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Five in a Row (L)

I’m very lucky to be married to my wife. She is very tuned into my sexual desires and needs, and she herself is never shy about sharing her deepest desires and wants with me. In 20 years of marriage, she has had hundreds of back to back orgasms but never more than two… until recently. […]

Stream of Consciousness During Sex

Before foreplay I’m so horny and want her. But she’s reading. Does she want it, too? Should I just tell her I’m horny or should I start with a kiss and maybe some wandering hands? I know Sunday night isn’t her ideal time for sex since she’s usually stressed about going to work tomorrow, but […]

Back to Back Orgasms (L)

This post contains strong language (L). You can read more about annotations in our Guidelines. We’d just arrived back home from taking our kid to the neighborhood pool and had gone up to our bedroom to shower and put on relaxing clothing. Our son had quickly changed and run downstairs to play one of his […]

Our Hottest Sex Tape Yet

Last night we shot our hottest sex tape yet, and I’ve already watched it a handful of times this morning (pun intended). Our homemade sex tape collection goes back to 2004 when we were only 30. From 2004 until our son was born in 2008, we were pretty prolific with the camera, and then the […]

🔊 A Blissful Handjob (L)

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist Not long ago, I realized that the handjob is so underrated. In our marriage of almost 20 years, my wife’s very pretty hand has been wrapped around my cock thousands of times, but it had been years—maybe more than a decade—since she’d given me a handjob to ejaculation. As good as […]

Sexual Overdrive after Two Decades

Do Women Hit Their Sexual Peak in their Forties? My wife and I have been married for 20 years. We’re both 46, and we have pre-teen children. She is a very beautiful woman, and her genetic blessings have even further revealed themselves as she’s aged—she’s gotten only more strikingly beautiful. She is a wonderful mother, […]