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Purple-Painted Playtime

So, full disclosure… I’m a foot guy and proud. There’s something about how sensitive they are or the way the toes wiggle when a girl is excited. Ever since middle school, when a crush of mine played footsie with me at the movies—barefoot—I haven’t been the same. It’s one of my favorite kinks to indulge […]

Midnight Mouths

For reasons that I don’t fully understand, ever since our first year of marriage, there have been several nights – in the middle of the night – where the Mrs. and I get a little… mouthy. Here’s what I mean. One night, I woke up next to her. A strong, blue moon sent streaks across […]

Athletic Arousal (F)

This story includes the use of fantasy (F). You can read about why we included this annotation in our guidelines. Athletic Arousal by Husky “Woo! Nice job keeping up!” I spanked Mrs. Kitty right on her round booty-cheek as she came hopping in through the door. We are by no means a gym-rat couple, but we both […]

From Her Bath to Mine

Hi, MarriageHeat! We, “Husky and Kitty,” have been married for almost four years. We married young, and though we’ve faced challenges, we recognize our relationship as nothing but a true blessing from the Lord. I’m “Husky,” and “Kitty” is the Mrs. (our pet names for each other since the start!) Hopefully, our stories inspire and […]