stories and sits in between S and D in restrictions. I guess it makes sense if you have time to occasionally visit more than one.

    • Jane says:

      Hey, I would be cautious with Delights of the Believers. I checked it out after seeing it on this page. They are really getting into incest porn on the site right now. Some of the explicit images appear really young. I would hate for someone to get in trouble for having underage pics. Plus… incest is not something I can personally support. I have friends who were abused in their homes. Incest porn crosses too many lines for me.

  5. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    I have been interested in joining SoTB but I have had questions from the very beginning of the process and there is no way to get help. Maybe I’m picky, but when it comes to putting information on the internet I’m highly paranoid. Maybe one of you who are members can answer me. On their intro page they say they encourage the use of anonymous usernames, but the very first page of the application asks first and last name. There is no indication if that is supposed to be the pseudonym or if that will or won’t be shared anywhere. I find that a little uncomfortable.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Yes, Use your username as your first and last names. I split mine up, Crazy Happy as first, Loved as last. I'm not sure what would happen if you left one of them blank.

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