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MarriageHeat but with Video?

So this is a question I’ve pondered a few times: where does the line between something like this site and porn get drawn? Is it not lust if it’s in my mind? But isn’t that also the place where all lust actually takes place? I’ve wondered what it would be like to have “sexual content” […]

Blurring the Line with Photos?

I have noticed that recently this site has had more “explicit” pictures—nothing below the belt, but plenty of photos have included bare breasts. Where does the line get drawn? Who picks the images? What does everyone think about this change? WakaWaka123 From MarriageHeat: What a great question; we thank you for bringing it up. Over […]

Loneliness During the Wait

So I am going to ask a question that is different than usual. I’m a Christian guy, 26, and still a virgin. I’m attractive but have never really had a lot of success with women. I’m putting myself out there but haven’t had any luck; either they weren’t into me, I wasn’t into them, or […]