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Sex Positions – Pros and Cons

Not long ago, a friend of my wife’s asked her for sex advice. She and her husband are in their early 30s and always have sex in missionary position. She asked Lauren for advice on other positions they can try. She said her husband is shy about experimentation, and she asked if we could put […]

The Dressing Room (L)

Not long ago, my wife and I were at a high-end store shopping for Fall clothes. It was a cool Autumn day, and the store, which catered to European customers (my wife is Swedish), seemed busy. After browsing the clothing for a short while, Lauren walked back to the dressing room to try on a […]

Sauna Sex (L)

Whew, 175 degrees and climbing. It’s hot. But after a long week at the office (and on the road), I can think of almost no better way to unwind on a Friday night than time in our sauna, followed by dinner and intimacy with my wife. Tonight will be such an evening! I sit there […]

Remote Nude Beach

We Went to a Remote Nude Beach and Got Totally Naked. Here’s Our Story. Fifteen miles into our backpacking adventure, we were fast approaching the beach where we would set up camp for the night. We were hot and sticky, and our clothes clung to us. It wasn’t so much the temperature (about 90 degrees) […]

Note Under the Door (L)

This story contains strong language (L).  It was difficult enough to contain my hormones when she stepped out of the shower to towel off. Looking in the hotel bathroom mirror, I admired her long, firm curves and ample breasts. My cock hardened under my towel as I shaved, marveling at my naked 5’10” wife. But […]

What to Do with Graphic Homemade Sex Tapes?

One of the interesting trends we see with social media is the emergence of “legacy” preferences. With these preferences, you can decide what is to happen—and specifically who is to gain access—to your social media accounts once you pass away. It’s the same with any videos and photos stored on your mobile phone. With all […]

Sauna Blowjob

It was a Friday night, and I took refuge after a long week at work in our sauna. We have one in our basement, and end-the-week sessions have become part of my routine. On this Friday, our son was at a friend’s house for a sleepover, leaving Lauren and me all alone. I sat in […]

A Locker Room Quickie

I watched my wife at our neighborhood pool. She cooled off under the waterfall and then traipsed through the shallow section, all while wearing her sexy straw “mom hat” (as she calls it), oversized movie-star sunglasses, and flattering black and pink bikini that revealed her delightful, toned curves. I felt myself getting hard. My desire […]

My Wife’s 10 Rules for Married Sex

My wife and her female colleagues at work often talk about sex. They’re all about the same age, early to late 40s, but there are a few women in their 30s. All of them are wives and moms. The conversations can get very personal, and it’s not uncommon for several of the women to come […]