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Breakfast in bed!!!

In continuation to “The Day After” – we woke up quite tired while still in bed naked and my cock resting between my newly wedded wife’s ass. I held my wife’s breasts from behind and began to fondle them slowly and could not resist my wife’s moans which made my cock hard like a rock. […]

The Day After

Part 1 – My First Night The next morning I woke up a bit tired but with a smile on a face and my sexy 22-year-old hot wife naked next to me with her bare ass staring at my face. The look of her body made my cock become as hard as a rock and I […]

My First Night

It was a tedious day we had after all of the wedding customs. Finally while driving back home we were discussing about how tired we were and looking forward for a nice night of sleep as a married couple. Once we reached the hotel, which was an elegant king size suite, I laid down on […]