After Our Baby’s Birth

Six weeks passed after the birth of our baby, Matthew.  Mary Beth had been amazing—emotional as can be expected, but amazing non the less.  Matthew was getting fed an average of six times in a 24-hour period, and I helped with her production excess about three times.  We accumulated a freezer full of breast milk and stored some in the fridge for times I was alone with Matthew or he had a sitter.  She produced high volumes, but neither she nor I had a problem with me draining her as needed.

Mary Beth had come back to bed after a late night feeding, and I reached for her and moved into her arms to drain all of her sweet milk.  Tonight, however, she pushed me down onto my back and straddled me, and I felt the heat of her once-again smooth pussy pressing against my cock as she grabbed her tits.  She leaned over and rubbed her milky nipples against my lips, and when I opened my mouth, she pulled her nipples and squeezed so that streams of milk sprayed into my mouth.

Mary Beth moaned, her pussy getting hotter and wetter as she slid along my cock, which quickly stiffened.  She worked her breasts hard and fast.  I drank up her milk as fast as I could, groaning with a mouthful of milk as I felt her pussy slip up and back, taking my fat cock head into her tight pussy.

Dr. Amber had given her the all-clear to resume sex again, so Mary Beth said, “I need you.  I’ve missed having your big cock in my pussy.”

I could tell she felt some discomfort, even though she wanted it sooo bad.  She seemed even tighter than before pregnancy; as my cock head pressed against her pubic bone ridge,  she grimaced but kept trying to take me inside her.

“I want you!  Fuck, I want you, baby…” Mary Beth started crying.

I wrapped my sobbing wife in my arms and rocked her.  My cock head throbbed selfishly, urging me to lift her and impale her on my cock.  I so longed to feel her tight little pussy squeeze my cock and milk it until I came deep inside her, but I whispered my love for her and told her, “We will take it slow, just like we did in the beginning.  Remember what you would do?”

“Yes,” Mary Beth whimpered and slowly started grinding her clit against me while circling my cock head around in the vestibule of her pussy.  As my big head rubbed along the inside of her pubic ridge, she started moaning and getting incredibly hot and wet.

“Feed me,” I instructed.

Mary Beth pushed up and pressed a nipple into my mouth, and I sucked down hard, making her moan and shake.  I suckled at her nipple as I used to before the baby.  Her warm, sweet milk filled my mouth as I hungrily drank it down while she ground harder and faster.  She tried again to take all my cock inside, letting out a shrill cry, but I grabbed her hips and stopped her, then pushed and pulled her body back and forth, sliding just my cockhead in and out of her pussy.

She shuddered, and I felt her pussy spasm repeatedly and her warm juice gush out around my cockhead.  The sensations sent me over the edge; my cock jumped and shot rope after rope of hot cum deep into her pussy.

Mary Beth arched her back, squeezing her tits and nipples as her orgasm sent milk spraying all over my face.  Then we lay holding and kissing each other until the baby started crying.  She made to get up, but I said, “Stay and sleep.”

I pulled on my shorts and went to get Matthew, and we headed to the kitchen to warm a bottle.  As I rocked and fed him, I whispered how lucky he was to have a mom like his.  I started telling him all the amazing things she would teach him and all the love she would show him, praising Mary Beth, though it would be years before he could understand my words.

After Matthew drifted back off, I laid Matthew in his crib and crawled back into bed.  Mary Beth snuggled back onto my chest, saying she felt blessed beyond anything she could have imagined.  Soon she was fast asleep.

To be continued.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Ok, that was a very sweet and sexy story! I loved how you comforted your wife and went slowly. I really liked you talking to your infant about his mommy too. The fact that you had successful sex was awesome! You are blessed to have her but she is also blessed to have a considerate unselfish husband like you.

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