Christian Marriage Media
Christian Marriage Media will feature videos, articles, stories, book reviews, opinions and news that encourage healthy Christian marriage. Christian marriage media will include stories from all aspects of marriage Heath because believes that a healthy sex life is strongly connected to loving healthy relationships.

Christian Marriage media will post these resources that are believed to create discussion between a husband and wife. Some of the media posts may teach. Some Christian Marriage Media posts will inspire. Some posts may be targeted for women or men. Posts will come from such places from Ted Talks to Today’s Christian Woman

Not everyone will agree on the choices of what will be posted in the Christian Marriage Media category at Some of the choices will come from Christian sources, and some will come from the general public sources. The posts will reflect the voice and guidelines of believes that marriage sex is more sustainable and more healthy if the whole marriage is sustainable and healthy.  Marriage Heat is committed to keeping our focus on marriage sex for husbands and wives. Christian Marriage media may also be a big help for Christian singles looking for guidance while staying away from the secular porn industry. welcomes web resources to be considered to be featured. In featuring web resources, does not imply that we have any formal connection with any resource that is featured. As editors, we will have our favorites, and we reserve the right to promote Christian Leaders or general audiences resources we believe that reflect our marriage sex positive message. We also understand that some of the resources will not agreed on by everyone. If we believe resources has value for Christian Marriages we will promote that resource.

Christian Marriage Media reflects MH’s attempt to provide expert and credible voices in helping Christian marriages grow so that marriage heat thrives.  We look forward to comments and engagement in the materials posted.

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